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3 super easy ways to get more people to read your blog posts

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You know how some days you put together an awesome outfit. I mean it just works. You look great, you feel great, and you’re kinda strutting around like Beyonce’s younger, hotter sister all day long?

But for whatever reason nobody sees it.

It feels like a real waste doesn’t it?

So much so that I bet that a bunch of you have even decided to re-hash that exact same get-up the next day (you know, as long as you haven’t spilled any red wine or coffee down the front of it, or worn it to soul cycle of course).

I know I have (hey, I might even be doing it today!).

You put in the effort, it deserves to be appreciated, right?

Well that is the exact same way you should also feel about your content.

Whether its a video, a blog post, or a beautiful image and awesome caption you’ve shared on social media.

You put the time in, you do the work, you create something awesome. And then it gets published (and promoted a few times after that). But usually after that it never gets seen again.

Entrepreneur Advice | Blogging Tips | Earn Money Blogging | Online Business | Online MarketingAnd for many of your readers and followers it actually doesn’t get seen at all. Because in reality most of your readers, even your most die-hard ones don’t see or read everything you do.

They are too busy, the Internet is too crowded, and your beautiful post can easily get lost in the noise.

What a waste!

Or is it?

What if there was a blogging equivalent of making sure as many people as possible saw your awesome outfit… I mean post. Without people thinking you were the online equivalent of a crazy cat-lady who doesn’t own more than out set of clothes.

Well there is, and it’s called recycling and re-promoting your content.

And one of the best things about it is that there are a whole tonne of great tools out there right now that actually make recycling, re-sharing and re-promoting your blog content pretty much hands free (once you set it up that is). So as well as driving extra engagement and eyeballs on your stuff, it can also save you a butt-load of time too.


And here are some of my favourites. 

1 – Recurpost & MeetEdgar. 

OK I am lumping these two together because they both do pretty much the same thing – and that is allow you to create folders of different types of social content (Sadly not Instagram or Pinterest yet) – fill those folders up with as much evergreen content as you can,  then create a schedule for that content (aka you want to share something from Folder A on Mondays at 8 am, something from folder B at 6pm etc..).
Then you just hit go and it do will keep cycling through and posting the content in those folders to your schedule basically until you tell it to stop.

This means that you best content can keep being shared again, and again, and again. And apart from the initial set up, you don’t have to do a thing (well you probably should add your new content to it as you create it, but that takes just a minute or two per post thanks to the handy browser extensions they both have).


2 – Later app

Now as I said neither of the above allow you to do the same for Instagram just yet, so I had to go searching for an Insta-equivalant. And I found one that was 90% there in Later.
Once again Later allows you to create categories of content, and pre-load everything in to them. You are also able to save captions and hashtag groups too, so actually creating your insta posts are super simple.

And they have an almost-there schedule function that allows you to select the images you want in bulk, then have them automatically spread out across the time slots you’ve determined (then all you need to do is pop in your captions and you’re good to go).

Not a total hands free content recycler, but still a massive time saving tool.


3 – Board Booster

Lucky last is good old Board Booster, the ugliest social media sharing tool around (damn it’s so pink!), but also one of the most effective (so I forgive it completely).

Board Booster has an awesome “looping” function that allows you to easily re-pin pins from the bottom of one board to the top, so if you’ve been pinning for a while and already have lots of great content then

Now I don’t recommend you do this for 100% of your pins, as it does seem right now that pinning less is more effective, and live pinning is better than scheduled. But, if you want to pad out your pins a little, or if you need to focus your time somewhere else for a while and would like Pinterest to keep staying fresh for you, then this is a really great option too.


Now if you want to take your content wrangling to the NEXT level and learn how you can actually create 6-months worth of blog content in just one week,  which you can then obviously promote over and over again, you’re going to want to make sure you click RIGHT HERE.



Tried any of these post recycling apps? How did it go?










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