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Launching vs Evergreen Funnels: which one will work best for your biz?

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“Launching vs Evergreen Funnels… which one will REALLY work best for your business?”

So you keep hearing people (OK, mostly me), banging on about how you “need a funnel”.

How it will “change you life”, “even out your income”, “stop you stressing” and “give you back your life”

But… how does it work, really?

How does it fit in to YOUR business?

Well watch this week’s video and I’ll tell you exactly when and HOW a funnel fits into your business, your launches, and your current marketing calendar!

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Are you interested in creating a funnel but you’re wondering how it works with your launching?

How does this work with your calendar?

How are you going to fit this in?

Well, that is exactly what I’m going to tell you today.

Recently, in my free Facebook group, Doing It Online, I was asked “how often do you actually need to launch if you have a funnel?”

And it's a fantastic question, because I always think it's so important to not just know why you're doing a business tactic or strategy, but to understand how it fits into the greater puzzle. Click To Tweet

So I wanted to give you my opinion on the answer to that question.

Now obviously, this is something which can be quite personal, so I want you to take this purely as a guideline, because it really will depend and vary depending on what stage of business you’re at.

As well as what your goals are and how many products you have.

Marketing plans for somebody who has one product, compared to someone who has five, are going to be very different.

And, for someone who has a goal of making $50,000 a year versus someone who wants to make a million dollars a year.

So again, there’s some differences here, but I’ll give you a rough structure, which I hope will be useful to you, and will help you to see how funnels really can fit into your business.

There are four business phases when you have an online business.

There’s the struggling phase, the surviving phase, the thriving phase and the scaling phase.


How Funnels Work with Launches: The Struggling Phase

Now, struggling is when you’re just getting started.

You still don’t really know what you’re doing.

You’ve got an idea, you’re trying some stuff, you’re throwing some stuff out there.

Nothing’s really proven yet; you don’t really have any way of getting regular, reliable new leads and customers.

You don’t have a regular, reliable method of selling your product.

You don’t know if your offer works yet.

You’re just starting from scratch.

You just need a few bits to click into place before you get to the next stage.

But I wouldn’t recommend anyone does a funnel in that phase.

If you haven't successfully sold something yet, don't try and do a funnel, because there's no point in doing this work if you don't know if the thing at the end is going to sell.Click To Tweet

So phase number one, struggling, no funnels for you.

You just need to get out there and work out what you are going to sell and the best way to do it.

"Launching vs Evergreen Funnels... which one will REALLY work best for your business?" Well I'll tell you exactly HOW a funnel fits into your business

How Funnels Work with Launches: The Surviving Phase

Next you jump up to the surviving stage, now, the reason this stage is called surviving, is because you are making money.

You have figured out what you need to do to make sales.

You’re not making enough of them yet though, so you’re covering costs probably just.

And you’re getting by & that’s amazing.

If you’re in this phase right now, you should celebrate, because a lot of people don’t even get to that phase.

So it means that if you’re at this surviving phase, that you have a product that people want to buy, that’s been tested.

There’s just brilliant.

And you’ve started to build a community, but it’s just still not reliable yet.

You know how do some things, but you don’t know how to put those next pieces in place to make your revenue reliable, to make your lead generation reliable, to make your traffic grow and your growth of your impact reliable.

You know that can do some launches, and you’ll get some sales.

You’re not really sure how many though; it’s kind of a guess.

And you know quite often you get to the month, and you need to hustle up some extra something here.

So you’ll go out, and you just start throwing spaghetti at the wall to try and get a few more sales in through the door, right?

Now, this phase is where it would be brilliant if you could set up a funnel.

Just a really, really simple one.

And the purpose of that funnel would be to help you even out those ebbs and flows.

I would recommend you set up what I have.

It’s the very first portion of what we teach inside The 5k Funnel Formula, which is a programme that I run, but it’s this really simple funnel so that while you are figuring out how to get more traffic reliably, you have a way of converting some of these new people who are coming in.

So you know you have a product that people want to buy, and you’ve figured out how to sell it when you get those people, but you don’t know how to get enough of those people yet, or how to get them reliably enough.

This is a way of setting up a simple funnel.

And you could do something that might take you a weekend to get set up.

That will help you get a few more regular and reliable sales while you are figuring out that traffic piece, of how do you get more people more regularly.

When you’re in the surviving phase, you are juggling so many things, time is really precious.

