#57: How often do you need to launch to hit 6 figures?

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • How to create a launch plan that suits where you’re at in business right now.
  • How often you can expect to be launching if you want to hit 6-figures.
  • The chance to grab your own step-by-step plan to make more sales on your offers and online courses than ever before…

Episode 57: How often do you need to launch to hit 6-figures?

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And now, onto the question:

How often do you need to launch to hit 6 figures?

And! Can you get away with launching as little as possible?

GIF of woman playfully begging.

This is something I see people asking (and getting wrong) And unfortunately, it’s one of those things that if you do get it wrong, it impacts your momentum and can have ripple effects right throughout your business. 

So, how often DO you need to launch in order to hit 6-figures? Well, first, let’s look at…

The ‘all-singing-and-dancing-launch’ 

Ah, the big fat fancy-pants launch that you only have to do once or twice a year and then you can put your yoga pants back on and focus on the fun stuff in your business, right?

Hmm… not so much.

I hate to be the one to give you the bad news, but the ‘once-a-year-launch’ is not as amazing as it sounds. 

They can be stressful AF. 

Why? Because it means that there’s SO much pressure put on that one launch going right… The majority of your business revenue and the wellbeing of your business for that year is hanging on one or two launches doing well. And if they don’t? Then what?

The reality of that makes that launch become this crazy, stressful thing. 

Episode 57: How often do you need to launch to hit 6-figures?

So, until you have confidence that when you launch something to your audience, you can rely on the response and how well a launch will go?I wouldn’t recommend this launching strategy. 

Apart from the fact you’ll probably get adrenal fatigue or forget you have children, you’re just not going to be able to do your best work.

And that’s not you, right? You do everything with excellence and you want to show up with energy and your best vibes every time.

So, what would I recommend?

The launch that won’t quit…

Well, this may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s going to be LESS stressful to launch MORE often. 

Yikes. Please don’t hate me. 

I give you a few good reasons in the episode why this is the case, so definitely give that a listen so I can fully convince you. (Wink.)

But basically, you’re putting less pressure on yourself and your business to have that ONE big launch go well.

If you’re doing lots of mini launches throughout the year it also means you’re able to be testing and trialing things on a smaller scale and be adding in everything you’re learning to the next launch.

And each one can just get better and better.

Plus! You better believe there’s ways to systemise your launches so you’re not starting from scratch every time. (Nofreakingway.)

Create a buzz…

More importantly? It’s giving you opportunities to be engaging and connecting with your audience and building a buzz for what you’re all about. This is especially good if you’re still trying to find your momentum, showing up more frequently can have a cumulative effect.

It increases excitement and better prepares your audience, so that your funnels and your launches do better. Things start gaining momentum and you get this amazing little ecosystem going. 

So, if you’re wanting to get to 6-figures or higher 6-figures with your online course, my recommendation would be to create a launch plan where you sprinkle mini-launches every 60-90 days. 

Yes. That does sound like a lot. 

But, it is possible to do it and there are strategies you can put in place to make it effective without rocking back and forth on the kitchen floor, or pulling your hair out. 

Episode 57. How often do you need to launch to hit 6-figures?

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Episode 57: How often do you need to launch to hit 6-figures?

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