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How to get excited email subscribers opening every email

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How to get your email subscribers opening your emails, excited to read your content every single time? 

how-to-get-email-subscribers-opening-every-emailIf you are a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise (or at least know about it) then you know that the best and most entertaining dates are the ones where the girl or guy who is being taken on the date, feels extra special. Almost special enough to forget that their significant other is still dating 20 other people.

The reason I mention this, other than the fact that it’s darn good fake television, is that this is exactly how your subscribers want to feel. They want to feel like they’re the only person on your list, and that you have gone above and beyond to create personalised content to make them feel like you’ve just given them the final rose.

Here at Secret Bloggers Business, we do this by sending our email subscribers lots of freebies like our free SBB Magazine and a free monthly planner. Depending on your budget and resources, a similar offer may not be feasible. However, there are a few simple, inexpensive things that you can do to provide your audience with the full five star, Bachelor experience.

So, exactly how can you go about making your email subscribers feel extra special, and making sure they are dying to read your emails week in and week out? Watch the video and find out!

+ To get some ideas about what kind of freebies you could be offering to your subscribers, check out the latest issue of our SBB magazine here.

Hi there.

It’s Kate here from Secret Bloggers’ Business, and welcome back to Blog Tip Tuesday, where you get hints, tips, and tricks for a better blog.

Now, this week, I’ve got a special, super special tip for you, which is all around how to make your email subscribers be hanging out for your emails, how to make sure that they are just, they can’t wait to get your next one, and that they’re going to share it with all their friends, pass it along, because that’s what you want, right?

That’s the point of having an email list is that they’re going to not just be on your email list, but they’re going to open your emails, be excited about them, engage with them, become, move their way along the line from newbies to super fans, and that’s what email marketing is all about.

This can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. I like to try and keep things simple, but I want you to try and think of some kind of regular reward that you can give to your subscribers, so we’ve got a couple over at Secret Bloggers’ Business, so every two months, the subscribers get sent our SBB magazine, which is a digital magazine.

It’s really value-packed, it’s beautifully designed, everyone loves it, we get such great feedback from it. It’s totally free. We’re not even going to put sponsors in it. It’s literally just a gift to our subscribers, and it is something that people look forward to. They know the first week of every second month they’re going to be getting their SBB mag. They look forward to it.

The other thing we do is, every month, is I have a special Blog Planner that they get sent, so it’s only about halfway through the month. For the following month, they get a beautiful planner, which has also got some prompts and stuff, the content that works for that time of year, any other reminders of things they should be doing, like seasonally, around their blog, and a bit, some hints and tips from me as well.

Now, both these things take a fair bit of effort, and I’m not saying you need to go and do those, but there are simpler versions of things you could do.

You could have backgrounds, you could do an exclusive video which is just for subscribers. You could have a challenge or a tip or something else.

Have a think. Think about something that you could easily create with the resources you have available to you that your readers would get a real kick out of, something that’s kind of like a present for them, and something that you can do regularly and update regularly, so you have this regular reward for your readers that has them hanging out for your next email.

This also really helps to decrease unsubscribe rates, increase open rates, increase share rates, all of those good things, so go think about it.

How can you reward your readers in a regular way via email?

Have a think about it. If you come up with an awesome idea, post it in the comments below. I would love to hear it, and of course, if you love this video, give us a like, heart, a share, pass this along to anyone you think would get some value out of it.

Make sure you head on over to, say hi, jump on our email list, and get those freebies and rewards sent to you yourself, or head on over to our YouTube channel, Secret Bloggers’ Business, and make sure you join so you never miss another episode.

That’s it from me, guys. I will see you all same time, same place, next week, for more Blog Tip Tuesday.


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