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When you created your online course, you probably did it for one of three reasons. Because you needed more money in your business (and you were maxing out on how many 1:1 clients you could serve) Because you needed more time in your business (and you wanted to be able to serve many people in […]

Is creating and launching an online course on your to-do list? Has it been there for a while? Are you ready to finally get it freaking done! Or maybe you already HAVE an online course, but let’s be honest it probably hasn’t had your full attention in a while (that first launch kinda fizzled, and […]

Doing It Online Episode 9

Today, I’m going to be sharing the 3 big mistakes that people make when they create and launch their first course. These are really common mistakes that I see happening a lot, that trip people up when it comes to creating and launching their first online course. Create and Launch a Course: Why? I think […]

eBook vs eCourse . Which will make more money for your blog? I am pretty sure that by now you’ve probably started to realise that if you want your blog to be profitable (aka make you enough money that it’s worth your time doing it… or better yet make you more money than your current […]



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