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#3: 3 of the best tech tools to sell MORE and hustle less

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Things You’ll Learn in this episode of Doing it Online:

  • 3 of my favourite tech tools to help you sell more and hustle
  • My present to you for leaving a review of Doing It Online 


Doing It Online Episode 3

I’m sliding on my geekiest glasses and popping on my nerdiest hat to talk about one of my absolute FAVOURITE topics…

Tech Tools

Doing It Online Episode 3

Those amazing, magical, digital things that make running your online business (and actually having a life outside of that business) so, so, so much easier.

And let’s be honest here…nothing excites me more (sorry bf) than when I discover a new tool! I’m talking about those tools that make your life easier, by automating your business. Say hello to a better running business!

I could talk about them for hours…

Needless to say, I…The Tech Nerd herself…am offering you my gold nuggets of wisdom when it comes to the tech tools you need in your life (like right now!) to help you sell MORE and hustle LESS.

So let’s begin!

Doing It Online Episode 3

Tech Tool #1 – A Killer Pop Up Software

This is a tool that lets you create the banners and pop ups for your website…now stay with me because I know what you’re thinking – ‘pop ups are gross’ – BUT they’re a powerful tool to help you sell more and hustle less. You can set this up and have it running in the background!

Convertbox is my favourite and it’s super smart so you can set it up to only show to people who have visited your site more than once, or if they’ve been on your site for a certain amount of time. This allows you to set up your pop ups in a way that is not annoying AF or super intrusive.

So you’ll be growing your list every day without having to spend any extra money – that’s a BIG TICK of approval from me!

Convertbox is also not platform specific, meaning you can use it on any platform – WordPress, Squarespace, ShowIt – you name it!

And it’s super simple to set up and looks good too – winning! 

Tech Tool #2 – A Smart Countdown Tool

Everyone who has an online business needs a really killer urgency software (aka a countdown), and one that is easy to use, customisable, not platform specific.

You can set up timers across everything – emails, sales pages, blog posts, checkout etc – minus the need for coding skills.

Now if you’re thinking, ‘but Kate why do I even need a countdown timer?!’ – let me tell you without a sense of urgency that encourages the person to make a decision and take action…your conversion rates will be much lower (up to 50%).

If you’re doing any kind of live launch, or offers or promos you need to create urgency by using a tool like Deadline Funnel. We as humans sometimes need that little push to help us make a decision. 

For those of you who are still not convinced (and don’t want another monthly subscription)…try Website Countdown. It’s available with a one-time price so if you’re a bit more budget conscious and don’t need all of the features – this does the job! 

Tech Tool #3 – Shopping Cart Order Bump

These tools help you increase the value of your checkout (your order value) by adding an order bump – that little bit extra they can add to their order as they checkout. This is the equivalent of having chocolates next to the checkout at the supermarket.

I previously was skeptical if I really needed this…but after testing these I was even surprised at how well they went! I added one onto my checkout page and it converted at 46% – do the maths – 46% of orders added an additional $97 product to their order! 

Shopping Cart Order Bumps are one of the fastest ways you can add extra revenue to whatever it is you’re selling! 

ThriveCart, Kajabi, Samcart & ClickFunnels all allow you to add an order bump to your checkout page.

A simple and effective way to sell more and hustle less – just for a little check box! 

So there you have it. I’d love to nerd out with you…and hear all about your favourite tech tools!

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