And, as long as you stay stuck on the feast-or-famine launch rollercoaster (all while STILL squeezing in just as much 1:1 work as you can... you know... until that ONE launch that changes it all)...

Your business will NEVER be able to grow. 

Because you won't have the time to grow it!

You’ll stay stuck in the "Never enough" Time + "Never enough" Money rut

... until you break! 

you were probably sold hook line and sinker on the laptop lifestyle, the flexibility, The freedom and the fortune to do what you want, when + where you want. 

Little did you know that you were really just trading in your back-to-back coaching calls and endless to-do lists, for a whole new kind of broke-and-burned-out... 

remember when you first dreamed up your course?

aka - never-ending-super-stressful-launches!

Taking on “just one more client” or squeezing in "just one more launch" even though you're maxxed out (but you can't say no to the money, yet!)

Choosing work over a night out (because you just need this one launch to work, and then things will be different)

Trading family time for laptop time (because more money is good for the family, right?)

This means, you’ll constantly be...

You’ll be cutting corners in your life to accommodate your business until there’s nothing left to cut.



Take phone-free family vacays or have netflix days, and not stress about losing thousands of dollars

You deserve to be able to…

and that needs to stop!

And most importantly, finally end that cycle of feast or famine so you never have to worry about money again.

You're in exactly the right place! 

AND guess what?

Now you need the blueprint for the next step...

Yes, courses are great, they let you...

Turn all that expertise you’re giving away 1:1 into something that you can sell again and again

have bigger impact + make more money,  aka you’re no longer limited by how many hours in a day you work

so you can wave buh-bye to stress as you start making regular, reliable sales, every single day!

start actually growing + enjoying your business now your not launching + hustling + stressing 24/7

but you already know that there's more to it than that! that's why you're here!

finally achieve the business, life and bank balance of your dreams... 

and that is exactly what you get when you join

eCourse Empire is an intimate and hands on mentorship program for course creators (and soon-to-be course creators) like you.

Designed to show you the exact steps start to finish to add a multi-6-figure course + funnel to your business. 

Give you unbeatable feedback, accountability and support (including 3-4x weekly group hot seat calls with myself and my team!)

Plus give you all the plug-and-play templates, scripts, step-by-step video training and swipe files you need... all in one place.

This is the step-by-step blueprint you need... to build the business you really want!


Growing your traffic and adding thousands to your email list... fast 


 Creating (or updating)  your most profitable offer ever, that sells like hotcakes  (+ that your clients love!)


 Getting more sales than ever before, every week, on autopilot, with your own evergreen sales funnel


 And finally to scaling that funnel to multi 6-figures and beyond, no matter what your niche, or how tech-phobic you are...

yes, let's build your empire!

All in simple, doable, bite-sized steps which we will take together.. along with every template and swipe file you could ever need! 


Our best-selling program, walking you through how to create, test and launch your own webinar-based, high-converting sales funnel, to start making $5K (or much more) a month, on Autopilot!



Ready to take that funnel, and hit the accelerator? Welcome to School of Scale, my invite only intensive designed to walk you through the process of scaling your automated offers to 6-figures and beyond in a way thats simple, doable, sustainable and enjoyable.



The secret ingredient to scaling even faster, is when you can make your Facebook ads pay for themselves! And inside the Funnel Fuel program, we'll show you how to Use a mini-but-mighty offer (and funnel) to grow an email list full of buyers... fast (and almost free!)... i just 5-days!

First up you get lifetime access to my full suite of funnel building + scaling programs worth ($6,985)


What about your launches? Most people don't realise that launches and funnels actually work best TOGETHER... but only when you design them right. So inside this program I'll show you how to create highest-converting, lowest-stress launches that help you to grow alongside your amazing funnels.


Don't have a killer course yet? List looking a little small? Kickstart your eCourse Empire experience by getting both of those sorted FAST using our step-by-step design, test + launch program. 

+ beginner-boosting bonus!!

here's just some of the step-by-step training you'll find inside

If you have a question big or small, or just need to talk to a real human to make sure you have all the information you need before you join us. Then you can hit us up via text, email, Facebook or Instagram DMs (we are here to help!)

