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Blog Tip Tuesday : Did you know Pinterest is the new Google? (Part 3)

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Happy Blog Tip Tuesday lovelies.

I am now back from my awesome US escapades (Portland, Oregon you now have a piece of my heart!), and I am all fired up and ready to kick off my new Pinterest 4 Bloggers training 

I have even come up with a few extra little tips & tricks to add into it thanks to some of the very awesome people I met while I was away (Lewis Howes, Vani Hari aka The Food Babe, Kid President… I am talking about you… oh and yes, I have a whole other post about all the awesome things I learned in the works too).

But back to what I want to chat to you guys about today. And that is that Pinterest (for bloggers anyway), is pretty much the new Google.

Not only do a lot of our target audience actually use Pinterest as a way to search and find the information they are looking for, but actual Pinterest boards now fairly frequently pop up in the top actual Google search results too.

pinterest-is-the-new-googleLove it? Pin it!


What does this mean? Well it means a few things (and if you get them right it can means lots of extra traffic and followers!)

So click play on this week’s episode and check out my final Pinterest Tip Tuesday (for now anyway).

And PS – Of course if you are loving these Pinterest tips, and want to learn even more Pinterest goodness make sure you come and join in my new Pinterest 4 Bloggers 30 Day training right here!

Image courtesy of Dollar Photo Club

Got any awesome Pinterest Tips? Tell me all about them in the comments below!

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