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#184: 4 high-converting ideas to end the year with a bang

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Want to end the year with a bang? It’s time to talk high-converting ideas so you can reach your year-end targets and set yourself up for success in the new year. So how do we hit our goals? It’s all about keeping it simple and implementing strategies that you can roll out quickly and with ease.


I know that we’re all feeling a little tired as the year comes to a close, and I believe that rest is extremely important. That’s why I’ve come up with some high-converting ideas that are fast to implement, but super effective. So while you’re taking a break over the holidays and not actively promoting, there are still opportunities for you to experience a little bump in sales.



So, let’s run through four high-converting ideas that you can either implement in or draw inspiration from for your business:

Refresh and Relaunch Your Online Course

Do you have an online program that’s been around for a while and could use a little TLC? My first high-converting idea would be to give it a little mini-refresh. Consider re-recording a few lessons or updating the program’s look and feel with new fonts and colours. Once you’ve spruced it up, you can promote this new and improved version to your audience with a live round.

A live round adds excitement and urgency, even to evergreen programs. You can add extra value by scheduling live calls or activities that all participants can join. Alternatively, you could offer one-to-one-sessions to really help people either finish off this year or start the next one right. Either way, you can start promoting now with a plan to kick things off in January. This is an ideal if you want some time to breathe and make the necessary preparations.

VIP Experience for Existing Clients

Your existing customers are a valuable asset, so let’s give them some special treatment. Take the time to brainstorm a VIP experience, such as a one-day live workshop or a planning session, tailored to their needs. Target it exclusively to your customers and they’ll appreciate the personal touch, especially during this busy season.

End-of-Year or New-Year Workshop

Consider hosting a live workshop to help your audience either wrap up the year on a high note or kickstart the new one with some energy. Think about what your audience needs and create something that will help them either hit their goals or set up some new ones. 

The value in a live workshop is that while you’re bringing value to your customers, you’re not required to go away and create a whole new program. And because of the seasonality of it, it’s going to have that extra bang for your buck as well.

Set Up a Funnel

If we’re talking high-converting ideas, this one is a game-changer that I believe every business owner should implement. So why should you set up a funnel? Funnels work tirelessly for you, like a little machine running in the background of your business. They effectively convert leads into customers, bringing in sales while you focus on other tasks in your business. As you head into the new year, having funnel sales in your arsenal gives you an extra layer of control and revenue.



So, there you have it – four high-converting ideas to help boost your end-of-year sales and set the stage for an amazing 2024. Remember, you don’t need to tackle all of them at once. Pick one or two that resonate with you, and take action. Your goals are absolutely within reach, and these strategies are here to help you achieve them.


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