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#194 – How to scale your course to 7-figures in 2024

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You’re stuck at 6 figures. You’ve tried everything to get to that next level of 7 figures – you’ve rewritten your course, changed up your sales pitch… but you just can’t get that needle moving forward! 

Trust me – as someone who has been in the online business game for many years, I’ve been there. I call my current business, Hello Funnels, ‘Business 3.2’, having been creating different online businesses since 2007. And while I’ve made my fair share of mistakes, I’ve also learnt some valuable lessons along the way on reaching – and even surpassing – my business goals. 

Today, I’m rerunning this episode so you don’t miss out on learning the 7 simple steps to scale your online course to 7 figures and beyond. 





Step 1: Know Your Dream Client Inside Out

The first key to scaling from 6 to 7 figures is getting crazy clear on who your dream client is. You should know them like you know your best friend. Also have a deep understanding of how you can add the most value to their lives. In addition, this clarity will shape how you structure your offers, market them and set your prices. While it’s tempting to try and be a little bit good for a lot of different people, focus on being an expert in one area instead. This way, it can make the biggest impact on your dream client’s life.


Step 2: Develop Two Strong Offers

Unless you’re some type of Facebook ads magician, or you have hundreds of thousands of people on your email list already, pushing past the profit ceiling with low ticket offers is rare. You’re going to need something that’s next level – and my advice is to have two strong offers. Furthermore, these offers play into your target market will help you get that boost. Take the time to test, refine and create offers that have a margin for marketing and can be scaled beyond the initial stages of your business to 7 figures.



Step 3: Build a Reliable Team to help Scale your Online Course

Scaling your business means taking off your solopreneur hat and building a team. You don’t need a huge team, but you do need help with day-to-day tasks. This way, you can focus on being creative, open to new ideas and pushing yourself to scale your online course. Outsource tasks like content creation, customer service and even Facebook ads. Having a team is essential for maintaining momentum and preventing burnout as your business grows to 7 figures (or more!).


Step 4: Do the Live Reps to Scale to 7 Figures

While the idea of launching on autopilot is tempting, it’s crucial to do the live reps first. By launching live, you get valuable feedback and quickly learn what resonates with your market. Testing your strategies and making adjustments based on real-time results will give you a solid foundation for future growth. So don’t skip the live reps; they’re the sit-ups that will strengthen your business and set you up for success in scaling your online course.


Step 5: Implement Reliable Systems

Whether it’s through funnels, live launches, or a combination of both, having repeatable and reliable systems to sell your programs and scale your online course is key. Ideally, you’ll have them automated and running as a little machine in the background of your business. However, not everyone wants to do things that way. It’s your business, and your rules. So take the time to find out what works best for you, and dial it in to ensure it all works smoothly before you scale your online corse.



Step 6: Learn How to Drive Leads to Scale your Online Course

Driving leads is an absolute must if you want to hit your 7 figure sales targets and grow your business. Whether it’s through platforms like Facebook ads, JV partnerships, or other marketing strategies, you need to know what works for you. Understand your conversion rates, identify the best messaging and platforms and create a lead generation plan that supports your overall growth goals.


Step 7: Make Your Marketing Pay for Itself

Last but not least, ensure that your marketing efforts are paying for themselves right from the start. This means optimising your strategies so that your leads generate revenue and cover your marketing costs. It’s a crucial KPI to focus on and will help you achieve sustainable and profitable growth to 7 figures and beyond.

In brief, scaling your online course to 7 figures really is possible. Take these points, discover how to make them work best for your business, and I guarantee you’ll get unstuck and start growing. 

Wish there was a way you could basically guarantee you would make sales, the second you opened your cart?










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