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Scared of screwing up your sales funnels? This is how to avoid it!

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Are you getting ready to create some kick-ass blog sales funnels? how-to-avoid-screwing-up-your-sales-funnel

Your sales funnels, marketing sales funnel or whatever you may call them will be incredibly crucial to growing your business. These beautiful things will be the driving factor behind you acquiring new readers, new customers and ultimately a steady stream of repeat business from your loyal fans.

Your blog sales funnels will often help you develop that bond and trust with your audience and ultimately help you diversify your revenue stream.

However, as crucial as building your sales funnels is, this is also where a lot of business owners often go wrong.

This is because a lot of people apply the go big or go home attitude to their sales funnels and it ends up being a mess.

This is such a common (yet avoidable) mistake people make in their business.

Don’t get me wrong, some of the most successful entrepreneurs often have monstrous, beastly looking sales funnels. However, they often also have a lot of experts working for them who can manage this sales funnels Frankenstein.

Perhaps you are super confident in setting everything up yourself – go you! I have full faith in you, but I also encourage you to start slightly smaller, simpler if you can.

It’s always better to do one thing really, really well rather than spreading your efforts and energy thin across too many channels.

It will make it much easier for you to keep track of what’s happening at every step of your blog sales funnels and make any necessary changes if need be.

This is also a great way of keeping your hair looking fabulous as it’ll prevent you from tearing it out from frustration 😉

Let’s talk about how you can keep your sales funnels from looking like that one kitchen drawer we all have with far too many rubber bands and a mysterious hair clip – messy and confusing.

Click play on the video above, or read the transcription below to dive straight in!

Happy blogging x

Grow your business!

Improve your marketing funnels!

Hey, guys.

It’s Kate here from Secret Bloggers’ Business.

Welcome back to Blog Tip Tuesday where you get weekly hints, tips and tricks for a better blog.

Now this week I’ve got an awesome tip for you. It’s all around those who may be a little bit further along with their blogs or businesses, and you’re starting to look at things like creating blog sales funnels or an internet marketing sales funnel, getting people to opt-in to something and then sending them a series of emails and then pushing them to a webinar or to a sale or to some kind of evergreen promotion.

There’s all kinds of moving parts, and lots and lots of different options there.

A lot of people when they first come up to this stage of their business, they dive in head first, and they create this crazy complicated thing. Then they keep building it, making it more and more complicated.


Then when they hit go, hit play and start pushing people into their blog sales funnels, and it doesn’t go how they wanted it to, it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot. How are you going to know which part didn’t work when you’ve got 50 moving pieces?

My tip for you is if you are at this point and actually pretty much anyone who is online could be starting to do this stuff, but my tip is to start slowly, to build block by block, to pick one thing.

Normally, the first thing is either going to be the thing you’re going to sell at the end, or you might even start from the top, and it’s actually going to be your opt-in or some other kind of traffic driving to get people onto your email list or into a Facebook group or something like that.

Just pick that one element, make sure it works, maybe even tweak it a little bit to see if you can get it to work better. Then connect it to the next bit and make sure that bit works.

Please don’t create something crazy complicated because you’re going to have to undo it later. It’s a massive waste of your time, and it probably is also going to mean you’re going to have these really confused subscribers who are getting 13 different emails all at once, and they can’t understand why because you’re promoting them different things all at the same time.

It can become a real, real dangerous mess. Keep it simple, step by step.

Sales funnels

Trust me, you will actually probably get there faster and be getting better results than those who build it all out out front because most of the time theirs doesn’t work, and they have to start from scratch again any way.

That is my tip for you this week. If you liked it, make sure you hit like. Hit share, pass it around. Share it with anyone you think would get some value of it.

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