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#179 : The 4 emails you should be sending to your list right now

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I’ve got four email marketing templates to share with you today, that will help you build a stronger connection to your audience.

We all know the importance of email marketing. It’s not just about building a list; it’s about nurturing your email list, creating engagement, and providing value. But let’s face it, there are days when inspiration seems to vanish, and the idea of writing compelling content feels like it belongs in the too-hard basket.

For the sake of my sanity, I’ve devised a simple structure that you can use to plan your emails each month, and I’ve established four email marketing templates that you can use. It’s a lifeline, especially on those days when creativity seems to have abandoned you. Plus, even when you’re bursting with ideas, this template ensures you cover four key types of content that keep your audience engaged and connected.



1. Value Emails

The first email marketing template and these are the bedrock of your email marketing strategy. Value emails provide practical, actionable content that your audience can use immediately. Some ideas include:

   – A roundup of your best posts or resources related to your topic.

   – Sharing a valuable lead magnet or freebie with your subscribers.

   – Offering a short, actionable tip or strategy that readers can implement right away.

2. Inspiration Emails

The second email marketing template is those inspirational emails. They showcase real-life success stories or testimonials from your clients. These stories should be related to your overarching topic and should inspire your subscribers.

For example, if you’re discussing email marketing, share a client’s success story about how they went from 75 subscribers to 750 in a few months.

3. Connection Emails

The third email marketing template you can use is a focus on building a personal connection. Connection emails let your subscribers get to know you better. You can:

   – Share a personal anecdote or recent experience.

   – Take readers behind the scenes of your business or personal life.

   – Give your audience a glimpse of the people behind your brand if you have a team, or perhaps your family (or pets) are worthy of a mention! With their approval of course.

4. Aha Emails

The final of my email marketing templates is the all-important, “Aha” emails. This is where you show your unique perspective and expertise on a topic. You want readers to say, “This person does things differently, and I want to learn from them.” You can do this by:

   – Sharing a strong opinion or addressing a common misconception.

   – Offering a unique solution or strategy that sets you apart from the crowd.

   – Providing valuable insights that make readers see your point of view.



Putting It All Together

Now that you understand the four types of email marketing templates, it’s time to put it into action. Start by picking an overarching topic for the month that resonates with your audience. If you have a related promotion or event, align your topic with it.

Next, create a plan for four emails, each falling into one of the four content categories: value, inspiration, connection, and aha. Write down your topic at the top of your planning sheet and label each row with one of these categories.

For each email, choose a specific idea or concept within that category and develop your content around it. Whether it’s a valuable resource, an inspiring story, a personal anecdote, or a unique perspective, make sure it aligns with your topic and resonates with your audience.

By using this template, you’ll have a month’s worth of engaging email content ready to go! For those times when you need a little extra help, consider using AI tools like chat GPT to generate content more quickly and efficiently.


Email Marketing Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting!

With the right structure and content plan, you can consistently provide value, inspiration, and connection to your audience while showcasing your unique perspective.  So, give these email marketing templates a try, and watch your email marketing efforts soar.











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