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Doing it Online Podcast Episode 21: 3 simple reasons your course is HARD to sell

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • 3 oh-so common offer killers that make your course hard to sell
  • How to take your course from hardly selling to selling like hotcakes with 3 simple tweaks
  • Join my FREE 3-Day offer overhaul challenge – Sold-Out Success starting December 8th. Sign up at kateschallenge.com


Doing It Online Podcast Episode 21: 3 simple reasons your course is HARD to sell

I am the queen of dishing out the tough love.

And, if right now your online courses and programs are not selling like hotcakes…

If they don’t have a waitlist hundreds of people long…

If your launches are not blowing up…

Then I have a whole pile of tough love headed your way.

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 21: 3 simple reasons your course is HARD to sell

I see this so much

Amazing, smart, talented, hard working people, who slog their guts out…but their sales kinda suck (some of them really suck!).

And it doesn’t matter how many shiny new marketing strategies they try, nothing seems to move that needle..not even an inch.

This is when the self doubt kicks in (if it hasn’t been raging long before now), and really grabs the microphone and takes control. 

This is where people also decide to throw in the towel – or try something totally different (aka those shiny new marketing strategies). 

And often the cycle continues….sometimes for YEARS. 

Sound familiar?

If you’re nodding along right now…

I’m here to help save you years of wasted time, effort, sweat and tears…

Because the truth is most offers can go from HARD to sell… to selling like those delicious hotcakes…with just 3 simple tweaks.

Which is why I’m going to show you exactly what they are!

AND if you would like even more help to make your online programs and offers sell better than ever before, we’re about to run our epic FREE 3-day Sold Out Success challenge.

If you want to overhaul your offer with me on December 8th – just head to kateschallenge.com right now to sign up and save your seat. 

Now let’s dive into those 3 oh-so common offer killers that make your course hard to sell.

Reason #1 Why Your Course is Hard to Sell – The Kitchen Sink Course

So, the first HUGE mistake I see people make, over and over, is creating what I call a “kitchen sink course”. A course where you’ve thrown in everything you know, plus the kitchen sink. 

This usually happens with your first or second offer. The reason being is that you want to help. And to do that you try to teach every single thing you know (related or semi-related) on the topic of your offer. You think you have to over deliver to add value.

To be honest, the opposite is actually true. 

People are overwhelmed with information. They don’t want more information…they want you to help them to simplify, to make things easier and to add a layer of certainty to what they’re doing. To help them move from where they are right now, to where they want to be – in the easiest and shortest way possible. Everything else is just fluff.

And before you think “Oh, but I can’t take stuff out of my program, it’s all important” – take a moment and BE HONEST with yourself – look at your analytics:

  • How are people currently moving through your course?
  • Which lessons are people opening?
  • Which lessons are people completing?
  • Where are people dropping off?

Overwhelming people with information, is only going to lead them to NOT completing your course. So you don’t get them the result they signed up for and you don’t get that testimonial from them about how amazing your course is.

Overdelivering is actually not serving the people in the way that you want to.

One of my very good friends spent some time really going through her course. She ended up removing over 50% of her course, and when she did that it became more clear, more concise, more focused and she started selling more! More people were completing her course and getting better results too – hello business blow-up!

Less is more! People want action steps and outcomes.

Reason #2 Why Your Course is Hard to Sell – Pricing 

The second reason why your course is hard to sell comes down to pricing (but not in the way that you think!). 

Setting your price, particularly your “profitable price” is an artform. 

One of my clients was trying to sell a high price offer (between $4 – $5k). This offer was a 1:1 heavy offer and they thought they had to sell it by sales calls – and it wasn’t converting. It didn’t seem to matter what they tweaked or changed, or how many sales calls they did…it still wasn’t converting. 

Once we dug a little deeper into what they wanted, and how they wanted to show up in their business, it became clear that this offer was completely out of integrity with what they wanted. They wanted something that was much more hands-off, to have more time in their business to work on other projects and no more sales calls. 

They were modelling what they had seen other people do successfully. But this was so out of alignment with what they really wanted!

So it wasn’t a surprise that there was so much resistance.

After a couple of changes to the way the offer was delivered and changing the pricing to a $500 product that could be sold via evergreen webinar – she went from struggling to make 1 or 2 sales a month…to making up to 40 sales a month. 

It’s not just about reducing the price.

It’s about figuring out what YOU want, how do you want to be showing up, what kinda people do you want to work with, how many of them and how do you want to work with them?

Asking yourself those questions will help you to set up, price and deliver your offer so that you’re in alignment and you have the synergy of a profitable price.

Reason #3 Why Your Course is Hard to Sell

And finally, the third conversion killer is that you’re using your bonuses ALL WRONG.

For so many people bonuses are an afterthought, or a way to falsely inflate the value of their program.

And by using your bonuses in that way, you’ll actually repel potential buyers. 

There is a specific strategy to use bonuses (that’ll we’ll cover in more detail in the SOS challenge).

One mistake I see is using confusing bonuses. This might be something like including an additional program in a bundle. The problem with this is most programs need a little bit of an explanation.

Bonuses should be easily explained in a sentence or two. It should be super clear how the bonus works and helps them. You can distract and confuse potential buyers by adding completely different courses in as a bonus. You’re giving them too many options and you could lose them.

You’re also adding “more work” and people don’t want more work! Time is a precious asset.  So people want things that’ll make their lives easier. That’ll help them achieve the outcome of your program easier and faster. So when you added in extra courses or masterclasses as bonuses it can feel overwhelming enough for them not to buy your offer. You’ve repelled them instead of enticing them. 

The final conversion killer with bonuses is when you add in things that seem phoney – so you come across as phoney. For example adding a pdf in as a bonus and claiming it is valued at $2000 just so you can pump up the “course value”. When you start falsely inflating your bonuses…people can smell it a mile away and they’re going to run for the hills!

So yes, when you use bonuses in the wrong way you can confuse, overwhelm and scare off potential buyers – ain’t nobody got time for that!

There is a specific strategy for bonuses that will help you to make MORE sales (rather than less).

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 21: 3 simple reasons your course is HARD to sell

So nailing your pricing, having a clear and concise course and using your bonuses strategically will help you create a Sold Out Success Offer. 

And if you have been nodding along to all of this, then make sure you head to kateschallenge.com right now and save yourself a seat in my Sold Out success challenge.

We are going to go so much deeper into all of this (plus more) to help you to really fine tune your offer so people are throwing their credit card at you as soon as the doors open.

It’s going to be so much fun, I can’t wait to see you inside. 

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