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#185: How She Did It: Behind the Scenes of a Naturopath’s 7-Figure funnel with Vesna Hrsto

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Want to learn how to set up a 7-figure funnel that not only works, but stands the test of time? While some people don’t believe that sales funnels still work, we have proof of the impact they can have on a business.

Vesna Hrsto knows this all too well. As a successful naturopath and the first person I ever helped set up a funnel, she has seen massive growth in her business. The funnel she first used to systemise and automate her sales five years ago is still running strong today. If you put in the work to create your own 7-figure funnel, you just may see the same kind of success in scaling your business.



The Frustrations of a Disorganised Sales Process

Like many entrepreneurs, Vesna initially struggled with a disorganised sales process. She offered one-on-one packages, but didn’t have a system in place for potential clients to go through to get on a call. As a result, she ended up with the wrong people on the other end of her sales calls, leading to frustration for both parties.

The Impact of a Well-Optimised Funnel

We know that one-on-one, personalised sessions are powerful in supporting individuals to transform their lives. However, there are other ways to help clients achieve their results while you focus on other areas of your business. An online program can be the perfect way to see that consistency in income while freeing up your time. Vesna’s life and business were completely changed by her 7-figure funnel, and she emphasises the advantages that come with a successful funnel: 

  1. Consistency and Scalability: A well-optimised funnel provides consistency in income and scalability, allowing entrepreneurs to focus on expansion.
  2. Leveraged Programs: Transitioning from one-on-one sessions to leveraged programs can be a game-changer. By packaging their expertise into an online program, entrepreneurs can reach a wider audience.
  3. Continuous Optimisation: Funnel optimisation is an ongoing process. It requires testing, refining and staying up-to-date with market trends. By continuously optimising your funnel, you can ensure long-term success and adapt to changing customer needs.
  4. Freedom and Flexibility: A well-functioning funnel provides you with the freedom to enjoy a better work-life balance. It allows you to step away from the day-to-day operations while the business continues to generate revenue.

Testing and Refining

For Vesna, her successful 7-figure funnel was not created overnight. Her early attempts at webinars were far from perfect, and she had to take time to learn from live sessions and feedback. Seeing improvement in the ads, copy, emails and program took a lot of testing and refining. Yet, Vesna firmly believes that when you put in the work, you see the results. Her 7-figure funnel is now a reliable engine for growth, allowing her the time to continually enhance her program. 

As we look to the future, the role of funnels will only continue to grow. With advancements in technology and the increasing demand for online programs, entrepreneurs have an opportunity to tap into a global market. By embracing the power of funnels and committing to continuous optimisation, you can build a thriving business that adds value to the world and stands the test of time.

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