#58: The 3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs!

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The biggest mistake you’re making that’s keeping you stuck in the ‘beginner phase.’
  • 3 ways you’re treating your business like a hobby, (not a business) and why that’s not working for you!
  • How you’re sabotaging yourself away from the success you want. (It’s a tough love ep!)

3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs

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3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs

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And now, let’s dive into the 3 biggest mistakes people make that stop them from hitting that 6-figure mark… 

Mistake number 1:

New Shiny Marketing Tactic Syndrome. (AKA: Shiny-itis. Very severe.)

I used to be super guilty of this one. And I definitely have a genetic predisposition to shiny-itis. But, I’m so glad I overcame that chronic condition. 

I learned that jumping from new marketing idea, to new marketing idea, to new marketing idea was the very thing holding me back. 

Why? Because when you do that, you stay stuck in the beginning phase. 

You never actually master anything.

If I hadn’t stopped doing that, I wouldn’t have a 7+ figure business that I love. 


3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs

So if you’ve got ‘Shiny-itits,’ it’s ok, it’s fixable. 

And honestly, you’re probably just scared that what you’re doing isn’t working and you’re trying to find a ‘quick fix’ or THE thing that will WORK. Like yesterday. 

Because this stuff takes time and when we find ourselves waiting or it isn’t an overnight success, our subconscious goes “EJECT, EJECT, EJECT!” It feels easier and safer to just try a new thing. 

But it’s on the other side of *that* waiting…that the sales come. The momentum picks up… 

And you’ll miss out on that when you’ve dropped what you’re doing — to start over. 

And some people stay on this cycle for years

Where they’re stuck in the ‘beginning phase’ which is the ‘I don’t have money’ phase or the ‘I don’t have systems in place’ phase and the ‘I don’t have a team to support me’ phase. Because that stuff comes with mastery.

And mastery? Well…

Mastery comes with time, practice and getting shit wrong. 

Not from jumping around shiny marketing land. 

Unless you can recognise that you’re doing this, stop yourself before you chase the next shiny thing, you’re just taking steps backwards. 


You’re welcome. NEXT!

Mistake number 2:

The second most common mistake I see people making that’s stopping them from hitting 6-figs (or even getting close!) is that they’re treating their business like a hobby. 

And if you treat it like a hobby, it will ALWAYS be a hobby. 

How do you know if you’re doing that?

If you… 

  • Keep your biz a secret. Are you afraid to declare it and tell the world you’re doing it? You’ve got to stick your flag in the ground! Claim it! Make it so that it WOULD be embarrassing to back out. 
  • You’re not carving out time for it. If your biz is a priority, your time on it needs to become non-negotiable. (This is another reason why telling the people around you you’re doing it is so important!) 
  • You’ve not investing in your business. (I’m not suggesting you go out and spend money you don’t have or get yourself in debt, by the way. That’s not my style.) But maybe you could look at having a dedicated savings account for your business where you can feel good about spending money on your biz. 

I go into this in way more detail in the episode, and throw some gold nuggets your way, so go give that a listen. But the last thing I want to say about this is that if you’re waiting to invest in your business until it makes money, that’s the wrong way around. You need to find the best ways to spend the money you allocate your business so that you get a huge return on it. Whether that’s on software that’s going to make your life easier, or your customer’s experience better or something that will fasttrack you years ahead, like investing in your learning, networking or mentoring.

 3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs

Mistake number 3:

And lastly, the third most common mistake I see is people putting too much pressure on their business. You might thrive under pressure, and not having income coming in anywhere else might be the kind of pressure that pushes you to make it work. 

But that’s not most people. Pressure can kill your creativity, your energy and your best work. 

You might not be able to show up the way you need to show up in order to grow your business. 

So if you’re putting ALL the pressure on your biz HAVING to work… NOW, it might be worth looking at other options like freelancing or working elsewhere, just to alleviate that pressure and free you up to show up the way your business needs you too. 

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3 most common mistakes stopping you from hitting 6-figs

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