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Why evergreen launches work just as well as live launches

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“But people won’t buy from me unless I am live!”

Now I know some of you are thinking that funnels sound all well and good… BUT they just won’t work for YOU… because you HAVE to be live or people just won’t buy.

Well… I hate to break it to you (actually no I don’t because this is going to change your business for the better!!)

But that just isn’t true.

Not even slightly!

So click play and I’ll show you why!

Today I am here to smash a huge BS belief around launched that I know a lot of you are thinking.

And that is automated just doesn’t work as well as live.

As you know, I’m all about funnels & I’m all about automation.

I think they are amazing business tools.

And they can do amazing things for your business when they are done right.

But I’m sure there is a reason you haven’t taken a leap yet.

And it could be because you have this belief that they are just not going to work as well as when you do it live.

That people aren’t going to connect.

People aren’t going to believe you.

People are going to feel jibbed by the fact that you’ve set something up that’s automated and therefore they’re not going to want to work with you and take that next step.

And that is 100% not true.


So I’m going to tell you why that’s not true & it’s a case study of one of my clients.

This client had this belief but she wanted more regular sales.

Launches are great way to boost your income but when they stop, you need to start paying for everything again.

You start looking to see when your next launch can be, so you don’t run out of money.

And she wanted to get off that real feast / famine cycle.

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So we start looking at how we can put something in place that’s going to be more reliable, more regular, more steady that runs alongside her launches.

Something where you’ve still got that awesome injection of cash from doing launches, but on non-launch months, you’re also still making sales.

My real aim for her was that, eventually, she wouldn’t even have to launch in the future, which she now doesn’t have to.

She really thought that anything automated was not going to work as well as her live launches.

She knew if she launched, she gets some money and so she was really scared of letting that go.

That’s why we started with baby steps.


I just wanted to prove to her that it was going to be okay.

And she needed that proof as well to be able to then let go and, allow a more automated approach.

Evergreen Vs. Live Launches: Automate

First things first, what we started doing was we automated her traffic and list building.

Every single week she was doing a live webinar and we had evergreen traffic and list building stuff going on in the background.

Then she would get on and do a live webinar and that was great for the first month or so.

This really helped her to polish up the stuff she was automating and make sure it was all working well.

But the thing is after five, she’s like, “This is boring, this is so boring.”

And she found herself actually having her webinars work less well than they did because she was checked out.

She wasn’t connecting with the people either, she was resenting having to do it, and some weeks she’d have tech problems.

And it just became this thing that she dreaded every single week even though it was the thing making her money.

So we looked at the next step of getting something else automated and working really well for her.

Evergreen Vs. Live Launches: Hybrid Approach

Next we decided to try a hybrid approach.

She still had her live webinar scheduled.

She was still doing the same ads, but what we took her best ever webinar and she pre-recorded the teaching section.


So when she was running her webinars, she would come on live at the start for the intro.

Then she would switch over to the slides, (which people wouldn’t even realise that that was pre-recorded) and let that run as that was the bit that was getting repetitive.

And then she would jump back on at the end, and answer their questions live.

People were still getting that connection that she felt that they really needed.

Again, she did that for a month or so.

And then again, she started to get bored because sitting there it doesn’t feel like it’s the best use of your time.

Evergreen Vs. Live Launches: Full Automation

It came to the point where she was starting to feel ready to fully automate her launches.

So she did!

Her evergreen version converted just as well, if not better than any of the live ones or even hybrid ones that she’d been doing.

She resisted it for almost three months of me going, come on, you can do it.

She was able to see that it was just as effective, and it meant that she didn’t have to be sitting there worrying about tech dramas.

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And that’s one of the brilliant things about evergreen, it takes away some of the tech problems that can go wrong with live webinars.

Another great thing is that you get a much higher show up rate.

Often almost double the number of people will watch your evergreen versus number of people who will attend a live.

Because they can pick a time and date that suits them and can jump in almost straight away if they want to.

Instead of signing up to a live webinar that is on in a few weeks and forgetting about it or on at an inconvenient time for you.

So, if this is something that’s been stopping you from taking the leap.

Take baby steps.

Evergreen launches don’t work as well as live launches.

It’s not true, and I’ve seen this not just with this one client, I’ve seen it again and again, you can have your sales coming in day after day on autopilot without being gross and sleazy without tricking people and without worrying about it either affecting your launches or not working as well.

It can work just as well.

It does work just as well when you do it right.

Do you want to know how to do it right, how to set this up for yourself & how to turn your current launch into something that’s making you sales every single day?

Come and check out my free workshop here. It’s going to take you through the entire process. I keep it really simple, but super action packed.

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