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want to take a peek inside the exact funnel that's earned my clients (and me!) millions?

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          I am a very tall, peanut-butter loving, Australian super-nerd + serial entrepreneur, who has been growing business on the Internets since back when MySpace was a thing...

Hi, I'm Kate! I love funnels, spreadsheets + helping my clients to put their sales and marketing on autopilot, so they can get back to doing what they really love.



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"Kate is a masterful woman who knows her stuff, she teaches easy to implement strategies that drive true profits. From Kate's suggestions, we've driven tens of thousands of dollars of profits using simple, easy to implement tweaks, all thanks to Kate!"

EMILY, emilyosmond.com

"Kate, LOVE your programs. Having sales come in on autopilot still blows my mind!! 
This time last year I made $149 from my membership, since working with Kate I have added thousands to my list, and last month I made $12K totally on autopilot! "


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"Thanks to Kate and the $5K Funnel Formula program, I went from making 1-2 sales a month, to 70-80, totally on autopilot. I cannot believe how much this program has changed my business and my life!"


"Kate killed it in this course! So grateful I made the investment which at first felt like a lot and now I pinch myself for not investing in myself sooner.
Kate's course gave me the skills, confidence and drive to create a product that is not only profitable but packed with value that I'm incredibly proud of. "

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