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Stop wasting your best content on this…!

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My two minute guide to repurposing blog content

stop-wasting-your-best-content-on-thisYou know how sometimes, when you are creating content for your blog, newsletter or social media, how sometimes all the stars align, the words just flow, and you manage to tap into something special (for whatever reason), because that particular post or newsletter just … goes… off!?

People start commenting like crazy, they email you about it, it’s being shared all over the place.

But now what?

Well click play and I’ll share a super simple content hack with you (it’s my favourite method for repurposing blog content)  that you can go and apply to any of your more popular content right now (so that little magic content moment keeps on working for you, again and again!).

Got any other tips for repurposing blog content? Share them below now!

Hey everyone,

it’s Kate here from Secret Bloggers’ Business, and welcome to Blog Tip Tuesday, where you get weekly tips and tricks for a better blog.

Now this week I’ve got a super quick trick on how you can make the most of your successful newsletter content, so this is email newsletters that you’ve sent before that you’ve maybe got a good open rate or a good engagement rate, or that people have hit reply and responded to.

So you know that they did well. You know that was good content, and now it’s done. It’s gone and no one’s ever going to see it again, and that’s kind of a little bit sad.

There’s two things you can do with it to make sure that that awesome content never dies. One, is I would actually take that content and obviously, this is up to you, if that content’s relevant, I would take it, maybe tweak it a little, and maybe use it as a Facebook post.

Longer form Facebook posts are doing really well at the moment. You might even do it just as a pure way of getting engagement. People love reading a story, particularly if you’re not then trying to get something out of them.

I do these on a Sunday.

I have a regular post which is normally a longer, more sharing a post or story type of thing. Using newsletter content which is also kind of normally in that similar form, well it is for me, anyway, it just makes sense.

All you have to do is go copy paste, a few tweaks, pop it in, and boom. You’ve got an awesome Facebook post that’s going to get tonnes of engagement.

You can, of course, also use that newsletter again in your nurture sequence. So if you’ve got a nurture sequence set up for when you subscribe and sign up, I normally really highly recommend that people try to add in their best-ever emails into that sequence.

Again, obviously, you might have to tweak it to make sure it makes sense all year round, but you already know that that newsletter did well, so why not reuse it? It seems a shame to waste it, if you ask me.

So that’s it. That’s my tip. That’s how you can take your awesome content that you’ve already done the hard work for, and make it work even harder!

If you’ve got any other tips around this, pop them below. I’d love to hear them. If you like this video, then please share it or please come and subscribe over at our YouTube channel, or head to for more tips, more blogging info.

We’ve got oodles of great stuff over there as well as quite a few freebies which will really help take your blogging to the next level.

Come on over and check it out, and I’ll see you all next week for more Blog Tip Tuesday!

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