📲 Send us a text at +61 481 611 568

Our client concierge + coaching team are ready to slide into your DMs!

Wanna chat?

"I signed up two weeks ago, and today I made 11 sales of my $997 program using Kate's formula. Previously I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive coaches and never saw the results. Kate's program is definitely worth the investment!" 

Heidi,  fertility coach

Heidi was sick of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on expensive experts and coaches... and never getting results. 

Just a few weeks after setting up her evergreen funnel using our step-by-step system, she's making more sales than she ever has before.. all without launching! 

Meet Heidi

and she just sent me this!

and PS.... she sent me this March 10th!

This is the real secret behind the success of every industry guru you can think of. 

...Marie Forleo 
...Amy Porterfield
...Lewis Howes
...Gabby Bernstein
...Jenna Kutcher

(Not to mention yours truly)

They have all built their own 6 (and then 7) figure eCourse Empires.

There’s literally nothing quite like the feeling of waking up every morning and finding a few hundred or even thousands dollars in course sales waiting for you. 

Over and over again. 

And now it's your turn!

ready to build your empire?

YES, Courses are arguably one of the BEST ways to scale your business. 

BUT, if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, you might as well pour all the time and money you spent developing it down the drain. 

You’re an expert in your field. Which took you years, right?
So why would you think that being a course, funnel or marketing strategist would be any different?

You need real, tried and tested systems, processes, strategies, and support to create and grow a truly successful course.

Even more so if you want to skip over the years of trial and error, Google and guessing and get your course to 6-figures or beyond.... FAST! 

“But Kate, I’ve already tried courses...and sure I made some money, but I sure as hell am not making the kind of money you’re talking about”

hold up, maybe you're thinking...

Hey there, I'm Kate!

I've been helping amazing women to build businesses they love using courses, funnels and my own simple, proven and pretty-ninja marketing strategies for the last 6 years....

Not only have I helped hundreds of coaches, influencers and experts to make more money from what they love... easier. 

I've also done it myself, MORE THAN 13 TIMES!!

+ how do I know all this?

Since 2007 I've created and launched 13 (what??) of my own successful 6-figure online courses, memberships and offers.

I've won (some very nerdy) awards (Female Tech Entrepreneur of the Year 2015.. thank you very much).

I've created three multi-6-figure online businesses.

Including this one right here, which I started from scratch, and scaled to well beyond 6-figures (all totally on Autopilot) in under 6 months...

... right after I found out I was pregnant!

yep, i've walked the talk

So I know exactly what it's like to need to get a course or offer up and running, and money coming in, fast.   And not just any offer, it has to:

➝  Earn at least a GOOD full-time salary or more (hello 6-figures!).

➝  It has to be reliable

➝  It has to require as little of your time as possible to earn it (because baby or not, you're already busy!). 

➝  It has to let you be the kind of mum , partner, friend, daughter or cat-parent you really want to be. One who is happy, relaxed and present (and not hiding behind a screen all the time)

➝   It has to be something you enjoy (because there's no point working this hard if it's not!)

➝  Plus it has to be something you can set-up while still running your main hustle (or in my case while being tired as all-hell, and feeling super nauseous! )

➝  And it HAS to work... you don't have the time or money to waste!


Talk about a tight deadline!

Luckily I've spent the last 13 years figuring out exactly how to do all of that, and that is exactly what I will help you do as well, right here inside eCourse Empire

...course creators, influencers, experts, service providers, and freelancers  around the world, create the life they used to only dream about, by building their own highly profitable eCourse Empire.

So, if you help people with anything from losing weight, kicking ass on social media, crocheting better, riding horses, finding love, being more confident, speaking on stage, getting pregnant... or anything in between...

I've helped Hundreds Of Coaches...

then, eCourse Empire is the missing puzzle piece you’ve been searching for. 

hurry, join US now

"Best month EVER!
3 x last month, which was my previous best month ever 🤣. And every, single sale is through my new funnel!"

Kylie - nutritionist, health coach + author 

Kylie had been trying to move from 1:1 work to an online program for months, but something just wasn't clicking...

... we helped her nail her offer, create a killer webinar, automate the lot, and then start scaling with our simple DIY Facebook ads plan, and now...

