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A beginners guide to Facebook ads: my 4 step process

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So you’re ready to dip your toe into the world of Facebook ads?

How the heck do you get started with Facebook ads? Easy answer: follow my beginners guide to Facebook ads below, ha!

The world of Facebook ads is definitely a mine field.

It takes creativity, commitment and perseverance to get it right.

And, every where you turn [well… digitally at least] it’s all Facebook, Facebook, Facebook.

Even my $5K funnel’rs ask “when should I start Facebook ads?”.

Most people focus on growing their email list; but what if you’ve got a great list? How do you market to them?

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So to help, I’ve developed an easy to follow 4 step guide for beginners to get started with Facebook ads.

Read on my friend, and check it out.

My 4 step beginners guide to getting started with Facebook ads:

So, you’re thinking it’s time to start putting a little money into Facebook ads?

Before you dive right in, there’s a few important steps to follow to make sure you get your money back AND earn more than you put in

[… in time!].

The first tip for getting started with Facebook ads is to stay away from the boost button.


The boost button is not your friend.

It’s a big no, no.

Sure, it seems like an easy way to create and run a Facebook ad but it’s not a real ad.

Most people find [including me] that a boosted post will just get scrolled by without your customers taking any action.

So, create your post organically.

Find your imagery or video, links and write your copy.

Then, post it to your Facebook page as organic content.

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My second tip for getting started with Facebook ads is to get stuck into Ads Manager.


It’s complex, at first. But don’t be scared.

Find a guide online or jump into my $5K Funnel Formula program and learn how to do it as part of that.

Want something a little easier to get your head around?

Try AdEspresso first.

It’s an easy to use software that will help you create the perfect Facebook ads.

But chances are, you’ll end up back in Ads Manager 😉

My third tip for getting started with Facebook Ads is to start small and test, test, test.


The thing is, Facebook can sometimes act like that narcissistic child.

It needs time and attention to optimise ads.

You have to let it win; make it feel happy and like it’s achieving the goals you set out for it otherwise it can get really expensive.

So, when starting out create yourself JUST 1 or 2 ads.

Resist the temptation to go crazy with lots of different creative!

What you don’t want to do is create hundreds of ads with a teeny tiny budget.

First of all, no one will actually see the ads.

And secondly, you’re setting Facebook up to fail and we all know tantrums will ensue.

The cost of running your ads might even skyrocket.

Create your 2 [max] ads and spend around $10-20 per ad set.

And, my fourth and final tip for creating Facebook ads is to give your ads purpose.


Whatever you do, don’t just send your ads to random places or audiences.

Your ads need to have a purpose.

A beginners guide to Facebook ads: my 4 step process

Send your audience somewhere via your ad to get on an email list or enter a funnel.

Something that’s going to get all those peeps into your funnels.

And, make sure wherever they’re being sent to is proven.

A lead or sales page, email list, whatever you’ve test before and has proven to be successful.

For example, in my $5K Funnel Formula we set up a really simple funnel and test it on our existing audience.

That way we know it works.

Then, start spending some moolah on Facebook ads.

So, there you have it. My four tips for beginners starting out on a Facebook ads journey.

Got any comments, questions or other hacks to mastering Facebook Ads? Share them in the comments below.

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