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#196 – Email marketing in 2024

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When it comes to email marketing in 2024, finding the right frequency to connect with your audience can be a tricky task. So how do you know how often to email your email list? What about the amount of emails to send during a promotion? 

I get so many questions like this about email marketing, that today I’m answering those I come across regularly. While there are a lot of traditional methods to approaching email marketing in 2024, I believe it’s important to adapt not only to the changing business landscape, but to your unique audience.  

So, how do you strike the right balance between maintaining engagement without overwhelming your email list subscribers? Here are the questions I’m answering today to help you find that sweet spot for your business: 




Q: How Often Should I Email My Email List?

There seem to be two really common trains of thought with this. One is just once a month – you don’t want to bother people.  The other is emailing your email list every day. Personally, I land somewhere in between. I think the good old days of sending the once weekly email newsletter is fairly outdated, and I think the world moves a lot quicker now. 

I recommend emailing your list 2 or 3 times a week, where you can repurpose content to keep things rolling consistently. 

Q: How Often Should I Promote to My Email List?

My rule of thumb is that you want to be doing some kind of promotion to your email list about once a month. This is where you’re creating a chance for connection and to show offers to people who are interested. Separately to this, I recommend roughly every 60 to 90 days to do that big, more intense launch sequence, which is a more direct call to action. 



Q: What is a Good Email List Open Rate?

Standard across most industries is a 15% open rate and over. For anything under that for your regular newsletters, I would be a little concerned. Either you’ve got a really old list or there’s a technical issue with your deliverability. Perhaps you even need to take a look at the quality of your content or subject lines. In my opinion, 20% and over is a pretty good standard range. 30% and over? Even better!

Q: What Size Do I Need To Start Selling? 

My very bare minimum email list size would be 500. And preferably, they’re a warm and new list you’ve been nurturing and sending regular content to. However, if it’s an email list you’ve built over 5 or 6 years and they’ve haven’t heard from you for a while, this won’t be enough. I recommend you go out and get a whole new 500 to launch to.

Now, that’s not to say that I recommend waiting years and years to build your list up to a thousand. You’ve got to be able to start taking action quickly to allow you to grow your email list while you sell to it. So, start at a warm 500 and put some good strategies in place to see your email marketing in 2024 work. 

Q: What Percentage Should I Expect To Buy From Me?

While the good old rule of thumb used to be around 1% of your list, it really does depend on your offer. Are you doing a webinar? A challenge? There are different benchmarks for each. I recommend reverse engineering your goals, and today I share with you the way I calculate the percentage for my own offers – depending on the size of the email list. 

Q: What Size Email List Do I Need To Create A Funnel? 

My favourite answer to this? It can be zero! Unlike with launches, funnels are actually for your new subscribers. So usually I say, you’re ready to have a funnel when you have something to sell. It can be something quite simple while you’re getting started, as long as it provides the kind of value that will see you convert strangers to fans along the way. 

At the end of the day, you’re in control of your business and the impact you have on your audience. Provide real and regular value to your subscribers, and watch your email list and sales grow!

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