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3 easy new ways to double blog traffic

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I know.. I know… it’s a massive claim.

3-simple-new-ways-to-double-your-blog-trafficAnd I also know you’re probably all thinking, yep, here we go again, I bet this will be some regurgitated BS I’ve already heard a million times before (and kinda tried too… and it never works anyway).

Or just something super vague… and no actual actionable tips.

But you’re reading this post just in case… right?

And I am glad that you are – and only a little insulted that you thought I was ever going to waste your time by creating a post that didn’t have something valuable in it… that’s just not my style lovely… you should know that by now 😉

And I also hope that you have got a pen handy… Because the value bombs are about to strike!

OK… here are my 3 favourite ways to double blog traffic fast (plus an extra 6 traffic booster ideas at the end too…!)

#1 – Do a Massive Vanity Post

In my Blogger’s MBA course, I talk about the value of vanity posting when you are looking to massively grow your readers (it’s actually a whole new section on Quick-win traffic challenges).

Basically, it’s when you create a really massive round-up post of the best advice or tips from a minimum of 25 (even better up to 100!) other relevant bloggers, experts and influencers (and the bigger their following, the better).

Once it’s done, you then optimise, SEO and make the whole thing super shareable… and of course, you send the link back around to everyone who has contributed and see if they’d also like to share this amazingly useful post you just created with their audience too.

Not all of them will, but lots do (especially if you make the sharing part super easy for them). And this can be HUGE for traffic.

#2 – Create A Mega Pin For Your Best Post

One of the things that do really well on Pinterest (and other social media too), is infographics. Really, really useful infographics.

And they are not that hard to make (you can make them in Canva pretty easily) or get someone on Fiverr to whip one up.

And they are also really great for getting lots and lots of traffic (especially over long periods).

I recently did a test with this myself and the results were HUGE!

So this is my tip to you.

Find one of your best instructional or list posts (as they are the ones that most easily convert to an infographic).

Turn the main points (plus a few “Ah-ha” facts or statements) into a massively long Pinnable/ infographic.

And then promote the pants off that in a very specific way (exactly how to do that is all covered in this awesome new section of the Blogger’s MBA – click here for all the deets!)

You don’t need to do this to every post, or even more than one post right now, but if you aim to create have a couple of them over the next 3-6 months that highlight your absolute best content, you will not regret it (that’s a promise!)

instaSBB_test-niamh (1)

#3 – … BONUS – include a comp to promote it

This is just one of the options to promote your new “mega pin” (and it works really well…and fast!).

And that is to create and run a competition where the condition of entry is that they repin your newly created mega pin (which of course links back to one of your best posts on your website… or better yet an opt-in bribe too).

You can use something like, but personally I found it a bit glitchy…

Or you can simply create a form (I like Typeform or Ninja forms)… and get people to follow 3 simple steps to enter.

Step 1 – Repin the pin (you have it already pinned, with the link and caption you want included in it and just link to that pin!)

Step 2 – Go and get the URL for the repin and copy it…

Step 3 – Fill out the rest of the form to enter…

And yes… it’s a bit clunky but it works… as long as the prize is seen as super valuable… and you keep the rest of the steps very simple and outlined very clearly.

And it doesn’t stop there.. seriously I have been doing so much testing these last few months and I’ve come up with a whole stack of cool new ways to get more not just traffic… but really, really, super keen readers too.

And some of them are…

#4 – Optimising your Pinterest account + The new Pinning method I use (5 mins a day!)

#5 – Host an online summit

#6 – Create an “Ultimate Guide” post (or a couple)

#7 – Find the 10 BIG questions of your readers and create power posts around them

#8 – Buzzfeed et al call-out (this one can be massive!)

#9 – Guest posting & Podcasting (with opt-in bonuses!)

… and there are lots, lots more!

And if you want to get your hands on the exact step-by-step strategies for these quick-win traffic challenges (plus all my best tips and methods for growing traffic via Social Media, SEO, list building and creating awesomely valuable and very shareable content), then what are you waiting for?

Come and join my Blogger’s MBA course waitlist… like RIGHT NOW….

So.. what are you waiting for!?

Are you ready to find your voice, grow your tribe & create a blog business that you love (that is profitable too!)??

Awesome.. then CLICK HERE and join the Blogger’s MBA waitlist now!

Found any other easy ways to double blog traffic (that actually work!) lately? Share them below!

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