Meet Kylie

+ lots + lots of hands-on, weekly, expert support

+ All the templates, scripts + bonus trainings you need to make building your ecourse empire as stress-free and simple as possible

I get it, you want to know exactly what you are going to learn, do and achieve these next few months, so let me walk you through it 

so what exactly is "the plan"?

3 - CREATE your BESPOKE, high-converting, sleaze-free FUNNEL

No two businesses, offers or business owners are exactly the same. 

So we know a cookie cutter approach is never going to work. 

In this step we help you craft the BEST funnel for you, your business and your clients as well.

And then we show you step-by-step how to build and test it including one-click install funnel templates, swipe files and more.

If it cost you NOTHING to add hundreds if not thousands to your email list... every month.

And that email list was connected to an amazing funnel that makes you sales without you having to lift a finger.

AND you could ramp up that list-building (and therefore sales) as much as you want, when ever you want?

If you had this simple (mini-but-mighty) set up in place, how quickly do you think you could grow?


Yes,I said thousands! Many of our students who join us with no list at all, end up adding 1000-5000 new subscribers to their list in the first months of working with us.

We are going to show you how to grow your list, FAST (no ads budget required), and how to set up systems to it keeps on growing month after month, too. 

1 - add hundreds if not thousands to your list

We are going to help you to go deep on what you want, what your clients want, and how we can package that all up in a way that means your offer is a total "no-brainer yes", that is profitable and easy to deliver for you as well. 

This includes everything from courses, membership sites and coaching programs of all price points and markets. 

2 - design an offer that is easy ( and profitable) to sell!


Now you have built and tested this amazing evergreen sales engine for your business. 

It's time to hit the accelerator! This is where we show you how to use our exclusive free + paid methods to consistently and reliably grow your sales and business, month after month, to 6-figures and beyond. 

6 - OPTIMISE YOUR FUNNEL (for more sales + more profit!)

The final step, and one so many people skip, is we will show you how you can optimise your offers and funnel to make EVEN MORE sales and EVEN MORE profit with the traffic, list and customers you already have. 

This means you end up with more profit, more $$ in the bank, and a much more stable and reliable business, too.

(the exact order and length of time it takes to complete of these steps will depend on exactly where you are when you join us)

Want to know the best way to grow your launches? Add a funnel. And the best way to grow your funnels... is to, yep, launch. 

But not in the crazy,  burn-yourself-out, no-time-for-anything-else kind of way you've been taught launches before. 

Instead we'll show you our rinse + repeat launch system that helps you grow your business... AND your funnels, in the most profitable and low-stress way possible. 

BONUS - Your custom stress-free, 6-figure launch system

having a course and not scaling it is like having a ferrari and only driving it to the shops!

ready? join now + hit the accelerator!

"In the space of only 4 weeks my business went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks! ”

vesna hrsto,  naturopath

Vesna had been trying to sell her online course ... for 4 years! 

Then she tried my simple funnel formula and after a few weeks is making 80 sales a month (every month)... totally on autopilot!

Meet Vesna

By completely automating her online course sales with my system she's been able to grow her team, invest in improving her program even more, stop stressing about her marketing, pay off her debt, get her customers even better results...

... all while making sales every single day...

... and take (several) holidays, too!

+ unbeatable, hands-on, expert support

worth over $500 a month on its own!

And what does that support actually look like?

access to our step-by-step 12-month scaling plan, customised for you and your business

24-hour or less response times (mon-fri) in our thriving SLACK CHANNEL, so you are never left stuck or alone!

This is the real secret ingredient to success

never get stuck trying to decide what strategy, software or sub-heading to use, when you have 13+ years of expertise on tap

never feel overwhelmed with what to prioritise, we're here to hear you out and help you get moving again

no more Googling yourself silly or trial and error, if Somethings not working, and you don't know why? my expert team and i are here to dive deep + troubleshoot 

2x live weekly hot seat calls, in small groups, with myself or an expert guest in either facebook ads, copywriting, tech or strategy.

TWICE YEARLY VIRTUAL planning + strategy retreats to keep you motivated + on track

Imagine how much faster you can take action, and how much quicker you'll get results when you no longer need to figure everything out on your own!

