One easy way to freshen up your old email opt in freebie!
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One easy way to freshen up your old email opt in freebie!

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Let’s talk about keeping your older email opt in freebie offers fresher than the Fresh Prince of Belair.


Are you a serial overachiever when it comes to creating your opt in freebies?

By that I mean, do you get so excited about giving your readers value that you have created so much opt in goodness for them that it’s starting to be difficult to keep up?

Then today’s tip is for you.

Of course, there is a lot of value in creating new content for your readers especially if it’s created as a solution to an issue or a problem that they might have expressed. In that case – go you!

However, having an enormous amount of email opt in freebie offers on your site as opposed to just featuring one at a time might work against you. The solution to this is to rotate through your offers every few weeks, making them appear brand spankin’ new. This way you keep continuously attracting new readers and giving your existing readers something to look forward to.

This will also help you out with respect to promoting your offers. You can give your subscribers as well as your followers on social media extra value by letting them know when the new email opt in freebie will be available. You can then prompt them to head to your site and check it out once it’s live!

Hello traffic!! Plus you can save any images or emails you use for promotion and reuse them again in a few months when it’ll be time to switch over to that particular email opt in freebie again! It’s value on value on value!

Find out exactly how you can make sure your older email opt in freebie stays fresh and keeps attracting new readers in this video.

Click play or read the transcription below!

Happy Blogging and remember to come back again next week, for more Blog Tip Tuesday Tips! x

Hey, guys!

It’s Kate here from Secret Bloggers’ Business and welcome back to Blog Tip Tuesday, where you get hints, tips, and tricks for a better blog.

Now, this week’s tip is all about what to do when you’ve been blogging for a while or maybe you’ve got an online business, you’ve been doing online marketing for a little while and all of a sudden you realise you’ve got a whole bunch of email opt in freebie offers, whether you call them content upgrades, opt in bribes. Whatever you call them, you’ve got a bunch of them. And you’re promoting them all over the shop and it’s getting a bit cluttered.

old email opt inIt’s getting a bit chaotic and it’s a little bit hard to keep up with who’s going into what and what’s happening when.

So, you now need a plan for what to do with those. And you don’t need to be on that treadmill of always creating new ones, because if you’ve got a bunch of them already, that’s probably actually all you need.

Particularly, if you know that people love them and people are opting in for them.

The idea that I want to present to you today is called crop rotation. So, you are going to crop rotate your opt ins and offers.

Basically, as you’re sitting down, creating a really simple plan where maybe you cycle through them each month. Maybe in January, you’re gonna be promoting offer A, particularly if it’s something that’s related. In February, you’ll start promoting offer B.

And by promoting, I mean you’ll mention them in your newsletters.

You’re talking about them on social media. You’re maybe you’re doing Facebook ads or something like that. It means it just keeps it fresh.

make money blogging

It keeps people interested and if you’re a bit more techie, there’s some really cool plugins you can use these days that allow you obviously to embed stuff straight into your blog posts and some of them will actually allow you to change.

So, it will allow you to just put a like a short code into a blog post and it will show up on the posts or maybe it sits below every post or above every post or on the second paragraph of every post, or even in the sidebar.

That’s another place where you can be every month cycling through. Unless, of course, that post has one which is far more relevant to it and is a specific content upgrade for that post, in which case, ignore me completely.

But this is for more the bigger, more overarching ones. If you’ve got a few of them, rather than promoting them all all the time and having people going into multiple different lists and multiple different sequences of emails, crop rotate them. Turn a bunch of them off, just do one for a month, and then switch.

Even better yet, put a system in place and get a VA to do this all for you, so it’s totally on autopilot. It means it keeps everything fresh. It means you’re continuing to attract new people because you’ve got seemingly all this great new stuff all the time but it’s not confusing, makes it simple, and simple is good.

That’s pretty much all I have to say about that. So, crop rotation. If this is an idea that sounds appealing to you, make sure you chuck us a like or a heart. Or share this with someone you think it’ll be relevant to and, of course, make sure you check back in same time next week for more Blog Tip Tuesdays.

And if you want more, head on over, of course, to where we are continuously crop rotating our different opt ins and offers.

So, who knows what’ll be up there right now but there’s definitely something cool because we’ve got about 15, which are constantly being cycled through.

So, head on over. Grab the latest email opt in freebie and start using it to help grow your blog or business.

I will see you back here next time guys for more Blog Tip Tuesdays!

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