#56: Do it with me: let’s plan out your launch emails!

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • My recommendations for a launching email sequence – what to send and when.
  • The two types of buyers you need to make sure you’re writing to. 
  • Ways to modify this sequence to speak to your specific audience. 

56: Do it with me: let's plan out your launch emails!

‘Doing it Online’… and now? 

You’re doing it with me. 

Cos in this episode, we’re going to write your launch emails together! Yay! High-fives. Because if you run an online business, there’s no escaping the launch emails. (Unless you want to rely solely on ads to a cold audience? I’m guessing not.) 

But what should you send? What should you say?

Sure, flying by the seat of your pants can work. (I did it for years)

But there are things you need to cover and hit well in a launch sequence. And because nerdy is my way of life, I’ve turned it into a formula… 

So! Do it with me: let’s plan out your launch emails!

Because in this episode I’m taking you through my launch sequence formula and we can make launching emails our bish.

56: Do it with me: let's plan out your launch emails!

One little caveat…

This sequence is not set in stone. This is just the baseline for getting started and then you can tweak and make it your own. You know your audience better than anyone so you may find you need to go for more of a certain type of email than another, that’s fine, you do you. Just use this as a jumping off point.

Two things to keep in mind… 

Long vs short

Emails used to be novels. These days, short and sweet or bite-sized and snackable seems to be the way to go. (In general.) But throughout your launch sequence, you’re going to want to alternate between the longer form emails and the shorter, snackable ones. I go into this in more detail in the episode around why one form works more than the other etc, so give that a listen. 

Emotional vs Logical

Again, you’re going to want to alternate between both of these tones throughout your email sequence. Emotional buyers need stories and deadlines. Logical buyers need all the stats, all the details, all their questions and objections answered. And you need to speak to both types of buyers throughout your launch. 

So, when you’re mapping out your content, just sense check, do you have enough in there for your logical peeps and your emotional peeps? You’ll get better conversions than if you’re favouring one over the other. 

56: Do it with me: let's plan out your launch emails!

The launch sequence: 

Email zero:  

This one isn’t really officially in the sequence, but I’d recommend you send something out to your list (usually the day before your cart opens) saying something exciting is on its way soon… 

Email 1: 

The first official email! In this one you’re going to share how excited you are to be opening the doors to your offer and WHY you’re excited about it. Your emotional buyers will want to connect with you on how much you loved delivering it. And your logical buyers will scroll down and want to know all the details. This one becomes the chunkiest of your emails. 

Email 2:

Again, this one is probably one of your longer ones and it’s going to be for more of your emotional buyers. You want to share a customer or client story. You want them to be able to see themselves in that story and help them see in a practical way how your program can help them. I go into more detail in the episode on this one too. 

Email 3:

In this third email you want to paint them a picture of 6 months from now or 12 months from now… “You could be doing this…” And you probably have this kind of copy on your sales page, so make it easier for yourself and grab it from there to tweak for this email. 

Email 4:

This forth email is going to be more for the logical buyers because that last email would not have spoken to them at all. We experimented with looming answers to FAQ’s in a recent launch and found it worked really well, so you might want to give that a try? 

Email 5:

If they’re still opening emails at this point, then they’re logical buyers and they just need a little bit more proof. They need to know you can be trusted and that people who work with you get results. So, in this email you’re going to firehose them with testimonials.  

Email 6:

Swing back to the emotional side here and share another story. If your program is brand new and you don’t have testimonials or previous results, please feel free to share your story here, that can be really powerful too. 

Email 7:

For this email you want to pick an objection (also known as an excuse) as to why they’re still hovering over the mouse but not taking action. And then you’re going to call them out on that objection and let them know why it’s not true or doesn’t apply. By all means add social proof here too. 

56: Do it with me: let's plan out your launch emails!

Email 8:

This email can literally be a sentence or two and if possible you want it to look like a personal email from you. Just a simple: “Hey! Doors are closing soon, do you have any questions for me?” Is perfect. And then please make sure you’re receiving and responding to those replies! 

Emails 9 + 10:

These last couple are short and sweet, just letting them know that the doors are closing soon and exactly what they’re going to miss out on if they don’t take action. 

Remember your links! 

Please don’t forget to add a link out to your sales page in every single email (usually at the top AND at the bottom of your email.) 

So that’s my email launching sequence! It’s a goodie, right? I’ve been doing it this way for years and it’s worked really well for us. Make sure you have a listen to the episode to dive into more detail too. 

56: Do it with me: let's plan out your launch emails!

Also, if you love this + you want to give your Welcome Email Sequence a revamp, (or create one) check out this episode here!

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