Hands up if you have an email list.… You do…? Great! Leave them up if you have some sort of opt-in bribe or lead magnet to entice people onto that list…. Good, good, that’s awesome. Now stretch that hand around and pat yourself on the back if you have a welcome sequence set up so […]

4 Productivity Tips for a Crazy Productive 2021 There are three things I am pretty well known for. 1 – Being the tallest person in the room. 2 – Being able to make inappropriate jokes about anything. 3 – Being the planning queen. I take my planning so seriously that I even created my own […]

Here at Secret Blogger’s Business, we love nothing more than celebrating our Blog Squad babes wins. Once a month, a member who has been totally kicking A** gets chosen to share their story (and some of their best ass-kicking advice) here with us. This month’s winner is the oh-so lovely, and just hella smart Danelle […]

Today, I’m going to be sharing the 3 big mistakes that people make when they create and launch their first course. These are really common mistakes that I see happening a lot, that trip people up when it comes to creating and launching their first online course. Create and Launch a Course: Why? I think […]



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