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Doing it Online Episode 12: Behind the scenes of going from 0 to 6-figures with a funnel

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Lessons from growing a 6-figure funnel (from 0 to 6 figures) 
  • The story of one of my clients who went from close to giving up to making more money and sales than ever before…totally on autopilot
  • The step by step process we took to get my funnel-phobic client to making $3000 while swimming at the beach
  • Join my FREE 3-Day offer overhaul challenge – Sold-Out Success starting October 12th.

Doing It Online Podcast 12: lessons from growing a 6-figure funnel

Today I want to show you what it really looks like to go from…0 to 6-figures with a funnel.


To go from having a course that is barely selling (aka you’re ready to give up) to making more money and more sales than ever before…totally on autopilot. 

I get asked all the time “how long will it take to set up my funnel.”

And the answer is always… it depends.

You see I have some clients who go from a course that doesn’t sell…to making 10K in a day in less than 2 weeks.

I’ve also had others who take 6 months or more to get the pieces into place. 

There are so many factors that can affect how quickly your funnel gets set up, and scaled.

But one thing that all my students always say is that no matter how long it took, once it’s done it is oh-so worth it.

Because having that regular and reliable revenue coming in every month, week, even day…is a total game-changer!

So let me take you behind the scenes today… of probably one of my most “funnel phobic” clients. 

And share how we took a really step by step approach to setting up her funnel.

I am going to literally walk you through the steps, the conversations, the setbacks and the mindset shifts that had to happen to take one of my $5K Funnel Formula students from push and pushing and barely making any sales, to making up $40,000 a month totally on autopilot.

Doing It Online Podcast 12: lessons from growing a 6-figure funnel

Lessons from growing 0 to 6-figures with a funnel.

So to start with I’m going to share a message she sent me, right as we started working together. 

“ I spoke to a bunch of people on my list last week and all they want is freebies. Same old story that it’s been for 4 years. I can’t see how it’s going to change. Maybe my market is too flooded and I’ve missed the boat…or maybe people don’t want what I have…I just don’t know….I feel like my life is on hold and I don’t think I have the skills to make it online. Is it too early for wine?”

You can feel the frustration can’t you?

You’ve been trying for years, but still feel stuck at that starting point…and even though you’ve tried e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g…nothing is working.

But I was excited to help because I knew she had a fabulous product and I knew she was passionate about what she did, so we just needed to tweak some things.

This involved breaking things down, piece by piece to make it simple. 

Lesson 1 of growing a 6-figure funnel – Creating a funnel friendly offer

The first piece of the funnel is creating a business and an offer that works for YOU. This means an offer that you’re excited to sell…otherwise you’ll eventually end up resenting it and not show up as your best self…and that will impact your sales and your client results! So what does your dream business actually look like? How do you serve your clients?

For my client it looked completely different to what she was trying to sell! So we flipped what she was doing! Saving her high touch / high price point program for her perfect fit clients and introducing a lower price point offer ($500-$1000) allowing her to serve more people.

Lesson 2 of growing a 6-figure funnel – Testing

The next step involves testing your webinar LIVE to see if your offer can sell…before automating it.

Now my client had the belief that automating didn’t work for her. So she showed up and did a live webinar every single week (sometimes twice) because it converted into sales. Eventually she was tired of presenting the same webinar every single week. So now it was time to take a small step and turn it into a hybrid webinar (aka where you’re live at the start and to answer questions but you pre-record the middle part and the pitch part). There’s always that fear that people won’t buy because it’s not live. Unsurprisingly to me…it converted exactly the same as when she showed up live!

Lesson 3 of growing a 6-figure funnel – Automating

So that brought me one step closer to a fully automated funnel for my client…

And by that stage we’d started investing in Facebook ads.

So we began testing the hybrid webinar vs an evergreen version. 

And guess what?! Her evergreen webinar converted exactly the same as her hybrid webinar. 

One thing people don’t know is that at the end of the day – the conversion rate of an evergreen webinar vs a live webinar (if done correctly) end up being pretty similar.

Live webinar = smaller show up rate. The people that show up are “warmer” leads and because they get that great live experience…more of them will buy.

Evergreen webinar = larger show up. The people that show up are probably new to you and your biz and therefore less warm and likely to buy from them. However the larger number of people showing up still helps your sales, and introduces you and your expertise to a new audience. And then if you continue to warm them up…when your next offer comes around, there’s a good chance they’ll be ready to buy from you.

But back to my client…

She had now tested step by step from building a “hells yes” offer to figuring out a way to sell it regularly and reliably to turning it evergreen.

This was over a 4 – 5 month period. From a last ditch effort to slowly step by step building her funnel to sell to hundreds of people every month (minus the sales calls). Sure we could’ve done it quicker….but everyone is different! Sometimes you need to take it slow so you can see it and believe that the results are possible for you too. 

And then one day I received a message from my client that said…

I was just at the beach and went for a swim…came back to my towel and I’d made $3000! This feels just too easy.”

Getting messages like this is exactly why I love funnels! 

Sure they can take a little bit of time to set up…but every single client tells me that no matter how long it took…it was well worth it and they wish they’d done it sooner.

Doing It Online Podcast 12: lessons from growing a 6-figure funnel

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