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#24: 5 essentials for a sales page that sells

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • 5 essential elements you need for a sales page that sells.
  • What to do if people are clicking through to your sales page but they’re just not buying

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 24: 5 essentials for a sales page that sells


I’m about to take you through the 5 essential elements you need for a sales page that sells.

If you’re still living in DIY land…not loving your current sales page…

People are clicking through to the sales page…but they’re just not buying – so it’s not converting. 

It sounds like you have a sales page problem. 

Now the great thing about this…is that it’s totally fixable!

Doing It Online Podcast Episode 24: 5 essentials for a sales page that sells

In fact, there’s a formula to creating a sales page that works really well. 

A step by step process (that I’m about to take you through) to follow that takes people on the journey from interested in your offer to handing over their hard earned dollars.

Please note that this particular formula is designed for coaching programs and courses ($100 – $5000 offer)…not lower priced offers (sub $50). This is because people buy these types of offers differently.

This is where you can lose people.

When a buyer is considering investing in themselves, to solve a problem or to achieve something you need to communicate in a way that connects with them and takes them on a journey of feeling vs using facts and data to convince them to buy.

For them to know your higher priced offer is good value they have to feel like it’s going to change their life.

That’s a very different process – which is exactly why I’m sharing the 5 essentials you need for a sales page that sells – right now!

Sales Page Essential #1 – A headline that catches their attention 

The first essential thing you need for a sales page that sells is a headline that really catches their attention. 

I can’t stress this enough – because it’s something SO many people get wrong. 

A really common mistake I see people make is that they have their logo or the name of the program at the top of their sales page. This is what you see first when you open up their page. 

It takes up prime real estate.

The purpose of this first section is to catch the reader’s attention – so that they are intrigued and interested to learn more and keep scrolling. 

It’s not to promote your offer, because at this point…they don’t care yet.

If you include a “Buy Now” button in this section (above the fold), you can take the people who’ve already read the page or who’ve been thinking about buying your offer for awhile now – straight to the payment options. Make it quick and easy for them to buy straight away.

But assume that 80% of people landing on your sales page, still need some convincing. 

The job of the top section is to encourage the reader to want to learn more. There are two ways you can do this – use the carrot or the stick.

Carrot = you talk about the outcome the reader really wants –  “Create the business of your dreams”

Stick = you talk about the pain point the reader has “How to stop…”

Your sales page should speak to a little bit of both.

You can nail your headline by making it specific, short and easy to understand.

I recommend a tool such as HotJar that records how people view your sales page. So you can see where people are getting stuck or completely scrolling over. From there you can make tweaks to your sales page so that it converts better. 

Sales Page Essential #2 – Spend time connecting

The next most important part of your sales page (which comes straight after your killer headline) is a section where you spend time connecting. 

This is a good place to use the carrot and the stick from above.

In this section you might include some of this copy:

  • Does this sound familiar?
  • Don’t you wish you…
  • Aren’t you sick of…

You’re writing about struggles, the pain points and the roadblocks that your reader is experiencing. You want them to read this and be like “YES! That’s me!”

From there you flip it and paint the picture of what life would look if the opposite was to happen and if you woke up and this was effortless. If this was easy or if this was fast.  

You are taking the reader from the “Yes, this is me” to “Yes, this is what I want”.

Sales Page Essential #3 – Introduce your offer as the solution

And now you introduce your offer as the solution to their struggles.

This is not about getting straight into the facts and figures. 

You’ve just spent time connecting with the reader, and now they’re in the right frame of mind and open (and excited) to the possibilities…

Don’t throw it out the window by going straight into talking about the features of your offer.

This is how you’ll lose them.

You’re highlighting that your offer is the solution so you need to talk to how it’s going to help them get the desired outcome that they want.  

Sales Page Essential #4 – Give ALL the details

You’ve just presented your offer as the solution…

NOW you can get into all the details of your offer.

BUT again you need to focus on outcomes and benefits as the value – not 24 PDFS and 35 videos, because people really don’t care.

Break down the inclusions into 3 – 6 steps that’ll show the reader how your offer will take them from where they are now to where they want to go (aka the outcome that you’re helping them with). 

Show them how your program will help them achieve each step. What is included that will help them to do this effortlessly.

The value is in how you’re going to make sure they get the outcome they want, that it’s going to be easier for them and that they’re not going to fail. 

The rest is just fluff. 

Sales Page Essential #5 – Answer any objections 

The fifth essential piece of your sales page is to answer any objections. 

You need to speak to the common objections that a reader might have that stops them from purchasing your offer…

Or the common questions asked about your program…

And pre-answer them for the reader – sprinkle them throughout your sales page.

For my $5k Funnel Formula Program an objection I get is “I’ll have to spend a lot of money on Facebook ads and I don’t want to do that”.

I know this isn’t true. In fact it’s quite the opposite! But I know people are thinking that as they read through my sales page. So I answer this throughout my sales page.

You can do this in lots of ways:

  • Use relevant testimonials
  • Sprinkle FAQs
  • Add extra sections like “who is this for” or “when is the right time” 

Because you want people to feel that all their questions were answered and to be sure your offer is right for them.

5 essentials for a sales page that sells

If you tick all of these boxes and make sure you’ve got these 5 sales page essentials covered – then your sales page is going to EPIC and it’s going to make you sales.

And if you L-O-V-E-D this episode – please leave us a 5 star review and share where you’re listening to this episode from!

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