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Kate, LOVE your programs. Having sales come in autopilot still blows my mind!

...now she has hundreds of community members, and loves the freedom of making sales on autopilot!

Emily was launching her very first online community, and didn't want to waste all her time launching...

marketing + brand expert


”I just wrapped up my launch. My goal was 65 students, but I sold 150 spots for a total of $220,700!! Thank you team HelloFunnels!”

We helped her to create and launch an amazing Premium Program, and her very first launch brought in over $200,000!

Kyliegh had created an amazing community on social media, and already had one successful course, but she was ready to scale...

DOULA and birthing coach


" I feel so much more confident as a CEO, my business has grown exponentially (I made $35K in my first ever launch!) and I can not thank HelloFunnels enough.

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Sofia was burning herself out with a full 1:1 coaching roaster. She knew she wanted to create an online course but had no idea where to start...

Self confidence coach


"Best month EVER!
3 x last month. And every, single sale is through my new funnel!"

... we helped her nail her offer, create a killer webinar, automate the lot, and then start scaling with our simple DIY Facebook ads plan, and now...

Kylie had been trying to move from 1:1 work to an online program for months, but something just wasn't clicking...



We made a sale a day. We literally went on holidays and made money while doing it. Mind blown 🤯!

...she used our templates to set her funnel up the weekend before they left, and made a sale every day they were on holidays. 

Michelle was feeling burnt out after a crazy few years and her family needed a break, but she was worried about not earning any money while they took. the time to recharge...



After 9-months I've doubled my audience and over-achieved my sales goals!

... we helped her to tweak her offer so it converted like crazy and add an evergreen funnel so she made sales on Autopilot every single week. 

Nicola had a great online program, but her sales had slowed down, and she was getting worn out from constantly launching...



My funnel went live last night, and I've made 3 sales already. I'm beginning to believe this all might be really possible.

... we helped her to create her first evergreen funnel, and  scale from $4k to $10K months (and still growing) totally on Autopilot.

Diana had been struggling to scale her low ticket offer, and really wanted a way to bring in more regular and reliable revenue every month as well...

Home organization coach


I've spent thousands of dollars on expensive coaches and never saw the results. Kate's program is definitely worth the investment!" 

Just a few weeks after setting up her evergreen funnel using our step-by-step system, she's making more sales than she ever has before.. all without launching! 

Heidi was sick of wasting tens of thousands of dollars on expensive experts and coaches... and never getting results. 



In the space of only 4 weeks my business I went from struggling to sell a program a week, to selling up to 20 a week… easily and totally on autopilot. Kate bloody rocks!

Then she tried our simple funnel formula and after a few weeks is making 80 sales a month (every month)... totally on autopilot!

Vesna had been struggling to make the space and time in her 1:1 work to actually be able to scale her business. 



"I went from $3K to $30K months  using the Hello Funnels systems and advice."

... with the help of our Funnel Framework she was able to 10x her revenue, while launching less.

Amanda loved her business and already had a great offer and community, but she just need a more systemised (and more reliable) way to sell it. 



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Vesna, Naturopath

My first $35K Launch

Sofia, Self-Confidence Coach

No Longer Relying On launch Rollercoaster

Leigh, Parenting Coach

Best value Program ever

Khalea, Relationship Coach

This program has been amazing

Louise, Nutritionist

sales are coming in on autopilot

Nicola, Photographer

Amazing results, i thought would never happen

Colleen, Web Designer

Grew by 7000 Subscribers in last 3 months

Natalia, Business Coach

I created my Funnel In just 2 months

Jocelyn, Social Media Coach

All the tools and advice you need

Bushra, Empowerment Coach

“Kate is a masterful woman who knows her stuff, she teaches easy to implement strategies that drive true profits. From Kate’s suggestions, we’ve driven tens of thousands of dollars of profits using simple, easy to implement tweaks, all thanks to Kate!”

Jenna Kutcher


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”Kate I can't thank you enough! Since working with you my sales have tripled! ” - Colleen

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"Since making the tweaks Kate suggested my enrollments have literally skyrocketed. I had my highest month ever in April with multiple people signing up every day. And I'm aiming for double that this month." - Jenelle

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"11 days ago I joined this program, and today we presented our FIRST ever funnel friendly offer using the Hello Funnels system and TA-DAA... $9100 revenue generated. Thank you for being awesome Kate! #evergreenherewecome #weheartkate" - Bianca

Made A sales a day while Your were travelling, and over 150 sales in the next 6-months all through your funnel

"6-months ago I finished my evergreen funnel and it was the best decision! Since then we had over 150 sales and made around $60,000 through our funnel. Thank you Kate!" - Michelle

be making 3 sales a day for just a $30 ad spend

"This is my third day running ads to my new funnel, and I've consistently made 3 sales a day off just a $30 ad spend. Time to up the budget I think!  " - Loni










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