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#147: The Essential Steps to a 7-Figure Business

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Quick backstory: I’ve been creating online businesses since 2007. 

And for the longest time, it was like there was this invisible wall between me and 7-figs. I could make a 6-fig business, no trouble. But 7? I just couldn’t crack it. 

Frustrating? You bet.

(And I’m guessing you’re relating pretty hard right now too?)

But there’s some good news coming…

Eventually, I figured it out. I came unstuck and started moving in the right direction again. And, one by one, my business friends, my clients, and I all started creating 7-figure businesses.

Of course, because I’m me and I find data completely delicious, I started looking for the commonalities among us — the shifts we’d all made, the things we’d started to focus on — that had finally helped us move the needle.

I discovered a few key steps that are essential for anyone who wants to scale to a 7 figure business and that’s what I’m sharing with you today.


Whether you’ve been trying to get to 7 figures for months or (more likely) years, there’s nothing more frustrating than getting so close to your target…and then getting stuck. No matter what you do.

Which is why I want to share some (deceptively) simple steps that have helped me and countless others become unstuck and finally create sustainable and enjoyable 7 figure businesses.

1. Be super clear on your ideal client.

The number one thing you need to have locked down if you want to scale beyond that 6-figure mark is your dream client. You need to be so clear on this that you know them as well as you know your best friend.

Specifically, you need to know how you can bring them the most value. And the answer to that won’t always be what you would expect. So look beyond your main offer and the things you directly market and think about where in the client journey you actually come in.

Where can you be the most valuable? Where can you have the biggest impact or help them make the biggest positive change?

Knowing that will make a massive difference to how you structure your offers and your programs, how you price them, and how you market them.

[Want to get super clear on this stuff? I shared a quick but impactful exercise in this pod to help you figure it out.]

Remember: if you’re still going broad, trying to be kind of good at a lot of things for a lot of different people, it’s going to be really hard for you to become seen as the go-to person for anything. And being kind of good at a lot of things can get you to 6 figures…but it won’t get you 7.

2. Create 2 really strong offers.

Now you’re clear on who your ideal client is, you need to create a maximum of 2 really strong offers that will provide them with a ton of value.

And one of those offers is going to have to be a premium ticket.

We’re long past the days when you can create a $297 program, send a bunch of Facebook leads to it, and scale it to the moon. (You’ve probably heard of the people who have done exactly that but unless you’re some sort of Facebook savant, it’s not likely happen.) And unless you have an email list of 1000s, it’s going to be really hard to break through the profit ceiling with low ticket offers.

3. Build a team.

You don’t have to build a huge team, but you will have to onboard some people to take the day-to-day stuff off your plate because, if you want to break through to the 7-figure business level, you’re going to have to start showing up in a different way.

You need space to be more creative, to push yourself, and to be open to new ideas. And if you don’t have a team behind you making sure the wheels don’t come off while you’re doing all of that, you’re not going to have the creativity, the energy, or the capacity you need to grow.

Think about covering the basics first. You could outsource your content and your customer service. You could get help with Facebook ads or even hire a second coach to help deliver your program.

None of these have to be super expensive and they’re essential if you want to reach that next level.

4. Do the reps.

This is the one you’ll want to skip. I see so many people who’ve created their course and just want to start selling it on autopilot — but they haven’t taken the time to do the live stuff.

And that’s a mistake.

Now, you know I’m not the biggest fan of launching but, unless you have a huge marketing budget that you’re happy to burn through while you test things, the best way to go out and learn is to go live.

You’ve got to do those reps. You have to learn what your market responds to, learn what works and what doesn’t, and get the feedback that’ll help you nail your messaging and delivery.

Think of it like working for a 6-pack. Downing a bunch of protein shakes isn’t going to get you there. You’ve got to do the sit-ups if you want to see progress.

5. Get the right systems in place.

If you want to scale, you need to have the right systems around your marketing and selling. In an ideal world (and if you’re one of our clients!), those systems will be some sort of funnel that will mean most stuff is automated so it’s really hands-off — like a little engine running behind the scenes working for you.

If funnels aren’t for you (and hey, it’s your business, your rules), you don’t have to automate everything. But you do still have to have systems to help you sell your programs whether you’re doing so live or working with a mix of live and automations.

So take the time to dial them in and know that they’re going to be reliable.

To do that you need to do some reverse engineering. If you know you want to make X sales this year or X revenue, use those figures to work out how many launches you’ll need, know what your conversion rate is likely to be, and how much you’ll need to spend on ads. You’ll need to know how to drive those leads to your business.

If you want to scale, you can’t leave that stuff up to chance — which means you need to have a repeatable, reliable way of making it happen. AKA…funnels!

Already feeling more confident that you’ll finally break through to 7 figures? Excellent! For more of this juicy stuff, including some tips on how to drive more leads to your program, hit play on our latest pod where we share a few more 7-figure secrets.

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