Ready for $5K months... weeks... days???

put your COURSE sales on autopilot (in just 4-weeks) and get back to doing what you really love!

But it's not. It's far from it!

Because that whole launch caper, well it's damn hard and really stressful, and worst of all it doesn't always go as well as you hoped.

And this is where lots of people get stuck... 

Rather than adding more ease and more cash to your already running-on-fumes business... constant launching actually just adds a tonne more work. 

And every month you STILL have to stress about how to pay your bills, or get more clients. 

But now you have even less time + energy to do anything about it. 

And that is NOT what you signed up for, right?

Well it sounds like you are ready to FINALLY change all of that. 


Funnels do NOT need to be complicated to be successful. In fact I find the simpler, the better. 

Just as long as that simple funnel is following a proven step-by-step plan. And inside the $5K Funnel Formula program we will show you exactly how to do just that, AND give you all the templates, swipe-files and over-the-shoulder tech walkthroughs you could ever need to set it up stress free. 

And yes we have options for all budgets, and total technophobes, too!

3 - BUILD YOUR simple evergreen funnel set-up

4 - the fuel your funnel plan

Now you have your funnel built, and tested, now what?

Well now we show you how to create a simple content and promotion plan to start pouring more and more traffic into your funnel, so you make more and more sales. 

We start with making the most of the traffic, list and followers you have, and then move on to how to attract even more of all three, AND how to get started with simple and affordable Facebook ads, too.

We believe a funnel should fund itself, and we'll show you exactly how with our Fuel Your Funnel plan.

the real secret to reliable course sales is my simple 4-step system! 

Over just 4-short weeks you'll learn how to take the courses and programs you already have, and the traffic + tribe you already have, and turn it into regular, reliable sales (totally on autopilot!)

Then number one reason most funnels "fail" is because the offer isn't "funnel friendly".

So we are going to help you to go deep on what you want, what your clients want, and how we can package that all up in a way that means your offer is a total "no-brainer yes", that is profitable and easy to deliver for you as well. 

This includes everything from courses, membership sites and coaching programs of all price points and markets. 

1 - DESIGN your funnel friendly offer

2 - CREATE your high-converting no-sleaze webinar

Webinars are still the #1 way to sell programs, courses and packages online. And they are also one of the areas that people seem to struggle with the most. 

We'll show you step-by-step how to quickly create a killer webinar, that makes great sales, and how to promote it and set up all the tech too (yes even if you have tried and failed at webinars before... or even if you have never done a webinar in your life!)

+ All the support, feedback, templates + bonus trainings you need to make sure your funnel is foolproof!

Hey there, I'm Kate!

I've been helping amazing women to build businesses they love using courses, funnels and my own simple, proven and pretty-ninja marketing strategies for the last 6 years....

I helped hundreds of coaches, influencers and experts to make more money from what they love... easier. 

My clients + I have earned millions of dollars in course sales... all on autopilot, and I want to help you do the same!

+ how do I know all this?


To be honest, I could have called it a 100K Funnel.

But I know that for many entrepreneurs earning $5K a month consistently (without hustling), is both a major hurdle and also milestone in their business.
$5K means the bills are paid, they are paid, and they can finally stop stressing and start focusing on the other important and more enjoyable  parts of their business. 

So that's why we START there... but that' s NOT where we finish!

The simple, but effective funnel you will create in the 5kFF program is designed to easily help you make $5K a month or more, quickly... as in right now...with the traffic you have...

And THEN we show you how to AMPLIFY your  authority, traffic and funnel to well beyond that too (but $5K a month is our first goal for you... and it's kinda catchy, don't you think?!)

OK, but... why only a $5k funnel?

I've helped HUNDREDS of course creators, influencers, experts, service providers, and freelancers  around the world, create the life they used to only dream about, by building their own highly profitable and automated (aka stress-free!) sales funnels.

So, if you help people with anything from:

Q: But will it work For my business...

then, the $5K Funnel Formula is the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. 

hurry, join US now

A: Short answer is... hells yes!

