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#181: 5 Clever ways to grow your list + make more sales using ManyChat

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Did you know your chat marketing can be automated? You may have noticed a bit of a trend on social media lately, with users encouraging people to send DMs to learn more about what they’re promoting. Rather than responding to each DM manually, replies can be sent via automated chat marketing software. This is an incredible tool to start automated interactive conversations with those interested in your offer. 


I’m all about not only saving time but making it easier for people to engage or opt-in. That’s why Manychat has been a game-changer as an automated chat marketing tool for quite some time. ManyChat is experiencing a resurgence, and with all the powerful ways it can be used, it’s worth your time to try it out.



How ManyChat Works

Before we jump into the strategies for using it, let’s quickly run through what ManyChat actually is. If you’ve been on Instagram lately, you may have had people ask you to DM them a specific word or comment with a word to get more information. This trigger word is detected by ManyChat, an automated chat marketing tool running in the background, waiting for these triggers to appear. ManyChat can then automate responses, reply to comments and even initiate DM conversations.


So, here are five smart ways you can use ManyChat in your business:

1. Promote Your List Building Tools

If you’ve got a really great opt-in bribe, lead magnet or upcoming launch, ManyChat can help you share information seamlessly with anyone expressing interest. Instead of just asking people to click a link in your bio, you can encourage them to send you a message or comment with a specific trigger word and avoid sending them off elsewhere.


2. Linking to Your Content

Creating static links to your most recent long-form content, such as YouTube videos or podcasts, gives your audience the option to access your content directly from Instagram. It’s a fantastic way to engage your audience and keep them connected.


3. Grow Your Email List

Automated chat marketing is a great way to build your email list, and you can use ManyChat to prompt your audience to subscribe. You can drop hints about upcoming newsletters or create an evergreen trigger that you can run again and again.


4. Asking For Reviews

With automated chat marketing, you can collect reviews or feedback from your audience. Ask them to comment with the trigger word, follow up with a link to leave a review and create the opportunity to engage in a conversation that will deepen the connection.


5. Qualifying Leads for Sales Conversations

Not everyone who shows interest is qualified for your offer or even a good fit. Rather than trying to talk to absolutely everyone, ManyChat can filter and qualify leads by automating questions and assessing engagement. You’re then able to identify potential buyers and handpick them for personalised sales conversations.



Choose Your Trigger Words Wisely

While ManyChat is an amazing tool, mishaps can happen if you’re not careful with how you use it. I’ve seen people make some cringe-worthy mistakes, and given it even happens to profiles with millions of followers, it can happen to anyone. 

Using single common words as triggers can be disastrous, as they may inadvertently activate ManyChat when users are simply commenting on a post. In this instance, your automated chat marketing software might target people in your audience who were casually mentioning a trigger word in a conversation. This runs the risk that you’ll come across as tone-deaf or not really listening to your audience. 

ManyChat not only has the ability to revolutionise your marketing game, it will absolutely keep Instagram on your side. And if the algorithm gods are happy, we’re happy!


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