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Online Business

#171 : We Need To Talk About Your Email Marketing Strategy

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A Conversation We Need to Have

Today I’m answering some of the most asked questions I get, as well as some you never knew you needed answers to. They’re all about crafting a killer email marketing strategy, from how often you should email your list to open rates and more.



What’s Inside:

  • How often should you email your list? Spoiler: More than you think!
  • What’s a good open rate? Get ready to crunch some numbers.
  • The best size email list for launching a product. It’s not what you expect!

Frequency Matters in Email Marketing

Once a month or every day? If you’re puzzled about how often to hit that “send” button, you’re not alone. Some people say once a month is enough, others advocate for daily emails. So what’s the magic number? 

Snackable Content is Key

Long novels in emails? Not a chance! In the rapid-paced world we live in, snackable content wins the day. More frequent but shorter emails are where it’s at! The good news… it’s easier than you think to get this email marketing strategy rolling.

Promote with Style

When should you promote to your list? Let’s dive into that. From smaller, value-led promotions to those big open cart launch sequences, there’s a fine balance to be struck. Trust me, you’ll want to get it right. And I’ve got just the tips to help you do that.

Numbers, Stats, and Some Surprises

What’s a good open rate? What size email list do you need to launch a product? Get ready for some surprises, because these answers might not be what you expect. 

Listen to the Episode Now!

I know you’re itching to get all the juicy details, so click play on the latest episode of the Doing It Online podcast and let’s dive into the secrets of an effective email marketing strategy. You’ll laugh, you’ll learn, and you’ll leave with a to-do list that’ll level up your game. And while you’re at it, why not check out episode #156, where we talk all about email list CPR? Your email marketing strategy will thank you.

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