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Being your own boss – ridiculously simple advice on how to be better at it

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Want to know how you can get better at being your own boss?

how-to-be-your-own-bossA lot of bloggers make the mistake of not thinking of themselves as being the boss of their business. This is because they may not even fully be thinking of their blog as a business yet.

It’s true there are a lot of hobby blogs out there for which this is perfectly fine.

However, if you’re wanting to grow your blog, and start making some money (or a lot of money) from it, then you will have to get used to being your own boss and treating your blog as a business pretty much from day one.

Now comes the tricky, often overwhelming, part. That is – what do you do with all of the pesky day-to-day tasks?

The all too familiar, frustratingly time-consuming, tasks that are crucial to making sure your business runs smoothly.

Eventually, this is the stuff that you can have outsourced such as email marketing, scheduling of posts, Facebook group moderation etc.

Basically, anything that isn’t focused on managing or growing your business. At the very beginning, however, this isn’t always possible. During these early stages, your budget will likely be allocated to buying cool tools, software, plugins, themes and any other things that get you super freaking excited to start using them!

As it should!

So, what do you do when you can’t hire someone to take care of the distracting, but still necessary aspects of your business?

Watch the video above, or read the transcription below to find out!

Happy blogging x


How to kick butt at being your own boss!

Hey guys,

it’s Kate here from Secret Bloggers Business and welcome back to Blog Tip Tuesday, where you get hints, tips and tricks for a better blog.

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Now this week is a super quick tip and it’s something that is probably going to give you a bit of a head slap moment, but if you put it in to place, it takes no time at all and it can completely change your blog and business.

And this tip is, I want you to sit down and I want you to create two lists. On one list, let’s call it your worker bee work list and on the other list, we going to call it your boss list. And I want you to write down all of the tasks that you do throughout the week and the month on your blog or business. And allocate them to one or the other list.

So the worker bee list is the day to day grunt work, the stuff that eventually you hope someone else is going to be able to come in and help you do. So this is going to be stuff like scheduling social media, formatting blog posts, sending emails, all this like day to day repetitive, again and again kind of stuff. Write all that stuff out.

And then your boss list, that’s the stuff when you’re working on your business, not in it. So that’s your planning, that’s your creating relationships with other bloggers, business owners, brands, coming up with new products, new services, working on marketing, all that stuff that’s helping your business to grow, rather than the worker bee stuff, which is just keeping your business running exactly where it is.

Being your own boss and growing your business - how to do it!

Create those two lists. Look at them. Possibly cry for a little bit because it’s a little bit of a wake-up call, about the amount of time you’re spending in your business, doing the worker bee stuff vs. the stuff you’re doing on your business, the boss stuff, the CEO stuff, the stuff that helps you grow.

Now, you can’t magically go and make a bunch of new hours arrive in the week to give you more time to do your boss stuff, but what you can do is you can set aside maybe like a two to three hour chunk every week. More, if you can do it, just as long as it’s all one big chunk. Make it a non-negotiable chunk that’s in your calendar and that is your boss time.

You’re not going to be playing on Facebook. That is your time for working on these projects. This is stuff that you know is going to move your blog or business forward. So if someone calls you up and is like, “Hey want to come out for coffee? ” go, “No. I am busy. I am doing very important things. I am making my dreams come true.”

If they don’t understand, screw ’em. In a couple of years when you’re living your dream, when you’ve got an amazing business, and you all of a sudden got all this flexibility in your life where you can go and have coffee anytime,

I’d say call them up at like 11 o’clock on a Tuesday and ask them if they want to have a cocktail. Because they’ll be at work and they can’t, and then it will all fall in to place for them as well.

Being your own boss and growing your business - how to do it!

So anyway, planning your vengeance out aside, do this.

Go and put it in your calendar. This is your boss time.

Put it as a recurring task with reminders and all that kind of stuff, so it is unmissable, non-negotiable. Make it happen. It will make such a difference when you allocate the time and spend the energy on doing the stuff that moves your business forward.

All right, I give you permission to do this. Good luck.

I’ll see you back here next week for more Blog Tip Tuesday and if you like this weeks tip, make sure you click below, hit like, hit share, chuck us some hearts, whatever it is you feel in the mood for.


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