AS SOON AS YOU JOIN you'll receive:

monthly check-ins, personal progress dashboard, accountability, prizes, challenges and lots, lots more...

"Kate, LOVE your programs. Having sales come in on autopilot still blows my mind!!" 

Emily, marketing  + branding expert + $5K Funnel Family member

Emily was launching her very first online community, and didn't want to waste all her time launching...

... now she has over 70 community members, and loves the freedom of making sales on autopilot!

Meet Emily

"This time last year I made $149 from my membership, since working with Kate I have added thousands to my list, and last month I made $12K totally on autopilot! "

Are you ready?

To stop living launch to launch?

To stop stressing about making sales?

To grow your own eCourse Empire, that is reliable, consistent, profitable and fun (you know, like how you always thought your business would be?)

To stop spending so much damn time on sales and marketing?

be making 20+ course sales a week on autopilot... just like vesna

join us now + in just a few weeks you could...

“In the space of only 4 weeks my business I went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks! ” - Vesna

add 3500 to your list, while launching 2 successful offers!

"This is my third day running ads to my new funnel, and I've consistenly made 3 sales a day off just a $30 ad spend. Time to up the budget I think!”  -  Loni

be making over $4000 a month on Autopilot, with no ads!

"My funnel wen live last night, and I've made 3 sales already. I'm beginning to believe this all might be really possible." - Diana

have made back over 9x your investment in just 11 days

"11 days ago I joined this program, and today we presented our FIRST ever funnel friendly offer using the 5kFF system and TA-DAA... $9100 revenue generated. Thank you for being awesome Kate! #evergreenherewecome #weheartkate" - Bianca

be making a sale a day off of just a $12 ad spend

"I'm honestly so unbelievably happy right now, after so much frustration in the past. Feeling very motivated, thank you Kate" - Ellyse

have grown your email list from 75 to 5000 in just a few months, and have a waitlist for your brand new offer!

"Holy Sh*t! My first launch email goes out tomorrow, for my brand new offer, and I have sold two places already. I just did a little happy dance!"  - Ashlie

have gone from "webinars don't work for me" to making $40K a month from webinars

"Thank you Kate, I do f*cking love funnels. And the one I created in your program loves me right back"  - Heidi

yes, count me in!!

💸  An online program that sells easily (and profitably) every time : $10K-200K+ per launch

and how much is all that really worth??

💸 A high-converting funnel : $2-20K+ per week

💸  a system that adds hundreds of new subscribers to your business, every month? : $1000 + per month

Finally creating a business + life you love? : Priceless! 💸 

💸  easy access to awesome experts (who normally charge $300-500 an hour): $3000 + per month

to build your eCourse Empire

it's time

apply now

The eCourse Empire program is currently available by application only, click here to submit your details and request you invite now.

ready, apply for your invitation now


Join now and get instant access to the exact step-by-step plan, trainings, templates, scripts and amazing support you need


apply NOW



apply now



simply choose the best plan for you + let's go!

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hands-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hand-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ SAVE $998!


Join now and get instant access to the exact step-by-step plan, trainings, templates, scripts and amazing support you need








simply choose the best plan for you + let's go!

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hands-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hand-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ FREE Funnel Audit (worth $997)

+ SAVE $998!


Join now and get instant access to the exact step-by-step plan, trainings, templates, scripts and amazing support you need








simply choose the best plan for you + let's go!

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hands-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ life time access to $5K Funnel Fuel Program ($997)

+ life time access to School Of Scale program ($2997)

+ life time access to Funnel Fuel ($497)

+ 6-months of weekly hand-on support ($3000)

+ access to exclusive template, script and swipe-file library ($2000)

+ Quarterly live goal setting + planning sessions ($1000)

+ SAVE $998!

when does it start?

As soon as you are accepted and your payment is received, you will receive access to the eCourse Empire HQ, and also to our community group and hub. 

So basically it's ready to start when you are (and trust me when I say, no matter what your situation is, there is never a better time than right now!)


Q: How long do I have to complete the course?

Seriously, you have as long as you need. By investing in this program right now you get lifetime access to all the program material.

