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Tools + Nerdy Things

3 New Geeky Tools I’m Loving Right Now!

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There are so many amazing tools out there that it can be hard to decide what are the best tools to use for your online blog and business.

I’m going to help you out a little bit and share 3 business tools that I’ve been raving about recently.

And, I think you’ll find them really valuable.

My Fave Business Tools – #1: My New Fave Website Builder

I discovered this business tool way back at the end of January when I was at an event with a friend.

She had such an amazing site, her theme looked awesome.

I immediately assumed it was WordPress but it wasn’t.



It turns out it’s this awesome page builder which makes beautiful websites.

It gives you 100% control.

It’s drag and drop to the point that you’re basically just drawing it on the screen how you want it.

It’s amazing.

Was it a WP theme? Nope. Square space? Nope. It's actually something even better #secretbloggersbusiness.Click To Tweet

When you jump straight into it, it can be bit overwhelming because there is so much you can do with it.

But it does come with some templates you can start with.

The site builder is called Showit.

They created Showit to build websites for wedding photographers.

So, everything was meant to just be beautiful and really good at showcasing images.

But the thing is it’s not just wedding photographers who are going to be able to use something like that.

It has all of the features that you could want.

You can create beautiful pop-ups and beautiful opt-ins.

It has a great hide and reveal feature.

The hide and reveal feature is perfect for those really long sales pages that seem to go on forever as you can have elements which slide off to the side or which reveal stuff if people want to know more.

So, it’s super smart and super beautiful.


The other great thing is that it integrates with WordPress.

Showit looks after the header and the bottom stuff and what goes in the sidebar and you can use WordPress for the content.

They’ll also help you migrate across as well.

If you’re just wanting a page builder to do opt-ins, instead of Leadpages or similar, which generally looks real ugly, you can just use this instead and it looks beautiful and it’s really fast.

The loading speed is really fast.

Their support is off the chain.

It’s not expensive.  It starts from $29 a month, which is definitely way cheaper than Leadpages.

Other things I love about it is under your one account, you can have multiple mini sites.

And, they can each have their own URL’s and it’s all counted under one account.

I’m fully nerding out on this one.

My Fave Business Tools – #2: Making Slack Smarter

The second business tool I’m nerding out over is the integrations with Slack and Zapier.

I love Slack.

I use Slack to communicate with my team and also to communicate with my mastermind group.

For those who don’t have a team, you can also use it for notifications.

So, for those who sell online who love to hear when they’ve got a sale but hate the “payment failed” notifications. This is awesome.

I’ve actually created, with Slack and with Zapier, a three way integration with Samcart, which a shopping cart that I use.

It’s just a more positive way of getting that notification and then I don’t have to see any of the payment failed ones, which are just an absolute fact of having an online business.

But, it doesn’t mean we want to be getting reminded of them all the time.

business tools

My Fave Business Tools – #3: Your Own Online Assistant

Number three is one called HoneyBook.

HoneyBook is something that’s actually frustrating me because I have no need for it and I really want to use it.

HoneyBook is really more for people who have an online service or consultancy, so if you’re a coach, if you do photography, if you do social media management or if you do web design.

It’s an all in one.

It’s almost like your very own online assistant for doing things.

Like getting proposals ready, sending them out, having the process that goes through sending reminders, doing the invoicing, getting people to actually get the digital version of the invoice when they signed it then they get sent the payment request.

You build out the process that you want and every client has their own area so you can upload files into it, you can have your discussions with them in there.

The whole thing is streamlined & super easy and once you set it up, I can imagine it would save you hours and hours.

Those are my three pretty nerdy things I’m totally nerding out about right now.

UPDATE – HoneyBooks is for US-based businesses only, so I found another great (and actually cheaper) option called dubsado which works no matter where you are.

I’d love to know what your favourite business tools are. Let me know below!


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