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How to make your phone “cha-ching” when you make a sale!

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Business is hard.

It can be lonely, draining and exhilarating all at the same.damn.time.

What helps lift you out of a Biz funk?

Celebrating ALL the wins.

So here’s a quick, totally useless but awesome hack to help you celebrate wins every day by making your phone “cha-ching” when you make a sale!

In 5 minutes, you will have set up something that will make selling your online products even more fun.


And, it’s something that helps you physically celebrate every single dollar your awesome business makes.

OK, let’s get your phone “cha-ching”…ing when you make a sale.

First, set yourself up with a free (!!) Pushover and Zapier account.

Then, find the Pushover app on your desktop and sign up. Once you’ve signed up, then you will get a super handy code which will connect your desktop app with the app on your phone.

To get the phone app, open the App Store on your phone (this works for most Android and iPhone users) and get yourself the Pushover app.

Once downloaded, it’ll ask for that special little code. Go on, enter that little code.

Next, login to your new Zapier account.

Once you’re logged into Zapier, set up a new zap to send notifications to Pushover when a new sales comes in. Can you feel it? We’re getting close.

The trigger will be whatever cart you’re using [think Samcart, WordPress, the list is endless!]. And, the action is a push notification.

Now, for the best bit…

how to make your phone cha-ching when you make a sale - hello funnels

Grab your phone and open the Pushover app on your phone and head to the alert settings. Change the default notification sound to Cash Register.

And, viola! You’re good to go.


Your phone should now be “cha-ching”…ing when you make a sale.

See, I told you it was silly slash pointless slash awesome!

You can now head back to Zapier to test the zap.

A little stuck? Maybe you’re a visual kinda gal (or guy) so click play below to learn how to make your phone “cha-ching”.

Let’s get those “cha-chings” rolling in! 💰

Got any comments, questions or other hacks to make inanimate objections “cha-ching” when you make a sale? Share them in the comments below.

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