Hey there, I'm Kate!

I love peanut butter, marketing and hugging laptops for no reason.

I'm also the (Nerd) Boss around here, and I just love helping people to create, launch and grow their own profitable and impactful online businesses (using funnels!)

I believe.. 

"That you don't need a big list, lots of traffic to be able to create a profitable business from your passions and experience (you just have to know the right way to do it!)"

"That even though leggings are definitely NOT pants... pants are highly overrated items of clothing anyway!"

" That after five or more wines that yes, I am the best dancer on the dance floor (actually this isn't a belief, it's a fact!!)"

"That emojis are the best and purest form of communication there is πŸ˜‰"

" That life is way too short to spend most of it doing a job that doesn't have you jumping out of bed (at least most) mornings... "

Way back in 2007 (after cutting my teeth in the magazine industry) I started my first online business, It was a fashion website / blog called Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.

Yeah, hilarious right... I was a "fashion blogger" (now I live in yoga pants!)

I called it my "shoe money project", because I started it so I could occasionally afford some of the amazing shoes I wrote about all day in my day job.

The short version of a long story...

I always though of it as a business rather than a blog though, and it worked as DDG became my full-time gig in under 12-months, and continued to grow to have over 500,000 readers a month, with multiple 6-figure revenue and 5 staff...

... before I got totally burnt out and shut it all down in 2016.

Then I did it all again with my second business, Secret Bloggers' Business. And AGAIN with this business right here, HelloFunnels.

I have had some AMAZING experiences including;

Being my own boss for 13+ years has been a wild (and often scary) ride. 

Creating my own collection of nail polishes with Revlon (you could buy them in stores + everything!!)
Sitting front row at New York Fashion Week.
Working with some of the biggest names in the industry.
Travelling the world (business class!)
Spending Halloween on Safari with Sir Richard Branson (whaaat??)
And even winning a few awards (Female Tech Entrepreneur of The Year (2015) and one of Anthill's 30 under 30 entrepreneurs). 


Many more than once. So I thought I share some of my biggest ones with you here (so you can skip over them yourself!)

... and I've also learned all the lessons

Public declarations mean you actually have to do the damn thing!

And don't wait for it to be perfect, it never will be (my first logo was designed in MS Paint!)

the "big idea"


Lessons learned:

Email lists are everything (and JV competitions are a great way to grow them when you have no budget!)

20k subscribers + "I quit!"


Lessons learned:

Getting a side-job to support your main hustle can hurt your ego, but man does it make life easier + less stressful in uncertain times.

hello recession!


Lessons learned:

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do, to grow how you want to grow... getting help will change your life (and it's way cheaper than you think!)

help wanted


Lessons learned:

Social media is great, but it is a massive time suck, and it's hard to do one well, let alone many. Pick ONE platform and go all in.

enter social media


Lessons learned:

Your business model matters. Don't build your business around something you have little control over... and/or hate doing. It's no fun at all!

ads + sponsored posts SUCK!!!


Lessons learned:

Don't get hung up on vanity metrics like traffic and followers. You can be very profitable with small numbers, when those numbers are really engaged (plus big traffic = big tech headaches + bills!!)

mo' traffic, mo' problems


Lessons learned:

All that experience you take for granted, most people don't have it yet.

And there is no better feeling than helping people to achieve their dreams! Corny but true.

launched my first course


Lessons learned:

Systemising and automating the important parts of your business (aka sales, delivery and marketing) helps you sleep better and grow faster!

automation is awesome


Lessons learned:

It's OK to walk away from things you've outgrown, even if they are successful. 

In fact it is more than OK, it's a must!

buh bye ddg!


Lessons learned:

What got you here, won't get you there. To keep on growing your business (and yourself), you need to invest the time and the $$$ (it's scary but it always pays off!)

investing in myself


Lessons learned:

See that lesson up there from 2016... yeah this one I had to learn twice!! 

pivoting (again!)


Lessons learned:

There is nothing like a hard deadline to get you to focus and do what needs to be done!!

baby time


Lessons learned:

You can't connect the dots looking forward, only looking back. 

But when all those dots do line up, and your skills and passion and vision all are all in sync... it's magic!

hello... funnels


Lessons learned:

Any of these sound familiar? DM me                       and let me know...


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