#49: Can you over-deliver on your free content?

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Episode 49: Can you over-deliver on your free content?

Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The answer to the question: can you over-deliver on your free content?
  • How to add more value to your offers and blow your audience away. (That’s a good thing.)

There’s a little urban legend or urban myth (can we call it that?) floating around the entrepreneurial-realms…

And it sounds like this… (Said in my most creepy voice possible…)

“Careful how much content you give away for freeee… You must find the right balance…reel them in, entice them…but don’t give away too much…or you’ll lose them as buyers…”

So there’s this huge pressure that you have to get this right. Give away too much and you’ll lose sales. Don’t give away enough and you lose sales. 


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Well, if you’ve ever felt afraid of giving away too much or unsure about how much free content to give away…this episode is for you.

So…can you over-deliver on your free content? Here’s my theory…

You can’t give away too much. 

How can I be so sure? One, because I’ve thoroughly tested this theory and I’ve proven it. And B) because of this powerful key right here….

People don’t buy with you because of your information. 

So you can give away ALL your good stuff and people will STILL want to buy with you. 

Think about it, if we need an answer, it’s only a google away. So, if we can just google all the answers we need? Why are we still buying programs and courses and memberships? 

Because we all know getting results takes more than that, otherwise everyone would be happily married, billionaires with six packs.

Getting results, making transformations in your life or business is about more than just having all the information…

Which is why your programs and offers can’t just rely on just providing information, they need to be more of an experience… 

And that leads me to your next question (because I know you’re thinking about it…) If you’re giving away so much good stuff for free, what makes me so sure people will still buy your programs or offers?

Well, I’ve got 7 reasons. And they’re all about making your offers so incredibly valuable that they blow people’s minds…

1. Your curated version of information

They’re not looking for the person with the most information, they’re looking for the right information for them. And you’re sharing the best of the information, in a unique way – this is your version of events. People get sick of having to DIY the information together, when you present it in a way that flows and makes sense, it creates a value that people want to pay for. 

2. Your unique system or process

Following on from the point above, your curated version also involves sharing your unique system or process. So, you’ve discovered a way to get 6 pack abs on a diet of gin, doritos and involving the full moon? Awesome. People will pay for a front row seat of going through that process with you. 

3. Accountability

If all it took to get a six pack was google, we’d all have them. It takes getting out of your comfort zone, doing the un-fun things and for that? We need accountability. People will pay for that. (Just FYI, it’s never actually been a goal of mine to have a 6 pack, it just makes a great illustration.)

4. Customisation

This one makes your paid programs super valuable, because it’s giving people more of a personal experience. It’s allowing people to customise and make the right tweaks for their own personalities and businesses and that’s something they can’t do from google… 

5. Tools + templates

This one is my fave. And it’s something we get feedback from a lot especially in Funnel Fuel and eCourse Empire members – cos we load them up with free templates and they LOVE it. We have sales page templates, website templates and more and it saves them so much time and money. 

6, 7 + 8 Skin in the game, Community + Feedback

You’re gonna want to check out the episode to hear more about the value of people putting ‘skin in the game,’ community and belonging and also getting feedback and advice and why these are incredibly valuable and can NEVER be replaced with free content. 

The caveat

Yep there had to be one. 

Can you give away too much free content? No…

…BUT! There’s a difference between over-delivering and overwhelming. You don’t want to firehose people. 

A gif of a man in sunglasses waving his hands with a caption saying "That's too much."

Because overwhelmed people don’t take action – they freeze and get scared away. I walk you through our go-to rule for just how much of your brain you want to download onto them without frying their brain. You want to blow their mind, not destroy it. So go have a listen to the episode to get the run through on how to do that. 

Episode 49: Can you over-deliver on your free content?

The takeaway?

Next time you’re wondering if you can over-deliver on your free content… Feel empowered when you are thinking about creating stuff for your audience. Don’t be scared to share some of your best shit. You won’t lose anything. Promise.

You’re welcome. 


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