➛ losing weight
➛ kicking ass on social media
➛ crocheting better
➛ riding horses
➛ finding love
➛ correcting bad posture
➛ teaching kids a second language
➛ selling on Etsy
➛ finding their purpose
➛ meditation

➛ being more confident
➛ speaking on stage
➛ getting pregnant
➛ gut health
➛ creating + growing
dream businesses
➛ organising their home
➛ designing their own websites
➛ breastfeeding
➛ newborn sleep

or pretty much anything else...

"In the space of only 4 weeks my business went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks! ”

vesna hrsto,  naturopath

Vesna had been trying to sell her online course ... for 4 years! 

Then she tried my simple funnel formula and after a few weeks is making 80 sales a month (every month)... totally on autopilot!

Meet Vesna

By completely automating her online course sales with my system she's been able to grow her team, invest in improving her program even more, stop stressing about her marketing, pay off her debt, get her customers even better results...

... all while making sales every single day...

... and take (several) holidays, too!

but wait a minute...

Won't I need a huge Facebook ads budget? And lots of scary and exxy tech?

Not how I do funnels you don't! Inside the $5K Funnel Formula I actually teach how to create and start profiting from your funnel using both your existing organic (aka free) traffic, and list. And then I'll show you how to grow and scale that traffic (and your sales even further) using both free and paid methods (to suit any budget). Plus the tech I use is very beginner friendly and costs less than $50 a month (and it does everything!)

So basically it pays for itself, and it pays for you to grow too!

and what about...

...I heard you have to have a really high priced offer to even bother making a funnel?

Not true! You need to have a funnel friendly offer (and funnel friendly offers are profitable!), and I'll take you step by step how to make sure your offers and packages are going to be funnel ready first (it's module #1). 

And yes, our system works for everything from $30 a month communities to $5000 coaching packages and everything in between. 

 one last thing...

Don't funnels work worse than launching? So if my launches aren't great yet, should I wait until they work better before I create my funnel?

Absolutely not! Launches and funnels are totally different things. And some of my star students were totally crap at launching, and now they are killing it and making multi 6-figures with their funnels (and never have to launch again!).

Plus,  I'll show you how to use your funnel to make more sales on your next launches too, if you still want to launch that is (so it's a win, win!) 

"I signed up two weeks ago, and today I made 11 sales of my $997 program using Kate's formula. Previously I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive coaches and never saw the results. Kate's program is definitely worth the investment!" 

Heidi,  fertility coach

Heidi was sick of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on expensive experts and coaches... and never getting results. 

Just a few weeks after setting up her evergreen funnel using our step-by-step system, she's making more sales than she ever has before.. all without launching! 

Meet Heidi

and she just sent me this!

and PS.... she sent me this March 10th!

be making 20+ course sales a week on autopilot... just like vesna

join us now + in just a few weeks you could...

“In the space of only 4 weeks my business I went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks! ” - Vesna

have increased your traffic and leads by 500% in just a few months

"Upon making just some of the changes Kate recommended, I saw my traffic soar from less than 10,000 visits per month to nearly 50,000 in just a few months!”  - Amanda

or maybe something even better...

make 100 sales for your brand new membership site, with a teeny list

"After blogging forever, to finally have a reliable way of making money doing something I love is life-changing. And I would never have done it without Kate and her advice" - Carly

have made back over 9x your investment in just 11 days

"11 days ago I joined this program, and today we presented our FIRST ever funnel friendly offer using the 5kFF system and TA-DAA... $9100 revenue generated. Thank you for being awesome Kate! #evergreenherewecome #weheartkate" - Bianca

created and launched a whole new offer, and made 7 sales in just one week!

"Soooo  in a week I created the sales funnel, the content and the tech., and I've sold 7 so far!!  Here's to finally getting my shiz together!" - Kylie

have 11x your investment in just two weeks, and created a webinar that will keep making you sale for years to come!

"I signed up for the 5K Funnel program two weeks ago, and today I made 11 sales of my $997 program using Kate's formula. Previously I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive coaches and never saw the results. Kate's program is definitely worth the investment!"  - Heidi

"Kate, LOVE your programs. Having sales come in on autopilot still blows my mind!!" 

