#1: Steal My Kick-Ass Email Welcome Sequence

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Things You’ll Learn in this episode of Doing it Online:

  • How I’m ticking off a biggie on my to-do list
  • My simple, yet powerful 5 email welcome sequence
  • Exactly what to include in each and every email 
  • Your opportunity to get my eCourse MBA Workshop valued at $97 for FREE

Doing it Online Podcast Kate McKibbin

I did it! I’ve had “start a podcast” on my to-do list for 4 years…so to say I’m excited to cross that off (imperfections and all) is an understatement!

Now something that I bet is sitting at the top of your to-do list…is creating an email welcome sequence.

Am I right?

And because I’m crossing off something on my to-do list today (this podcast), I want to help you cross this off your list…in the most kick-ass way possible.

Which is why I’m stepping you through a simple (I’m all about that life!) yet powerful email welcome sequence – including what to send in each and every email.

So let’s do this!

An email welcome sequence is set up to drip-feed out emails to new email subscribers over several days with the intention of introducing yourself and your business to them so that you can take them from virtual strangers on the internet to your new digital BFFs.

Doing It Online Episode 1

Why you need a kick-ass email welcome sequence

By having a killer welcome sequence set up you can welcome new subscribers, introduce yourself, direct them to your best content, outline how you can help them – all working in the background, all fully automated

When it comes down to it, you’re warming them up to buy from you.

Subscribers are coming on to your list and they’re super warm and super ready and waiting to buy from you because they know you, they like you, they trust you.

When the time comes to present your offer, they won’t be like “who’s this?!”, they’ll be receptive (and excited!) to what you’re offering. 

What goes into a kick-ass email welcome sequence

5 emails…BUT before you freak out…I want to let you in on a little secret…you ready? 

You don’t even need to write 5 new emails!

You can work smarter not harder and reuse and repurpose your existing content. I’m talking about reusing content that you KNOW has worked well in the past and turning it into an email (think blog post, social media post, video…you name it!).

Reusing content you’ve already created and that has performed well = no brainerClick To Tweet

Roll out the best digital welcome mat you can and serve them your best content (aka that has performed well in the past).

Doing It Online Episode 1

The 5 emails you need for your welcome sequence are:

  1. Delivering the opt-in (sent immediately upon sign up): This email is short, sweet and delivering what they signed up for (the opt-in). Don’t bombard them with information! The purpose of this email is to increase the likelihood they actually download the freebie they signed up for. Make sure to include a big clear button for them to do this and a PS at the bottom of your email to let them know you’ll be dropping back into their inbox in the coming days too.
  2. Introduce yourself (Sent 24 hours later): Share the story around how you came to be involved in what you do…the why you do what you do and why you love it so damn much! The purpose of this email is to get to know you so the reader can figure out if they want to stay on your list and learn from you. Remember you want the RIGHT people on your list so don’t be scared of the unsubscribe.
  3. Showcase your most popular piece of content (Sent 24 hours later): Think about your most popular piece of content – is it a blog, FB live, Pin, IGTV? The purpose of this email is to say “hey, I thought you might like this…” and then link straight to that piece of content. Keep it short and personal!
  4. Addressing the #1 pain point your ideal client has (Sent 24 hours later): Now you’re starting to get a little more strategic. In this email showcase what it is that you do and your point of difference and how this allows you to solve the pain point the reader has. Sprinkle in your client results and stories as social proof. 
  5. Answering the number #1 question you get asked before people invest in you (Sent 24 hours later): We always have objections or questions before we part with our hard earned $$ so this email is a practical piece of advice that enables you to show your expertise. What is the snippet of advice you can provide to reassure the reader that you are the right person to solve their problem.

Bonus Email: Surprise and delight your subscribers by adding in something extra…a little bonus that they weren’t expecting. If you have another freebie / template / script that you think they would find helpful – deliver that to them too. 

So there you have it…my super simple, super powerful kick ass email welcome sequence!

And don’t forget to let me know when your kick-ass welcome sequence is done and crossed off your to-do list! 

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