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#150: The Biggest Business Lesson I Learned (Again!) This Year

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There’s just something about a birthday that makes me go into self-reflective mode.

TBH, it could be related to the birthday champers but whatever the cause, this year’s birthday reflections have thrown up something super interesting for me — the ONE business lesson that I seem to keep circling back to.

And because I think it’s a lesson that’ll be pretty useful for you too, I’m sharing it here.


My biggest business lesson EVER: Keep it simple, stupid.

When I first started my business you couldn’t do any of the cool automation stuff that’s available now. And so, whenever I see new tech, new apps, new systems, new strategies, new ideas, I get just the tiniest touch carried away…

You know, to the point where I can almost hear the rest of my team groan whenever I start a sentence with, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we…”

Maybe you can relate?

You started off with something pretty simple. Steps 1 – 3 to get your clients from A to B.

But as time passes you have your own kid-in-the-candy-store moments. You add a little lead magnet here, a new course module there, start working on a teensy side mission, plan out a whole new email sequence…

Before you know it, your business plan is harder to follow than the plot of Inception.

Here’s the thing about that:

Not only is it all super complicated for you and your team to follow — your clients are going to be even more confused about what’s going on.

And your number one priority (even more important than keeping your team happy!) is to always make sure things are as clear for your clients as they can be. That applies equally to your marketing and their buying journey to how you deliver your programs.

Because, whether they’re a start-up business owner feeling overwhelmed because everything is so new, or they’re more established and have a ton of different plates to spin, they need things to be easy. They need to know exactly what they’re supposed to do at every point of interaction with you and your programs.

And if you’re holding them up because of some “clever” new tech, strategy, or idea you wanted to try out, you’re not going to get the business results you’re looking for — and neither are they.

So, as fun as it is to get the post-it notes out and go a little crazy, try to remember (and I promise I’ll try to remember it too!):

Simple is best.

Want to know the actual mistake I made this year that prompted this most recent “simple is best” epiphany? I dish the dirt in this week’s podcast — you can play it here.

And if you’re a 6-figure course creator who wants to learn how to scale to 7 figures in a way that’s super simple for both you and your clients (and is stress-free, reliable, and enjoyable too), you can learn the 3 key systems I recommend in our updated program eCourse Elite. Click here for the deets.

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