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Why I Decided To Close My Successful Blog

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The 25th of July was kind of a big day for me.

You see that was the day I “officially” shut down my first blog, Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily.why-i-decided-to-close-my-successful-blog

And it was a really happy, and really sad thing. 

So bear with me if this post makes absolutely no sense.

The idea to close down DDG first started to pop in and out of my consciousness about two years ago, after I had just started Secret Blogger’s Business (which I was loving every minute of, but I didn’t feel like I had the time or mental space to really invest in it like I wanted to).

But DDG was doing so well (we were averaging about half a million visitors a month and growing), I thought I would have to be crazy to even consider getting rid of it, let alone closing it down.

I was also going through a divorce, so didn’t really want to make any more big life decisions right at that time.

So I just ignored that nagging feeling I kept getting that maybe it was time for a change.

Time to do the next “big scary thing”.

Time to make space for something new.

Then weirdly I started to notice a lot of other bloggers, most who had also been blogging for a similar time as me, also starting to wind down their blogs. Or step away. Or change direction completely.

Maybe there is a seven-year itch for blogging too? Who knows!

But I pushed it down and carried on.

Fast forward about 18 months and that same nagging feeling refused to be ignored anymore.

We were stuck in the middle of working with a total nightmare ad client, the latest in a string of pretty soul-destroying ad-client based experiences.

And after one particularly unpleasant phone call, I just heard a little voice in my head say “No more!”

And this time I listened.

Now, of course, my first impulse was “You have to sell it, you’re going to look like a total failure if you don’t sell it!”

And I did start looking down that path.

But again, my gut was just not on board. And I was beginning to see that not listening to my gut never did me any favours.

So I realised that while it was no longer the right thing for me to be running my blog anymore, and I would be very sad to see it close. I just couldn’t bear the thought of someone else coming and ruining it  (or making it more of a success either if I am really honest).

Kind of like when you stay friends with an ex on Facebook and the have to watch him make duck-faces and babies with someone new.

It’s still always kind of hanging around and I wouldn’t get that closure I was craving.

Sure, the money would have been nice. But it wasn’t about that anymore I realised.

It was about doing what was right for me.

And right then I knew what I needed, after nine years of working pretty much 24/7, was peace and a bit of space to recharge.

And more than that (because I do not have an off switch), I needed the space to allow new opportunities and ideas to come my way.

And the only way to really achieve that was to say goodbye to my first business.

The blog that started as just a bit of a “Wouldn’t it be cool if…” idea back in 2007.

The blog which took me all around the world.

Which introduced me to some of my closest and dearest friends.

Which forced me to grow, and learn and evolve as a person so much more than I ever would have if I hadn’t taken the leap. Hadn’t decided, “why not!”

And yes…. which made me more money than my full-time job ever could.

bye ddg

I even “practised” what it would feel like a bit when I went to a conference earlier this year, I introduced my self to everyone by saying “I used to run a blog called DDGdaily”, just to see how it felt. And it felt really good.

So yep, it was time to jump again.

And I did.

About 8 weeks ago.

The worst bit was definitely telling my awesome staff, the girls who have made coming in to work an absolute pleasure these last few years (because yes sadly it did mean some of them lost their jobs as well).

But you have to do the tough things in business sometimes.

And the moment I did it.

After I had that awful meeting I had been dreading.

After a few tears and hugs all round.

It was like a 100kg weight had lifted from my shoulders and I pretty much skipped out of the office. 

And while over the next 8-weeks we all worked together to go through the process of shutting down the business (not as simple as you’d think!). I was also going through a bit of a mourning period, and saying my goodbyes.

And now, with the last to-do done (announcing it to our readers and fans), well now I feel like I need a glass of wine, some chocolate and a hug.

But I also feel very, very excited for what the future holds.

And finally, my gut does too!

In loving memory of Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily – 2007-2016

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