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5 - Podcast

Podcast Episode 18: Why you need to stop saying “but.. I’m no good at tech”

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • Why it’s time to stop using you’re “no good at tech” as an excuse
  • The two reasons that saying you’re not good at tech is keeping you stuck
  • My mantra to switch your mindset and learn the hard things!

Podcast Episode 18: Why you need to stop saying "but.. I'm no good at tech"

It’s time for a bit of tough love…

You need to STOP saying that you’re no good at tech.

Doing It Online Episode 18: STOP saying "I’m no good at tech"

Now this ass-kicking is done with love!

But this excuse (that I hear over and over again) stops you from creating online courses and funnels….

It’s keeping you stuck (but perhaps not for the reasons you think).

 So if you’ve ever thought to yourself…

  • “Oh, but I’m just not that techy”
  • “I’m no good at tech”
  • “Tech just hates me”

This is for you. 

There are TWO reasons that you need to STOP telling yourself, over and over that you’re no good at tech – they are… 

Reason 1: It’s actually not TRUE

You’re no good at tech…YET. 


Can you see the difference there? 

As an adult you become so used to just being good at all the day-to-day stuff or having it come naturally to you. So it feels weird and uncomfortable to do things you’re not good at (yet!). That’s the feeling of learning something new! 

The only reason you’re not good at them… is you just haven’t had enough practice…yet! That and you keep telling yourself you’re no good. You allow yourself to translate that discomfort as a sign that you’re not good at something and let it fluster and overwhelm you.

Just because you’re not good at something right now…doesn’t mean you can’t get good at it.

Trust me, you’ve learned far more complicated difficult things in your lifetime than how to schedule an Instagram post or how to send an email sequence. You just don’t remember learning them!

The real catch 22 here is…

You’re using the fact that it feels uncomfortable and that you don’t like that feeling, to be an excuse to not get the experience and practice you need to make it go away. The feeling will never go away…and you’ll be right. You will be no good at tech because you don’t choose to learn how to be good at it. The best way to do this is switch your mindset around tech – don’t look at it as an evil and hard thing, rather view it as something new you’re learning because it’s going to be helpful for your business. If you break it down step-by-step and commit to the practice of being a student, it will start to get easier!

If my Grandpa can learn how to use Zoom – you can definitely learn how to become good at tech! 

Reason 2: If you have an online business – you HAVE to be good at tech

Tech is a big part of online business. You need it every single day. Even if you outsource it…you need to be comfortable and have some understanding of how your tech works. So saying “I’m no good at tech” or “I hate tech so I don’t want to learn it” is kinda like saying “I want to be a primary school teacher but I hate kids”. 

Tech is a part of the life and business you have chosen, and trust me when I say everything is going to go a lot smoother and feel a lot lighter if you embrace it rather than try to avoid it at all costs!

That doesn’t mean you have to be the person in your business who DOES all the tech. It’s is one of the first and easiest bits of an online business to outsource. But when you’re starting out you might not have the budget, so knowing the basics is only going to be beneficial to you going forward.

Podcast Episode 18: Why you need to stop saying "but.. I'm no good at tech"

One of my favourite sayings…that I always call on is:

“If we argue for our limitations, we get to keep them…”

Think about that.

Aka every time you say to yourself… “yeah… but I am no good at that” 

Guess what?! 

You’re right! 

You won’t get better and you won’t learn…

And that means…you won’t get better at tech.

Nobody wants that! So please, please, let’s put “no good at tech” on the banned phrases for 2020!

Replace it with – “I’m no good at tech…YET!”

Know your numbers!

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