Stop Being Held Hostage By Your Quarterly Launch And
Start Automating Your Way To 7-Figures 

….With A Marketing Ecosystem That Allows You To Take Back Control Of Your Business (and life)

 This is the lie that had even the savviest of business owners (myself included) drop everything and create their first online course.

But try as you might you still haven’t cracked the code to hugely profitable, multi-six-figure launches…

And you’ve finally run out of rope on Google and guesswork!

"Create a course, it's easy money!" 

The truth: Most people never do.

Instead, they stay stuck living on caffeine and Uber eats; all their time, effort, and resources going back into feeding this ever-growing thing...

A cycle of launches that keep getting bigger and more complicated, taking up all your time and energy, making it impossible to scale.

You’re stuck in the “launch loop”

No matter what you try…

The worst part?

More money doubling your ad budget?

More peoplea VA, a launch manager, a business coach?

More conversions – currently working on version 3647 of your sales page???

In fact, your profit is actually going the other way.  You’re basically one bad launch away from everything crashing down around you….

And it feels like there’s nothing you can do about it!

How do you go from world's most overworked and underpaid course creator to CEO of a truly time-flexible business?

How do you finally make good on this whole profitable course business thing – without burning out?

So where to from here?

What if the fate of your business didn't have to rely on just one insanely risky marketing method?

Instead, imagine you had the perfect combination of automated systems, that when used in the exact right way, fueled and fed into each other, creating a compounding effect where…

1 + 1 +1 ≠ 3 but 12!

Let’s start by asking a different question…

Because it really shouldn't!

I'm Kate!

I’m a serial course creator who is obsessed with funnels – and I’ve been automating as much of my business as I can since 2007.

I’ve actually been exactly where you are right now… with 3 different businesses.

I blew up 2 of them and started all over again because I got so sick of being stuck in the unprofitable mid-low 6-figures!

So yeah, you could say I’ve been around the block a few times,

Hey there!

... this EXACT very sucky block actually. 

I’ve created lots of programs to help my clients with various versions of this problem over the years, but it was only when I started COMBINING the systems I taught from 3 separate programs that I knew I’d hit gold.

My clients started seeing phenomenal results….

And in record time too.

”Kate I can't thank you enough! Since working with you my sales have tripled! ”


'More than tripled my income"

Grab your pen and paper because I’m about to lay all kinds of truth on you right now…

It's not ONE shiny/sexy thing that will solve your problem….

Ready to hear it?

working together that will shoot you through the 6 figure plateau to 7 figures and beyond.

It's the ecosystem of three unsexy scaling systems... coupled with your own highly profitable program...

... on Autopilot!  🤯

The eCourse Empire: Elite Ecosystem 

Here’s my entire formula that took me 15 years to perfect…
 …and the cure to the dreaded launch loop…

Try saying that 10 times fast... we double dare ya! 

Simplify and fast-track your way to 7 figures by plugging in a premium offer… that’s automated AND profitable

Your Profitable Premium Offer

Step One

Here’s what most course creators are missing; Scaling past the low (aka unprofitable) 6 figure mark with just a signature course (or even multiple courses) is kind of like trying to eat soup with a fork (yeah, you can do it but it's going to take a really long time and there are better tools for the job, right?)

Instead, we’ll show you how to design, build, launch, AND automate a profitable premium offer that feeds into your marketing ecosystem and finally makes your business profitable. 
The best part? We’ll show you how to sell it without getting on even one sales call.

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for the Premium offer funnel. I just started running it... and so far it's working like crazy! We made $12,000 in sales over the past week, and 35% of approved applicants are purchasing, without a sales call. Thank you! 


'So far it's working like crazy!"

Finally free yourself from the launch by plugging in our “automated-as-much-as-profitable” signature sales system

Customise + Create Your 7-Figure Funnel

Step Two

While some unicorns stumble on the magic formula and have hugely profitable, multi-six-figure launches from day one, most never do. 

Instead, they get stuck in this spiraling launch loop, adding more team members, more ads, and more of their precious energy so they can achieve the elusive profitable launch. But all that happens is more and more of their profits get swallowed up by the launch and they become slaves to this monster.

So instead, I came up with a sustainable selling method, a perfect blend of automated and live (too automated and it doesn't sell, too live and you want to commit murder-suicide).

Once implemented this new system will allow you the breathing room to work on other things that grow your business WITHOUT going cold turkey on launches – and suddenly running out of money.

"Thank you Kate, I do f*cking love funnels. And the one I created in your program loves me right back!"


$40K a month from one funnel!

Add fuel to the fire of your marketing ecosystem with ads that pay for themselves

Make Your Marketing Pay For Itself

Step Three

Everyone knows you need ads to scale past a certain threshold in your business but as you try and scale ads get more expensive, and if you don’t have a big budget to push you through you’ll hit a revenue ceiling and stay stuck. 

