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#67: Funnel With Me: Create your own ‘client getting funnel’ (for service providers)

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Things You’ll Learn in this Episode of Doing it Online:

  • The BEST funnel for finding your dreamiest clients and bringing them into your world.
  • 3 key steps to making that funnel the best it can be (optimising your time, your clients time and automating the process as much as freaking possible!)
  • The nerdiest, most biz-changing opportunity you do NOT want to miss out on…

Funnel With Me: Create your own ‘client getting funnel’ (for service providers)

This one is for the online service providers, especially if you build funnels for people or do some kind of other nerd-ery. 

It’s another ‘Do it With Me!’ Episode, and this time, we’re funnelling together! Let’s go through step by step how to create your own ‘Client Getting Funnel.’ (Also known as a Client Acquisition Funnel,’ but that’s a bit of a boring name, right?)

Basically, this funnel is going to help you bring in the dreamiest of clients… Pre-qualify them (and weed out the tyre-kickers and people who aren’t the right fit!) and it’s going to do almost all of that…

…On autopilot.

And the best type of funnel to help us do this? The Application Funnel. 

It’s a trickier one to set up as there are a lot of moving parts, but it’s oh, so worth it!

There are 5 steps to this funnel, and today I’ll show you the 3 main ones to help you set up an amazing application funnel. 

But first! 

I’ve got something really exciting to share with you!!

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Inside we will show you everything you need to really step up in your business, and become a total PRO at funnels. 

We’ll teach you the strategies of the best converting funnels out there. AND we have step by step lessons on all the tech, plus one-click install templates to save you so much time!

PLUS! We’ll also teach you how to audit, optimise and troubleshoot with confidence too! 

There is SO much goodness in this program, I can’t wait to dive into it with you, LIVE in just a few weeks and get started!

Now, it’s by application only, and we’re only accepting the first 25 successful applicants! So, quick! Go nab a spot for yourself at now and dive in!

OK! Once you’ve done that and your application is IN…

We can jump back into the episode and help you create your OWN application funnel for your business. (How matrix is that?)

The goal: get dreamy AF clients 

With any funnel, we need to know the goal of the funnel. And our goal here with this ‘Client-Getter’ is to get highly qualified people to apply for a call with you, and then of course, to book in for your services as well. 

You might be wondering, why ask people to apply instead of just directing them to book in a call straight away? 

And the reason for that is that the application process helps to pre-qualify people for you. Which means not only are the sales calls you have to do shorter, but there’s also less of them. AND the people on those calls are ‘warmer’ and more likely to buy.

It also acts as a bit of a security guard over your time. (And their time and your team’s time!) By making sure you’re not on a call with someone who isn’t a great fit in the first place.  

The application process also helps to increase excitement and engagement with the offer and those people are more likely to buy. 

These funnels are a little bit trickier to get right, there’s a few moving parts, but it’s oh, so worth it when you do. 

There are actually 5 parts to this funnel that we recommend. (You can get more complex, but let’s keep it simple for now!) And today, we’ll go through the first 3!

And as always, these are just the top-level points, for the juicier details, and extra gold dust you’re going to want to have a listen to the episode itself! 

One: The Entry Point. 

So, we start at the beginning. The place where you and your soon-to-be client meet. Or, the entry point. There are 2 ways people can be entering into this application funnel:

  1. Your contact me page, or similar, or if they’ve submitted a form to request your info pack. 
  2. Or through some kind of value-based opt-in bribe. Like a ‘Funnel-Ready’ Checklist, or a Funnel Calculator or the top 3 Funnel Maps and who they work for. 

Both of these entry points will trigger the 2nd step of the application funnel: The welcome + warm-up sequence. 

Two: The Warm-Up Sequence

Your warm-up funnel email sequence lasts for 14 days and will have a call to action (CTA) to book in a 20 minute call with you. (e.g: apply for a call now to discuss how I can help to design + build the best funnel for you!)

We recommend 14 days of DAILY emails, particularly when you’re offering a higher level of service. 

This is not your time to be shy. These people are actively looking, so blow them away and stay on the top of their minds. 

Now, if you feel icky about that then feel free to pull back, but just make sure that’s not a limiting belief. 

My next recommendation would be to send a really value-packed email for 5 days and then drop it back to every 2 days for the rest of the 14 day period. 

As far as what goes into those emails, we actually have an episode for that! You can check that out here! 

Three: The Application

The third step is the application itself. 

The application has multiple jobs to do. You want to use this application to pre-qualify people, in an automated way. This is so that if your dream client comes through, you want to make sure they can get through straight away and you don’t keep them waiting. 

You do this by adding 1-2 questions that pre-qualify them and if they answer yes, they go straight through to book a call. 

In the episode, I go into how you can set that up in Typeform and a couple of other options for questionnaires. As well as how to process through the applications from people who don’t answer those initial questions the way you were hoping for, so give it a listen! 

The second part of the application is to act as almost a pre-sales call. It’ll give you some great information and it also helps them go through the process in their own head, so they’re essentially buying themselves in. 

You want to keep this bit short, and not scare people away (this is something we help you master inside Funnel Pro!) 

But you could ask some questions like:

  • What is the biggest pain point relevant to your industry or the solution you’re giving?
  • And what have you tried previously?
  • What hasn’t worked?
  • Why do you think it hasn’t worked?
  • What’s going to change for them when they do have the solution they’re after?

Final funnel-thoughts: 

Now, it can take some playing with. But! If you get it right? It’ll not only make the whole process so much easier, but you’ll be able to get the right people in, filter out the tyre kickers or the people that aren’t a good fit and keep your client list booked!

Love to dive in further?

AND! If you’d love to dive into this further? (Maybe even snag yourself one our one-click install templates, email copy prompts, swipe files AND done-for-you opt in bribes ready for you to simply rebrand + use!!)

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Inside, you’ll learn how to create each piece and make it convert as highly as possible! AND when you come out of the end of our 12 weeks together, not only will you have up-leveled your skills, confidence and your offers… But you’ll also have a killer funnel of your own ready to go and start landing you clients. 

It’s going to be all kinds of nerdy fun, BUT! It’s by application only, AND we only have 25 spots!! So head to NOW and apply before they are all snapped up!

Funnel With Me: Create your own ‘client getting funnel’ (for service providers)

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