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Doing it Online Episode 15: 3 unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • 3 unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life.
  • How funnels have made me more creative, given me clearer boundaries, and made me a better Mum
  • Join the special 4-week fast start LIVE round of $5K Funnel Formula at hellofunnels.co/5kfunnel

unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life

It’s no secret that funnels have changed my life…there have been several unexpected ways they have changed my life…so to celebrate that we’re running a very special LIVE round of my 5K Funnel Formula program in October.

This is something  I haven’t been able to do since I created the program (because of baby AND Covid-19). 

But we are making it happen! It’s going to be so fun spending 4-weeks helping you to create, test and automate your online course sales in a funnel.

So.. yes to celebrate THAT, today I’m sharing 3 unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life.

There are the obvious ones…

  • Earning more money – I even shared exactly how much I’ve earned from my funnels in the last year back in episode 9
  • Having more time as you don’t have to launch all the time or stress about making sales. This has been super important for me with a new baby!
  • Less stress, because I feel like my business is this well oiled engine now that can run with or without me.

But there were other unexpected benefits of funnel life as well…

Unexpected Benefit of Funnels #1 – It’s Made Me More Creative 

Having a funnel up and running and knowing that sales are taken care of, has actually made me feel more creative. 

I used to feel like I was “out of words”. I previously was a journalist so that involved churning out a lot of words and then I moved into my business which involved blogging (5-10 articles per day), so even more writing!

I’ve lost count of the number of blogs, emails, social media posts I’ve created across ALL of my businesses.

I reached a point where the words were just not flowing…it was like trying to get blood out of a stone. I’d try and write and I’d feel sad for the people who had to read it because it was just so damn dry and boring.

I remember reading old emails I had written and it felt like a different person had written them. 

But I had nothing left to give! 

I thought my words and my creativity had run out…I didn’t realise that the thing that was stopping me from being creative was that my brain was tired. It was burnt out from trying to figure out how to make more sales and how to grow the business – you know that never ending cycle of mentally fixing all of your biz problems.

Until I had that funnel in place and running. That allowed me to bring on team members to help out with the day-to-day tasks and clear a whole lotta stuff off my plate…and after a couple of months I found myself enjoying creating content again! And it’s exactly why I have this podcast! Because I’m actually able to sit down and have ideas flow out of me. 

My brain now has the space to let the creativity flow because it’s not stressing and spending all it’s time and energy trying to solve those problems. 

Unexpected Benefit of Funnels #2 – It’s Given Me Clearer Boundaries

Funnels have allowed me to have clearer and firmer boundaries. This is something that was unexpected…but very much needed! 

This switch has come from no longer trading my time for dollars… 

Or feeling that I had to work harder to be successful…

And I was able to realise this just wasn’t true. Working harder doesn’t necessarily mean a business that grows.

I saw that actually I could have a really successful business, I could get my clients AMAZING results and I could do it all while working less.

That gave me the confidence I needed to believe that I had a “real business”. Being ok with saying no to people, and saying no to things I didn’t want to do anymore.

As a chronic people pleaser this was a BIG DEAL!


I started to value my time and my expertise that much more because I knew what I was doing helped people. 

From a people pleasing door mat, I stopped saying yes to everything and started saying NO to things.

And it’s been a game changer.

Unexpected Benefit of Funnels #3 – It’s Made Me A Better Mum 

Having a funnel set up, that makes regular and reliable sales has made me a better Mum.

This one, 100% for sure…

I know that I’m not at my best when I’m stressed. So I never wanted to be a mum that was cranky, stressed out and always on my phone, trying to solve a problem in my business.

And I also didn’t want to be in launch mode all the time.

Me in launch mode…not for public consumption! I’m so focused on what I’m doing in that moment…

And I didn’t want to bring that to being a parent. I wanted to show up as my best self for my family. To be present in what we’re doing, and to enjoy my life.

I was very determined to do everything in my power to make sure my business was set up in a way that would allow me to do this with as much reliability and certainty as possible.

Funnels did that.

unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life

So there you have it the 3 unexpected ways that funnels have changed my life.

I’m grateful to Kate from 3-4 years ago. The Kate who decided to get really, really obsessed about funnels. Who took the time to test all of the things (even getting them wrong sometimes!) to get it working.

I’m sure there are 100 other ways funnels have totally changed who I am and how I show up in the world as well.

Which is why I’m sooo passionate about helping other online business owners, coaches and course creators to set up their own funnels, because I want them to get themselves back. 

To get their time, energy and creativity back.

To be able to show up as their best selves again for their loved ones, and their clients.

And I’m so excited to be doing it LIVE when the doors open to the $5K Funnel FORMULA. Our special 4-week fast start LIVE round starts tomorrow, so that’s October 15th.

Doors will only be open for a few days. We have some epic early bird bonuses for our first new students! So if you’d like to join me and take 4 weeks to get your funnel DONE…

To get that reliable revenue flowing, finally…head to hellofunnels.co/5kfunnel and jump in before the doors close on October 23.

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