Or if you need a bit of extra time, or you have an event or holiday coming up, it's all fine, we will be here for you when you need (just make sure you get your butt in here while you can!) 



We currently have templates and walkthroughs set up for Active Campaign, Kajabi, Showit, ClickFunnels and Convertkit. 

However our funnel system works on ANY automation program, and if you are already using a program you love then you can simply take our funnel maps, checklists and scripts and recreate our eCourse Empire systems in the tech of your choice. 


Q: How much extra will I need to spend?

As you know, we believe a funnel should fund itself, so we don't recommend wasting your money on FB ads until your Funnel is making sales from free traffic . 

Also, technology wise, that is really up to you, but we have options that start from as little as $39-97 a month (for all the tech you need).

And we also have wrangled a bunch of extra-long free trials for lots of programs too, so you can get started, and get sales coming in, with very little extra cost!


Q: How much support + feedback do I get really?

honestly, a tonne! Our students are always blown away by not only the amount of support, but the speed they get their questions answered too. 

This program was created by someone who really loves helping people with solving this problem, and who really gives a shit about helping them succeed too (that's me!), so I probably over-deliver on the support side of things, especially for a DIY program, but that is why my students get such awesome results! 



It really all depends on you, but our current record holder for getting a funnel set up (totally from scratch, start to finish) is 2 weeks. 

Most people take between 4-6 weeks though if they follow the plan we include inside. 



We have seen the life-changing power of this program again, and again, when the right people jump in, are ready, committed, show up and do the work.

And because we care so much about working with the right people, the people who this program is MADE for. We actually individually review each and every application, in depth to double-check they are in the right place to get amazing results from this program. 

Which is why, while we DO NOT off refunds (please read our full policy here),  we do offer a 60-Day 'Love it Or Leave It' Guarantee, so that you can come in, try us out for the first 60-days, see the results you get, and if at the end of the 60-days, if you have followed the plan, taken action, asked for help and done the work...and you still don't think we can really help you make more sales of your programs and offers on autopilot,  just let us know, all remaining payments will be cancelled, and we can part as friends.   


Q: WHat if I don't even have a program or course to sell yet?

Well, you're in luck, currently one of our awesome bonuses is access to my 60-Day Course Kickstart program, where we can guide you through creating and launching your first courses, all while you're growing your list and we're right beside you answering all your Qs, brainstorming ideas, and helping make sure you create that course, right!



A tonne! So first of all $5K Funnel Formula, is an awesome (DIY) program. 

So awesome, it makes up one of the three programs you get access to as part of eCourse Empire.

But thats just it, its just one piece. And you only get DIY style support (and trust me, the support, feedback and individual advice you get every week in eCourse Empire is where the magic really happens).

So if you are pretty self sufficient, and only need help creating your first funnel, then $5K Funnel is great. 

If you want the WHOLE system AND access to all that amazing support, eCourse Empire is for you. 


ONE - Try to scale on your own using guesswork and Google, and end up wasting years of your time, and probably a lot of money too, for unimpressive results, you've done this before, you already know it's not the answer! 

TWO - Hire a high-level coach and pay $20,000+ to be told to just "spend more on ads!" (this happened to me twice!)

Or, THREE - Join eCourse Empire today and get all the help you need, plus a proven step-by-step plan, and hands-on expert support, all for a totally cashflow friendly rate. 

Seems like a pretty easy decision, right?

Ask yourself, how many extra sales would you need to make for eCourse Empire to pay for itself (I bet it's not many, and I know with my system you can make way, waaaay more than that!)

So, you have three choices





CLIENT RESULTS + EARNINGS DISCLAIMER : When you read the case studies and results of our awesome clients that we share on this site, please know that these are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all amazing, talented and hardworking people, who showed up and did the work, who were prepared to do some things that challenged them, or took them outside of their comfort zone. Who made our work together a priority. Who definitely failed a few times first, but got back up again and kept going. Some results were fast, some took months. But they are all real and based on results and outcomes shared with us by the clients. We have not independently verified the results they’ve shared. 

There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that the Company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, and services reviewed or advertised on this Website.

we're all full up right now!

oh Noooooo!


add your details to the waitlist and you'll be front of the line when they open again (very soon!)