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#146: Become a Dream Client Magnet … in Just 5 Mins!

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There isn’t a whole lot you can do in just 5 minutes to significantly move your business forward.

You could automate a few emails — assuming you already have them written and ready to rock.

You could finally sign up for a decent email software – but then ya know, you’ve got to set it all up!

You could finally sign up for that course you’ve been coveting for the last 6 months (okay, this one’s not a bad idea, actually…)

Or you could do this suuuuuper quick exercise and damn-near-instantly become a dream client magnet.

Stick with us to find out how it works!


How to attract more (dream) clients.

First up, grab a pen and some paper (more of a spreadsheet fan? Go ahead, knock yourself out!)

Go back through your records, your client results, your testimonials, your offboarding surveys, or even just dig into your memory and list out your top 10-20 clients.

(New to business? Don’t sweat it — just use your top 3, top 5, or whatever you have to work with.)

Now let’s get nerdy

Once you’ve done that, start looking for the data points that unite these clients. You want to figure out what made these clients your best clients. Why was working with them such a success?

Start with the basics… 

We’re talking demographics here: age, location, gender, family structure, income level, previous experiences, etc. Note it all down and start looking for the commonalities.

Of course, stopping there would be doing both your clients and your business a disservice because we are all so much more than our demographic data (however useful that stuff might be from an ads targeting point of view!)

… and then go deeper with these four focus areas.

Think about your past clients’ areas of expertise or their niche. What kind of businesses do they have? Again, look for those common threads.

Next, look at why they came to you.

Was there a specific thing that tipped them over the edge and made them decide that they had to work with you? What was their key pain point? What was the main answer they were looking for? (And bear in mind, this might not be the primary outcome you deliver: quite often we’re able to help in a breadth of unexpected ways.)

And then, we come to personality.

Are they the type of person to ask questions or jump on a call? Were they fast starters? Were they the type to just busily and quietly get things done in the background? How did they work, and how did they show up and interact? Any common threads popping up here?

Finally (for now, at least), think about their assets, experiences, and resources.

What did they bring to the table in working with you? What had they already achieved that helped them move faster, understand your process quicker, be more prepared, or get better results?

If you want to attract more clients — and more specifically the type of client that is going to get stellar results from the work you do — there is so much value to be found in these data points. 

By finding the commonalities you can build a really robust picture of your ideal client and then use that to direct everything from your messaging and how you market yourself to how you structure and deliver your program.

And the best thing is you can get a lot out of this exercise in just 5 minutes.

Want to make it even more effective?

If you can carve out a little more time, there are a couple of other data points to look at that’ll ramp this up and turn you into a bona fide magnet for your dream clients. Find out what they are on the latest pod episode — hit play now.

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