#39: How to stop feeling gross about selling

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In this week’s episode of the Doing it Online podcast, I’m diving into a topic I know comes up again and again. (And again.) How to stop feeling gross about selling. 

Seriously. We need to talk about this because those gross feelings might be getting in the way of your business growth and… funnily enough… making you the epic sales you know you deserve. 

So, I’m sharing 3 things that have helped me get over the ick-factor. I’m hoping this’ll help give you a bit of peace and a new perspective. 

And these 3 things (mindset shifts, whatever you want to call them) helped me move from waking up in the morning and dreading having to do anything sales related to where I am now which is where selling is enjoyable. 

I didn’t even know that was possible! 

But it is. And I’m hoping this episode will help you get closer to that point too.  

Things you’ll learn in this episode of Doing It Online

  • 3 things I found helpful to shift me from *hating* selling to actually enjoying it.
  • The main reason you might be finding it hard to sell your offer successfully.
  • PLUS a bonus little tip to help you give imposter syndrome the boot.  


Episode 39: How to stop feeling gross about selling

So, my very first business was a publishing style of business. It was one of the biggest fashion blogs at the time here in Australia. And because we made our money through advertising, it meant that I ended up having to spend most of my time cold-calling companies and brands about booking their ads with us. 

And I can tell you right now, I freaking hated it. To my very core. It’s the reason that I burned down that whole business in the end because I just didn’t enjoy making money like that. I didn’t want to be selling. Back then I still thought of selling as being gross, even though I was obviously good at it, because we made big sales with some huge brands. But I still resented having to do it. 

Super helpful course sales tip number 1: 

Selling isn’t about taking something from someone. It’s about an exchange. Click To Tweet

It was super helpful for me to realise that selling isn’t about putting your hand out and asking people to give you something, or trying to take something from somebody. It’s about a fair and equal exchange. 

And when it is? It feels great. 

You might feel gross about what you’re actually selling. When I was selling ad space, it didn’t sit well with my values, because essentially I was just doing things like helping giant companies sell more lipstick. And that just didn’t really align with me. I didn’t feel like I was helping people.  

You can also feel out of alignment with your pricing. If you don’t 100% believe and know that your product is worth that big, scary price you’ve slapped on it, that’s going to come through. People will be able to feel that you don’t believe in your product. And that won’t make them feel like throwing money your way. 

I’m not saying you have to slash your prices, by the way, I’m just saying it needs to be in alignment with the value and be a price you wholeheartedly believe in. 

And just FYI it goes the other way too. Because if you know what you’re selling is worth FAR more than what you’re asking, you’ll know you’ve undercharged and resent having to offer it. And that energy will also come through in the way you sell it. It’s just going to feel heavy, yuck and gross. 

So, to sum up – selling is an exchange. The way you give value is your expertise and the way they give back value, is through money.  And it feels really good when the value you offer and the value people give you back are equal to each other.  

I go into this in a little more depth in the episode, so it’s definitely worth checking it out and giving that a listen. 

Super helpful course sales tip number 2: 

So the second thing is a follow-on from number 1, and it’s to make sure your offer is awesome and you’re giving people a freaking good deal.

Make sure your offer actually gets people the results you’re promising… And if you’re still testing your offer and it’s new — that’s fine. But make sure you let people know it’s beta and give them a killer rate because again, that’s going to feel aligned. And that’ll make it easier for you to sell, because you’ll know you’re not ripping people off.

It also means you can have time focusing on your offer and getting it even better. We’re not shooting for mediocre, we want it to be the best it can be, right? Which is why I encourage people not to have too many offers at the start, so they can really give the content the love and energy it deserves to be great. 

So, don’t be so fast to get where you’re wanting to go with your business that you don’t take the time to make what you’re selling amazing.

Side note: I’m not encouraging perfectionism here — at all! In fact, we actually just did a big overhaul of our eCourse Empire. We knew the content was great, but some of the videos were…real bad. 

Think — me, baby spew on my shoulder, filming straight onto my laptop with a baby napping in the other room… So glam, right? We did it all imperfectly, which is why we offered a great rate for the beta round. So it’s not about perfectionism, it’s about making it as great as you can at the time. 

And if you’re keeping in mind that selling is an exchange and your value and their value are aligned, then you’ll actually be excited to share it, because you know it helps people! So then, it’s never about going: “GIMMEYOURMONEY.” It becomes “Ohmygosh I can help you! How exciting!”

And that energy? Game changer. 

Super helpful course sales tip number 3: 

And the third super helpful thing? Never, ever, EVER try and beat anyone else, or sell like someone else or do anything that feels ‘off’ to you. .

Inside the eCourse Empire community I get asked a lot, should I sell like XYZ or should I do it this way or that way. And a lot of the time, the answer is: what feels right to you? What feels good to you? If you were the consumer going through this, how would you like it, or what would you appreciate the most? 

And this applies to up-selling or 72 hour offers or any of the super specifics, it’s just about staying in alignment with what feels good to you.

Bonus super helpful thing: 

Get yourself a little folder (we use a Slack channel for this, but you can create a digital file or document.) Then any time you get some great feedback from your clients or your community, pop the feedback in there. And when you have one of “those” days, where you’re not sure if your offer is that good or you’re doubting yourself… you can go and read those and give imposter syndrome the boot. 

As you read through those testimonials you can be reminded that what you’re offering really *does* help people and it refills that energy back into your selling. 

And if you DO want more help around not just selling but also pricing and packing and creating amazing offers that sell easily (and feel amazing to sell!) That’s exactly what Day 2 is all about in our live, virtual workshop. It’s called 6-Figure School and it all kicks off on April 12, (Aussie time.) 

I’ll be walking you through a six day intensive and hands-on (and fun!) experience to show you exactly what you need to do to market and sell your own six-figure online course in 2021.

Without feeling gross. (Hooray!)

Episode 39: How to stop feeling gross about selling

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