Most people then start obsessing over adding an extra 1 or 2% here to their conversions, endlessly tweaking sales pages and email headings, but it doesn’t FIX the problem. 
That’s because it's not a conversion problem, it’s a CASH problem. 

So instead of just spending more on ads we turn this on its head and make the ads pay for themselves so then you can spend however much you want, and grow as fast as you want. 

This is my third day running ads to my new funnel, and I've consistently made 3 sales a day off just a $30 ad spend. Time to up the budget I think! 


"3 sales a day of just $30 spend"

 We focus on profit a LOT in this program. And once the core sales system is built and running its time to play by adding in a few different profit upgrades, to further increase your sales and cash in the bank, too! 

Add Your Profit Upgrades

Optional Extra

It feels as if a 10-tonne weight has lifted.

1.2.3… and exhale!

And you can finally start the next phase of your business life…

Because you’re no longer a slave to your business and the launch.
You’re a boss. A CEO.

This is the place where everything changes. 

Where your sales and marketing run on autopilot, your launches are so systemized and stress-free they only take 1-2 hours a month, and your marketing pays for itself so all sales coming in are pretty much pure profit. 

It’s where scaling to 7 figures becomes easy – because you have the space to plan… set goals… and actually achieve them.

We just did a webinar for our new premium program and the last person just converted, making it a $98,634 launch!! And best bit, we now have a proven offer ready for our funnel! Soooooo good!


"We just did a $98,634 launch"

"We just had a $67,000 presale of our new premium offer! Holy SHIT! From just 6 emails!"


"$67,000 pre-sale!"

A 12-month hands-on digital mastermind for 6-figure course creators ready to get out of the “launch loop” and skyrocket to 7-figures with an automated ecosystem

eCourse  Empire : Elite

Introducing your 7-figure ecosystem in a box…

”Kate, we've just hit $60K this month from a combination of launching and evergreen. Your strategies are killing it for us - evergreen in particular!"


"Just hit $60K for the month"

"WOW. I launched my MBM (Front End Funnel) last Friday, 14-purchased so far... AAND 3 of these have already purchased my main program as well! Now time to scale it!" 


"14-sales so far!"

You make your investment in the program back in full (usually within the first 30-60 days).

Your marketing completely pays for itself each month.  so you can add as much fuel to the fire of business as you want.

You make your first 6 figures from your new funnel (the one that only takes you a few hours to maintain A month).

Bonus Milestone - You’re spending less than 20% of your time on your sales and marketing

💰 💰💰 You achieve 6 figures in pure profit.






The eCourse Elite Milestone Roadmap

☎️ Daily Live Calls (4-5 times a week) are available for you to get help with copy, tech, ads, launching, marketing strategy, and more. These are intimate, small numbers only, and hot-seat style via Zoom.

🤓 Quarterly Mastermind Round Table Sessions with your fellow eCourse Eliters creators to get fresh a perspective on a topic, learn from each other mistakes and triumphs, and create lifelong connections and partnerships.

👯‍♀️ Off Facebook Community to get your questions answered with most answered by our team within 24 hours from Mon - Fri. 

The secret ingredient...

Our eCourse Empire : Elite “Best In Business” Support


"I've only implemented 2% of Kate's genius and guidance and already feel like this is the year to hit $500k!"


"The year to hit $500K!"

It’s not just about ads, it's not just about funnels, and it’s not just about launches, this program is about all three. Most people only focus on one part of the puzzle, I’ve found the perfect combination of all three that, when put together, create a perfect profit ecosystem that is actually SUSTAINABLE.

"How the heck is this different from the other half-dozen programs I've done so far?"



Now, I know WHAT you’re thinking so let’s just call out the elephant on the page…



Honestly, this is completely different.

I’ve helped hundreds (not dozens, but hundreds) of course creators use these methods.
This isn’t one of those “I’ve done this once myself so let me show you how to do it” programs. This is the culmination of over 15 years of experience; taking what worked (and what didn’t), and turning all of it into something very specific for this stage of your business journey.

Our support is best in the business (we call it "gives a shit" support, cos we do). We have engineered the program so that your results are pretty much guaranteed, everything from daily calls with industry experts to one-click-install templates for every funnel in the program. Basically, you’ll have to work pretty hard at NOT GETTING RESULTS to fail here.

Our program is no-risk meaning you test everything, adding each strategy piece by piece. We don't turn off something that works until we have something that works BETTER. And we won’t ask you to spend any money on ads until you know that EVERYTHING is converting.

Remove time-consuming sales calls and increase conversions with our simple social selling system that takes just minutes a day. 100% outsourceable, all scripts included. 

Start writing and designing your own high-converting sales pages in under 24 hours flat with this signature template and training that takes the can’t out of creating sales pages that sell! 

