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Blog Tip Tuesday: How Your Mindset Might Be Holding You Back (with Denise Duffield-Thomas)

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Hello hello lovelies,

I am pretty damn excited to share today’s very special edition of Blog Tip Tuesday with you all. Because today’s blog tip is actually more like a 26-minute-long brain pick of one of the loveliest and most successful women I know, Denise Duffield-Thomas (from luckybitch.com).

Denise is a success and money mindset coach and mentor, who helps women (particularly in the online space… so hey…that’s us) to discover and overcome the limiting beliefs and blocks that are stopping them from being successful and well… rich.

She’s personally helped me (and still helps me) quite a bit (you can read my own story of working with Denise here).


But on top of all of that, she is also a blogger (in fact she’s had a whole range of blogs before she created Luckybitch.com) and a social media super star. So I am so excited that she’s agreed to chat to me today so we can find out more about how she has A) used blogging to create her own million dollar business, and B) some of the more common self-sabotaging habits she’s seen in the blogger community (and how you can overcome them too!).

Now a bit of a warning, we are going to get a little woo woo here, but there’s also a lot of non-woo-woo and very practical blogging gems in here, so the anti-crystal-touchers amongst us are totally covered too.

And if you’d like to start working on your own money blocks, as well as her amazing course (the Lucky Bitch Bootcamp) Denise also has loads of awesome advice and some really powerful (free) resources over on LuckyBitch.com right now, check them out here.

What are some of the limiting beliefs, blocks or stories that are holding you back from making your blogging dreams come true?


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