#81: How to create a 6-figure course in 2022

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Why can’t you just choose a yearly income goal out of thin air and hope it works…
  • How to avoid ending up in a successful business that makes you miserable…
  • What your offer needs to have in order to become a ‘Hells Yes!’ offer to your right people…

#81 How to create a 6-figure course in 2022

2022 is the year you’re finally going to crack the 6 figure code with your online course, I just know it. 

How can I be so sure? Because right now I’m going to walk you through 6 pillars which are the foundations for creating a successful online course…

A lot of these steps I’m going to walk you through either get forgotten about, or considered too late! And if you don’t have these 6 pillars in place, it’s going to be super hard for you to get where you want to go and keep growing… 

Whether you’re wanting to create an online course that can take you to 6 figures or you already have an existing course that you’d like to scale it up (maybe even beyond 6 figures!) then all of the principles here still apply… 

And the extra awesome news is that we actually go into every single one of these pillars in amazing nerdy depth in our 6-Figure School. It’s a 6-day LIVE online workshop, and it’s going to be super fun and crazy valuable. 

At the end of it you walk away with a customised (to your business) step-by-step plan on how to get all of this happening and bringing you amazing results over the next 12 months. And not just vague, pretty vision board style, we’re talking super freaking practical and break it down into doable steps. That’s my jam. Yeah?

It all kicks off January 31st, Aussie time and tickets are only $27! So grab your ticket and make sure you come along because it’s going to be amazing!

Ok! Now let’s dive in!

Pillar #1: You need to design your business + reverse engineer from there…

This is absolutely key and it’s one of the FIRST things we get everyone to do inside our eCourse Empire program. You need to know what you want your business to look like, and design it intentionally… 

This isn’t just talking about dollars and cents, or about pulling a yearly income goal out of thin air. Because you can have a business that looks super successful on paper, but you can still be broke and miserable and working harder than ever before.  

So it’s critical to take a step back and figure out what the bigger picture dream is and work backwards from there. Ask yourself: Who are you working with? How many days a week? What does it feel like to show up to work? Do I have a team? Am I in an office? 

Start with that picture first. Because there’s NO point working hard, and sacrificing to end up somewhere and then realising you never wanted to be there in the first place… 

#81 How to create a 6-figure course in 2022

(And yes, it will change over time and that’s ok!)

Pillar #2: You need an offer that is easy to sell AND Profitable…

The second piece you need in order to reach 6 figures is an easy ‘Hells Yes!’ offer that’s both easy to sell, AND profitable. 

There’s a few things that come into play to make an offer easy to sell. Firstly, you need to have the right market, and your messaging needs to be clear. Your audience needs to understand what your offer is, and be excited about it because it addresses an issue they’re looking to solve…

Which also means they’ll understand the value of it matches its price tag. 

And this is the second piece of a ‘Hells Yes’ offer: it needs to be priced correctly. Both for you and the way you want to deliver and sell it, and in order to attract the right people. 

It’s not about pulling a random number out of the air, or copying what somebody else is charging. 

If you join us in 6-Figure School we deep-dive into this and take you through all the questions you need to ask. Plus, we’ve even got an awesome calculator you can have a play with and help you with pricing your offer. 

Pillar #3: You need a marketing engine…

Truth bomb: it’s super duper hard to rapidly grow your business without a marketing engine running in the background, doing the work for you. 

A ‘marketing engine’ is just about having a system that is repeatable, reliable and doesn’t involve much of your time and input so it can run on its own in the background. 

You need to build this into your business, test it and make sure it works and then leave it to chug away happily. (Taking a massive weight of pressure off you!) 

I’ll walk you through my favourite systems and how they work with different offers in 6-Figure School, so you want to be there, just for that!

Because if you don’t have something like this set up, all of the heavy lifting for your marketing is on you. And that’s going to limit how fast and how much you can grow… (Plus, how tired you’ll get!) 

Pillar #4: You need a plan to scale…

So the fourth thing that you need is you need a plan to scale. And spoiler alert: “working harder” or “spending more money” are not plans to scale. 

This is about figuring out what you need to be doing in your business (and at all the different stages of your business) in order to scale and grow. 

How often do you need to be launching? Or should you even be launching? What products should you be launching and what’s the best way to do that? All of these things need to be assessed and taken into consideration. 

Again, that’s exactly what we’ll walk you through inside 6-Figure School. We’ll take that original goal you started with in pillar #1 and we’ll help you reverse engineer that and show you how achievable it is and all the pieces you need to make that happen. And we’ll actually help you map out the next 12 months of your marketing sales and promotions, and exactly how they can grow and scale your business. 

Pillar #5: You need to focus on profit… 

This is the one that often gets overlooked. And if you just focus on the first 4 pillars I’ve taken you through, you’re going to get to a certain point and you’ll hit a ceiling…


And most people learn this lesson the hard way. 

But hopefully I can jump in here and prevent that for you! In the episode, I go into a lot of detail around what happens and why, and even how some people end up going backwards with their profit even though they’re selling their programs! So give that a listen to get more insight into what’s happening here. 

For now, just know that you need to have a plan in place that’s going to allow you to keep scaling and growing. And we take you through all of this (including how to make sure your marketing pays for itself!) And how to optimise your offers and how to pull all of those puzzle pieces together inside 6-Figure School. 

Pillar #6: You need a step-by-step plan…

You know you need all these things, but which order do you need them? Which one is the priority for your business right now? Which one should you be focusing on? And which unique combination of these steps (with all their nuances) is the right one for your business?

There’s no one-size-fits all strategy here and you can’t just copy what someone else is doing in their business and where your business is at now. It needs to be tailor made for your business and done in the right order or you’re going to get stuck. Because all of those things are unique and individual to you. 

#81 How to create a 6-figure course in 2022

Your next step! 

So! If you’d like MY step-by-step plan to not just make more profit, but to make more sales full stop of your online courses and offers than ever before…

Then that’s great! Because that’s exactly what you walk away with at the end of 6-Figure School

It’s LIVE and it all kicks off on JAN 31st, and inside it I am going to walk you through a 6-day intensive and hands-on experience to show you exactly what you need to do to market + sell your own 6-figure + online course in 2022.

We will literally create your sales and marketing plan for 2022 together!

It’s going to be super valuable, and so much fun too!

So click here to grab your ticket for just US$27 and I’ll see you there!


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