The eCourse Elite Bonuses!

Sleaze-Free Social Selling System

6-Figure Sales Pages 

(value $997)

(value $997)

You don't need to BE (or hire) a copywriter, designer or Tech VA.  We've included templates for every page, email and automation you’ll need in this program so you can get started with a click of a button (for all of the most popular platforms). 

Elite Template Library

(value $2997)

To seal the deal…


Our Put-Our-Money-Where-Our-Mouth-Is Money Back Guarantee

We hereby promise that if you go through eCourse Elite, follow and implement our system, and do not make AT LEAST your money back within 90-Days we will give you a full refund. Scouts honour!

*Yup, shit just got serious!

money back 


So, what’s the catch?

You have at least one online course or program AKA this ain’t your first rodeo

You’re already making 6-figures or more a year from said course(s)

You’re tired of the majority of your profits going to evergrowing launch costs

You’re ready to break through the mid-low 6 figures and willing to try anything but another launch!

The catch is, this isn't for everyone…
 which is exactly why this is by application only.

(because I know you know there’s always a catch!)

But, If you’re nodding your head to most of these…
…then it’s a yes from us!


What got you to 6-figures, won't get you to 7-figures...

And now is the time to fix that!

You already know this....

Apply Now Below

So what are you waiting for?

...and let's get you scaling!


How long will it take for me to start seeing results?

The program is designed around getting you results fast which means we guarantee that you’ll make your money back within 90 days but the truth is, most people make their money back within 30!

How much time do I need to dedicate to this? I’m already maxed out.?

I get that! I’ve designed the program with you (the overworked course creator) in mind. So the trainings are short and snappy, we have templates for everything, and you’ll get a ton of hand-holding from us to get it done. 

What if I don't even have a program or course to sell yet?

Then I do not recommend eCourse Elite for you, this program is designed specifically for course creators who already have a converting offer that they need to scale. 
If this is you and you’re looking for something to help you create your first program, I actually do have something for you… I’m currently working on a top-secret course incubator program called Ignite, you can be one of the first to know when it's ready by joining the waitlist here.

Do I have to do your other program, eCourse Empire, before I can do this one?

No, definitely not – you don't HAVE to do anything. 
But if you have a signature course that you haven’t automated yet I highly recommend it because it will help you grow a lot faster! 
***Side note: If you ONLY want to focus on automating your signature course then eCourse Elite is not the right fit for you and you should start with eCourse Empire instead.

I already have a premium offer, will I still get anything out of this program?

Yes, absolutely! The premium offer is only ONE part of the puzzle and we’ll show you how to use that premium offer as the icing on the cake. Plus, we’ll also share our process to completely automate the sales of it – so no more sales calls!

When does it start?

For this founding members round the first day of class is April 17th/18th (depending on where you are in the world)

How is eCourse Empire : Elite different from eCourse Empire?

Both of these programs are designed to help you to create a "mostly" automated way of marketing and selling your offers. BUT... they are designed for different types of offers AND different stages of business. 
eCouse Empire is designed to help you automate and scale your online course to 6-figures. 
eCourse Empire: Elite is designed to help you scale an existing 6-figure course business to multiple 6 or 7 figures. 
So if you don't have a 6-figure course yet, eCourse Empire is for you, if you do, then you we can't wait to help to scale it inside Elite!

If you have a question big or small, or just need to talk to a real human to make sure you have all the information you need before you join us. Then you can hit us up via text, email, Facebook or Instagram DMs (we are here to help!)

📲 Send us a text at +61 481 611 568

Our client concierge + coaching team are ready to slide into your DMs!

Wanna chat?

What do you expect to change, if nothing changes?

If you’re still reading this you’re obviously still on the fence, and that’s fine, I get it! 
You’ve probably tried a lot of different things that haven't worked so far.
But, let me ask me you this…

A year from now, when you’re looking back at this decision, do you still want to be balls-deep in launch mode (and hating every minute of it)?
…would you prefer to be overseeing a multi-6 or 7 figure business that runs like clockwork – with or without you?




CLIENT RESULTS + EARNINGS DISCLAIMER : When you read the case studies and results of our awesome clients that we share on this site, please know that these are our real clients, but specific results shared are NOT typical. These are all amazing, talented and hardworking people, who showed up and did the work, who were prepared to do some things that challenged them, or took them outside of their comfort zone. Who made our work together a priority. Who definitely failed a few times first, but got back up again and kept going. Some results were fast, some took months. But they are all real and based on results and outcomes shared with us by the clients. We have not independently verified the results they’ve shared. 

There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. There is no guarantee that you will make any income at all and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. The use of our information, products and services should be based on your own due diligence and you agree that the Company is not liable for any success or failure of your business that is directly or indirectly related to the purchase and use of our information, products, and services reviewed or advertised on this Website.