So you want to make sure that you’re working smarter, not harder, you don’t want to be having too many things on your plate.

This is where the funnel comes in.

It helps because normally for people in that surviving phase, to actually earn enough to make ends meet, and to give you the space to be able to that next phase.

"Launching vs Evergreen Funnels... which one will REALLY work best for your business?" Well I'll tell you exactly HOW a funnel fits into your business

How Funnels Work with Launches: The Thriving Phase

The next phase is thriving.

Thriving is awesome, because it means that you have figured out a product or products that sell.

You’ve figured out how to sell them, and you’ve figured out how to get more and more people to you to be able to offer them, those products.

You are starting to put aside some profit, and starting to make some savings, which means you’re also starting to pay some tax, so don’t get bitten here.

Make sure you’re putting that away as well.

It means you’re probably going to start building up your team a little bit, which is great.

The thing with the thriving phase is quite often the expenses jump up on that phase because you’re like, “Oh, I’ve got some spare money, I can do these things I’ve wanted to.”

So just again, make sure you don’t end up going back to the surviving phase because you just start spending like a crazy person as you’ve finally got some cash.

People are normally able to take the foot off the accelerator a little bit, and maybe you’re launching only every quarter, which is fab.

I think quarterly launches, particularly if your launches are really systemized and you’re repeating a load of the stuff over and over again, then that can be a fantastic way to plan out your year.

It gives you enough space around it to do other things, but you’re there in front of people often enough that you’re getting that great hype and excitement.

And it means that you not only have a product that people want to buy and you know how to sell it to them, you also know how to drum up new people, and how to get new people into your tribe.

Whether it’s through organic or through paid, or through JV ventures.

We actually cover this in The 5k Funnel Formula as well.

It’s the next phase, once you’ve got your funnel set up, how do you get more people into it?

And when you're at this phase, this is when I really, really encourage people to say, 'Okay, let's get launches as systemized as possible so they take up as little of your time ... 'Click To Tweet

And now is the time to go all in on your funnel.

So your funnel in a surviving phase, it’s really supportive of you.

It helps to cover your baseline, it helps to pay your bills, it helps to relive that time stress and that money stress.

In your thriving stage, this is where you want to get your funnel working better than your launches, so that if you want to, you don’t even need to launch any more.

Although I still recommend do some launching, because I think it’s a fantastic way of having a big online event that gets people talking, and gets people excited, and it lets people know that you even have this product that they might want.

It also is great for people who’ve been through your funnel before.

If it wasn’t the right time for them previously, it gives them another chance to be able to come in and purchase.

So thriving phase as I said: you drop back to launching quarterly, if not every four months, and you start to really focus on your funnel.

And that funnel starts to overtake your launches.

"Launching vs Evergreen Funnels... which one will REALLY work best for your business?" Well I'll tell you exactly HOW a funnel fits into your business

How Funnels Work with Launches: The Scaling Phase

Now the last phase is scaling.

Scaling is when you are going in high six figures, into the millions.

This is where you probably would only actually end up launching one to two times a year.

Again, it really depends on your product.

And also, it depends on how much you love launching.

Some people just love it. So if you love it, go for it.

But this is where you have your funnel dialled in.

You know how to send oodles of traffic into it.

You know how to launch like a pro, and those launches are you just turning up and do the live parts.

You’ve got a team that does everything for you, and then when you’re in the scaling phase, the things you focus on are your next level projects.

So these are things like writing books, creating big in-person events, big media projects that take up a lot of time, a lot of effort, and have really big rewards.

And this is what you get freed up to do.

Maybe it’s even creating a whole new product.

"Launching vs Evergreen Funnels... which one will REALLY work best for your business?" Well I'll tell you exactly HOW a funnel fits into your business

This is the time when you have the space to do that, and when your business just continues to grow and grow and grow, because you got the team, you got the funnel, you got the systems, you got that all set up.

And you’ve got the launches all dialled in.

So that’s how it all fits together.

That’s not just how they fit together at the stage you’re at, but you can see how it fits together as you go forward as well.

And who doesn’t want to be in scaling phase, right?

Scaling phase is the gravy.

You have the freedom to do the projects that you want to do, you’ve got more than enough money, you’ve got the team that you want, you get to work with the people that you want.

And this is how funnels help you get there.

If you would like some help setting up your very first funnel, come and join me here and I’ll take you through my four-step process to setting up your very first funnel.

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