The Ultimate Guide to 6-figure Offers for Course Creators
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#198 – The Secrets To A 6-Figure Offer Suite For Course Creators

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 Are you looking to hit the next level with your offers? Well you’re in luck, because today I’m going to be diving into one of my favourite topics: course creators guide to 6-figure offers. I see a lot of people becoming really stuck, under-earning and just working way too hard.  

So many business owners aren’t getting the traction they deserve for the amount of effort and heart they’re putting into their businesses. They end up hitting a frustrating ceiling, which is extremely disheartening when they’ve gone all in to make things work. Does this sound familiar to you? 

I’m going to share with you the course creators guide to 6-figure offers, including what to do and what not to do when it comes to creating them. So let’s dive in!





Common Mistakes to Avoid

To start off with, let me run you through the three common mistakes I often see that can hinder your success in achieving 6-figure offer sales:


Mistake #1: 

Relying solely on one-on-one type offers. While working closely with clients on a one-on-one basis can be rewarding, it also limits your earning potential. Eventually, you’ll hit a ceiling because there are only so many hours in a day. Instead, I recommend looking at doing something a bit more leveraged, like experimenting with online programs and courses. 

Mistake #2

Relying solely on courses. And while I just recommended getting into online courses, a crucial mistake is going all in on them and neglecting one-on-ones altogether. Because of relying only on courses is that if you are not at the 6-figure offers level already, you most likely won’t have the numbers on your list or in your team to consistently and reliably fill your program. 



Mistake #3

Getting fixated on low ticket programs. Now, while I have nothing against them, going all in on low ticket offers is where people get stuck and are unable to get in front of enough people. They assume it’s easier to sell something cheaper, without realising it still takes a lot of work to deliver.


The Solution: Creating a 6-Figure Offer Suite

So now that we’ve covered off what NOT to do, let’s talk about what you should be doing – and that’s creating an amazing 6-figure offer suite for course creators. This consists of using the three above strategies in combination to give you the best chance of achieving those 6-figure offers:


1. Premium one-on-one offer

The premium one-on-one offer allows you to provide personalised attention to a select number of clients and will literally serve as the best market research you can get. It also helps build trust and ensures that your clients keep coming back for more.



2. Signature online program for your 6-figure offer suite

Creating an online program that you can launch two to four times per year will not only give you clear deadlines to work to, they’ll become more desirable due to their limited accessibility. You’ll be able to test the market, see how people react, start building your marketing chops. In addition, all of this will help you get closer to that sweet goal of 6-figure offers. 

3. Low ticket offer inside 6-figure offer suite

While it has little to do with generating revenue, the low ticket offer serves some other important purposes for this phase in your business. Due to its price, the low ticket offer is a little easier to sell and is a good place to dip your toe into learning how to take payments and automate emails in a less risky way. You can set this type of offer up in a couple of hours and start to see those benefits grow as you do. 

Diversifying your offerings really is the best way to achieve those 6 figures as course creators, and I encourage you to try them out so you can move forward easier, faster and with less stress. 

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