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My favourite blogging & business courses (‘Tis the season for investing in yourself )

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I have actually been umming and aahhing about how to do this blog post all week.

It’s not my normal style of post, but it does answer a question I am getting asked a LOT at the moment (I’ll tell you what it is in a minute), and it also is my way of giving back to some of the ladies who have inspired me and taught me so much this year (yep, I am still learning too!).

And you know, it’s Christmas, and if you are anything like me then you are probably “playing Santa” for yourself a little right now as well (or a lot, one for me, one for them seems to be my motto!), and these are some pretty rad ways to gift yourself something amazing (even better than new shoes if you can believe it!)!

So what is this question I keep getting asked? Well it seems to be different variations on the theme of; What courses have you done that have helped your with your blog business / what other business courses can I do (besides SBB of course) to help my grow my brand/blog/business?

So I will give you some great options for all kinds of different ways you can upgrade your skill level and your blog in 2015.

1 – How do I make more money from my blog?

I would love to introduce you all to a woman who has made a HUGE difference to my business (and actually my life) and that is Denise Duffield-Thomas. Now Denise’s course ” Get Rich Lucky Bitch” is a little WooWoo for some, but bear with me, because even a non-WooWoo person can get a lot out of it.

Denise teaches about not just law of attraction, but also about how your money mindset and relationship can affect all aspects of your life. A quick example, and one that really rings true for me, is that I was brought up to believe that to good things do not come easily, you have to work really hard for them.

And looking back at the opportunities I have turned down, choices I have made, or self-sabotages I have created over my career really reflects this. But once you know what these negative self-beliefs are, you can then work to overcome them (Denise shows you how to do that as well), and that has made all the difference in my business.

Seriously, I could go on about this for days (weeks even), but if negative self-beliefs are something you think might be holding you back (and us women are usually the worst culprits at this), then I strongly suggest you check out Denise’s eCourse and other offerings, and in fact she is running a pretty awesome pre-Christmas bonus at the moment that actually ends TODAY which you can check out here!

 CHECK IT OUT >> www.luckybitch.com

2 – How can I improve the marketing and social media of my blog/business?

Again, we do cover this in a fair bit of detail in the SBB Bootcamp, but if you really want to make the marketing side of things your focus for 2015 than you have to check out the amazing new eCourse from Jaclyn at Blog Society.

In her previous life Jaclyn was an online marketing/PR professional, and she has used this knowledge to create the fantastic online community that is the Blog Society (if you haven’t seen the awesome #blogtribe hashtag on Instagram go follow it now!).

If you are looking to learn how to create an amazingly dedicated tribe of online followers, then I can’t think of anyone better to teach you than Jaclyn, and it’s not just for bloggers, this course is aimed at anyone with an online business.

Enrolments for the Digital Bravery course also close today, click below for all the details!

CHECK IT OUT >> www.blogsociety.com.au

3 – How can I take prettier pictures?

Louise Glendon and I actually share a business coach, so I have had the pleasure of seeing her amazing online photography course from both sides, including the AMAZING photos her previously novice students are taking by the end of it.

Some of them I wanted to frame!!

Louise’s course, Click Love Grow is open for enrolments now (closes start of Jan) and if you want to start having pro-style photos on your blog (without the cost and hassle of actually hiring a pro to do them), then you need to do this course.

CHECK IT OUT >>  www.clicklovegrow.com 

4 – How can I get more organised?

Well this one is an SBB thing, because have you seen our awesome #Blogyeah 2015 Blog Planners?

They have everything in them you need to get more organised, and kick more blogging goals in 2015.


the-best-blogging-and-business-courses Image via dollarphotoclub.com, and yes there are some affiliate links in this post, but every single one of these courses I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend without them (they are just a bonus!) 

Now over to you lovelies, have you done any other courses, read any books, or anything else that you think was just amazingly helpful for your blog this year? Share them below!

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