Emily, marketing  + branding expert + $5K Funnel Family member

Emily was launching her very first online community, and didn't want to waste all her time launching...

... now she has over 70 community members, and loves the freedom of making sales on autopilot!

Meet Emily

"This time last year I made $149 from my membership, since working with Kate I have added thousands to my list, and last month I made $12K totally on autopilot! "

"Best month EVER!
3 x last month, which was my previous best month ever 🤣. And every, single sale is through my new funnel!"

Kylie - nutritionist, health coach + author 

Kylie had been trying to move from 1:1 work to an online program for months, but something just wasn't clicking...

... we helped her nail her offer, create a killer webinar, automate the lot, and then start scaling with our simple DIY Facebook ads plan, and now...

Meet Kylie

Are you  ready...

To stop living launch to launch?

To stop stressing about making sales?

To start growing your business in a way that is reliable, consistent, profitable and fun (you know, like how you always though it would be?)

To stop spending so much damn time on sales and marketing?

so, are you ready??

The $5K Funnel Formula is currently available by invitation only, click here to submit your details and request you invite now.

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when does it start?

As soon as your payment is received, you will receive and email with access to the $5K Funnel Formula HQ, and also to our Slack community and hub. 

So basically it's ready to start when you are (and trust me when I say, no matter what your situation is, there is never a better time than right now!)


Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

Seriously, you have as long as you need. By investing in this program right now you get lifetime access to all the program materials, and our awesome support group as well!

So if you want to jump right in, great (we don't drip feed either, it's all ready for you right now!). 

Or if you need a bit of extra time, or you have an event or holiday coming up, it's all fine, we will be here for you when you need (just make sure you get your butt in here while you can!) 



We currently have templates and walkthroughs set up for Active Campaign, Kajabi, ClickFunnels and Convertkit. 

However our funnel system works on ANY automation program, and if you are already using a program you love then you can simply take our funnel maps, checklists and scripts and recreate our $5K Funnel Formula system in the tech of your choice. 


Q: How much extra will I need to spend?

As you know, we believe a funnel should fund itself, so we don't recommend wasting your money on FB ads until your Funnel is making sales from free traffic . 

Also, technology wise, that is really up to you, but we have options that start from as little as $39 a month (for all the tech you need).

And we also have wrangled a bunch of extra-long free trials for lots of programs too, so you can get started, and get sales coming in, with very little extra cost!


Q: How much support + feedback do I get really?

honestly, a tonne! Our students are always blown away by not only the amount of support, but the speed they get their questions answered too. 

This program was created by someone who really loves helping people with solving this problem, and who really gives a shit about helping them succeed too (that's me!), so I probably over-deliver on the support side of things, especially for a DIY program, but that is why my students get such awesome results! 



It really all depends on you, but our current record holder for getting a funnel set up (totally from scratch, start to finish) is 2 weeks. 

Most people take between 4-6 weeks though if they follow the plan we include inside. 



No. You’re here because you’re sick and tired of spinning your wheels – getting little or no results. If you have the option of an easy way out with a money back guarantee, you’re not fully committing to going after different results in your business. We only want people who are 100% committed to staying the course to achieve their quarterly goals. And believe me, you won’t want your money back.


Q: WHat if I don't even have a program or course to sell yet?

Well then my friend this program isn't for you... yet! We recommend you go and get your first offer created and successfully SOLD first. That's your step one, then once that is done head back here and jump on board and we'll get you all funnelled up in no time!





CLIENT RESULTS + EARNINGS DISCLAIMER : When you read the case studies and results of our awesome clients that we share on this site, please know that these are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all amazing, talented and hardworking people, who showed up and did the work, who were prepared to do some things that challenged them, or took them outside of their comfort zone. Who made our work together a priority. Who definitely failed a few times first, but got back up again and kept going. Some results were fast, some took months. But they are all real and based on results and outcomes shared with us by the clients. We have not independently verified the results they’ve shared. 

There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that the Company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, and services reviewed or advertised on this Website.


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