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#177 : The Lowdown on High Ticket vs Low Ticket Offers

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Choosing between high ticket vs low ticket offers? Every course creator and entrepreneur has weighed this decision… 

Our latest Doing It Online podcast episode digs into this very dilemma. I’m getting into the REAL pros and cons of both types so you can decide what’s best for you and business. Because shocking news… choosing your offer is not a one size fits all situation (and making the wrong choice can set you back massively!).



The Great Debate: High Ticket vs Low Ticket Offers

There’s a long-standing debate about which kind of offer works like magic for businesses. The cheeky low ticket offers? Or the premium, high-flying high ticket ones? And trust me, both have their moment in the sun, especially when you’re aiming for  growth or if the economy’s doing its roller coaster thing (hello, 2023!).

In today’s unpredictable economic climate, knowing how to strategically pick between high ticket vs low ticket offers can be the difference between stagnation and growth. Both types of offers present opportunities and challenges. 

And yes, the intermediate/mid-tier offers often pose their own challenges, but today, our focus is on the two extremes.

The Lowdown on Low Ticket

Low ticket offers can be a game-changer when choosing your business offers. They’re not just about audience building; they also give potential clients a taste of what you can offer. While they have several advantages, there are also some challenges you need to be aware of that we dive into on the podcast.

The Power of High Ticket Offers

High ticket offers can be game-changers for businesses. They don’t demand a massive audience, letting you focus on a selective and potentially more experienced clientele, often leading to better outcomes. But, there’s more beneath the surface. With these offers, there’s an emphasis on deeper connections, possibly through 1:1 sessions or increased facetime. And, to truly shine in this arena, you need honed sales skills and substantial expertise in your niche. 

Ready to Tackle the High Ticket vs Low Ticket Debate Head-On?

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If you’re ready to find out which type of offer is best for your current business needs, I’ve got all the details waiting for you in this episode.

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